Elegant Clear Glass Tea Light Holders with Metal Rim

This week our wedding decorations of the week are our elegant clear glass tea light holders, these clear glass tea light holders have a pretty metal trim adding to their elegant look. The mini tea light holders could be used on your wedding guest tables, mixed in with our glass or pressed glass vases and centrepieces. Other places to use tea light holders include along your top table, wedding cake table, guest book table, near your table plan, as part of your bar decorations or on extra tables for the evening.

Elegant Clear Glass Tea Light Holders with Metal Rim

Clear glass tea light holders with metal rims available from @theweddingomd

View our clear glass tea light holders with metal rim for sale in our shop

Product Details

  • Our mini clear glass tea light holders have a pretty metal rim for extra special detailing.
  • They fit a standard size tea light, as the tea light is lit they shine and glimmer giving a warm glow.
  • Mix and match with our other clear glass votives and tea light holders to create gorgeous look at your wedding.
  • Measurements: 3.5 cm x 6 cm
  • Sold individually.
  • These are also available in mercury silver, and other colours without the metal rim.
  • Price: £2.50 each
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Cute Signs For Flower Girls And Page Boys

Flower girls and page boys are often one of the sweetest parts of a wedding ceremony – but we’ve got an idea to make their role even cuter! Ask your flower girls and page boys to hold personalised signs as they make their way down the aisle. Not only will your little helpers love holding the signs, your guests will certainly smile at the idea. From rustic hessian banners to pretty chalkboard signs, there are so many lovely designs out there. Take a look at a few of our favourite signs for flower girls and page boys…

Cute Signs Flower Girls and Page Boys

These two signs are a wonderful combination of humour and romance. Your guests will chuckle as they see the ‘I Am Only Here For The Cake’ sign, but you can guarantee to see smiles when the ‘Here Comes Your Bride’ sign quickly follows behind.

cute signs for flower girls and page boys lovemydress-net-mandjphotos-com

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Planning a Valentine’s day wedding? Then a heart-shaped sign is the perfect match for your ceremony! Your flower girl will simply adore carrying a pretty pink or lilac heart sign with a personalised message on it.

cute signs for flower girls and page boys ruffledblog-com-angelazion-com

Image SourcePhotographer

If you still want your flower girl to throw rose petals down the aisle, why not write ‘Here Comes The Bride’ on a metal bucket? Alternatively, you could hang a DIY sign onto a wicker basket. A basket brimming with confetti and petals will only add to the sweetness of having a flower girl.

cute signs for flower girls and page boys stylemepretty-com-harrison-studio-com

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Our chalkboard signs are incredibly popular. Ask one of your flower girls or page boys to carry the ‘Here Comes The Bride’ sign for the procession, and turn the sign over so it shows ‘Just Married’ as you make your way out of the ceremony. The twine ribbon means they’re easy to carry, and can be hung up at your reception after the ceremony.

cute signs for flower girls and page boys available from @theweddingomd

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It’s super easy to personalise the signs too! If one of your children is carrying the sign you could write ‘Daddy, Here Comes Your Bride’. The personal touch will be beautiful and it’ll make for some beautiful wedding photographs.

cute signs for flower girls and page boys -trendybride-net-brianamariephotography-com

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Looking for something a little different to the traditional sign? Why not ask your flower girls or page boys to carry a miniature flag instead? This can be a simple DIY job and you can write anything you want on it!

cute signs for flower girls and page boys trendybride-net-jemmakeech-com

Image SourcePhotographer

Planning a country barn wedding theme? I love the thought of pulling your flower girls and page boys along in a small trailer and tying a sign on the back. You could make it a like a mini version of a wedding getaway car by adding streamers and balloons to the back of the trailer.

cute signs for flower girls and page boys weddingchicks-com-brettheidebrecht-com

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If you’re dreaming of a rustic celebration, consider using hessian or burlap as your sign material. A banner held by two wooden poles will look fab carried by flower girls or page boys. Use hessian elements throughout the rest of your wedding day so that everything looks beautifully coordinated.

cute signs for flower girls and page boys weddingchicks-com-jennaphoto-com

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If you have a number of flower girls and page boys, why not make a series of signs? This is a really fun idea that will get your guests chuckling.

cute signs for flower girls and page boys weddingwindow-com-katherinesalvatori-com

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There are so many adorable signs for flower girls and page boys, and it’ll be a lovely surprise for your wedding guests.




20 Seriously Spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas

It’s that spooky time of year again: Halloween! We’ve got 20 spellbinding Halloween wedding ideas to share with you today. They’re perfect if you’re planning an Autumn celebration with a hint of horror!

1 Pumpkin Centrepieces

Pumpkins are obviously a must-have at any Halloween wedding and there are tons of different ways to use them. One of our favourite ideas is to use them as a table centrepiece. Whether you write your table numbers on each pumpkin or fill a pumpkin with your favourite Autumnal flowers, you can guarantee your tables will look wonderful.

halloween wedding ideas stylemepretty-com-wearetheramsdens-com

Image SourcePhotographer

2 Carved Pumpkins

While we’re on the subject of pumpkins, why not carve a few and put a tea-light in each pumpkin. They’ll look fab dotted around your venue and will give a spooky ambience! You could carve Halloween-inspired shapes into your pumpkins, or you could keep it wedding related by carving out ‘Just Married’ or ‘Mr and Mrs’. It’ll take some skill but your guests will be impressed.

3 Pumpkin Guestbook

Have you ever considered used a pumpkin as a wedding guestbook? Ask your wedding guests to each sign a pumpkin with a special message – you can use as many pumpkins as you want or just one! It’s a lovely alternative to a traditional guest book.

halloween wedding ideas somethingturquoise-com-mikecarreiro-com

Image SourcePhotographer

4 Frightening Photo-booth

Do you love the thought of having a photo-booth at your wedding? If so, opt for Halloween-inspired props and eerie backgrounds. We’re talking skull masks and oversized spiders. Your guests will love this idea and it’ll get everyone laughing.

5 Sparklers

As you know, we love using sparklers at weddings and Halloween is no exception! They’ll feel lovely and cosy at your Autumn celebration, and it fits in perfectly with a spooky theme.

halloween wedding ideas stylemepretty-com-sharaleeprangphotography-com

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6 Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are extremely versatile at weddings and you can get really creative with them for your venue décor. Stack three or four crates at your venue entrance and decorate with fake spider webs and skull candle holders. It’ll give your guests the creeps as soon as they enter your venue.

7 Creepy Cocktails

Create some spellbinding cocktails for your guests to enjoy with canapés. Blood red cocktails with black or red straws will look incredible served on black trays. It’s a treat – without the trick!

halloween wedding ideas 100layercake-com-delbarrmoradi-com

Image SourcePhotographer

8 Halloween Wedding Cake

You could ask your wedding cake designer to create a Halloween masterpiece. Black and gold works wonderfully together as a classy Halloween theme.

9 Cake Topper

Consider using a scary cake topper to finish your Halloween cake off. Mr and Mrs skeleton figures are a fab choice.

halloween wedding ideas theeverylastdetail-com-cptphotography-com

Image SourcePhotographer

10 Haunting Table Décor

Adorn your wedding tables with tall black candles in golden holders. This will make your reception tables look ultra dramatic, especially as the evening draws in.

11 Cutlery and Plates

You could even use black as your colour scheme for your wedding tables. Serve your food on midnight black plates and tie your cutlery with velvet black ribbon – spooky!

halloween wedding ideas junebugweddings-com-redijus-com

Image SourcePhotographer 

12 Dramatic Décor

If you’ve got a gothic, medieval castle as your wedding venue you won’t need to do too much in terms of Halloween décor. However, a blank canvas wedding venue can be easily dressed up with black and red balloons or ribbon garlands. Use as backdrops for your dessert table or photo-booth.

13 Gothic Lighting

Add a dash of mystery and drama to your wedding venue by sourcing a charcoal black chandelier. It’ll look truly magnificent hanging above your dance floor space.

halloween wedding ideas whimsicalwonderlandweddings-com-jessicawitheyphotography-net

Image SourcePhotographer

14 Table Accessories

Your place settings would look wonderful with black or deep purple stationery and velvet napkins. Opt for shades of black or burgundy.

15 Black Lanterns

Alternatively, hang black metal lanterns around your venue. They would look especially fab hanging on the trees outside your wedding venue, and they’ll create a spooky glow!

halloweeen wedding ideas stylemepretty-com-laciehansen-com

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16 Til Death Do Us Part

This a fab phrase to use throughout your wedding theme. A sign with ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ would look incredible on a blackboard outside your wedding venue – and it’s romantic too!

17 Keep Warm

Halloween can be extremely chilly, so make sure your guest stay snug by providing a basket of snuggly blankets. Opt for shades of orange, brown and black for subtle nod towards your frightening theme!

halloween wedding ideas chicvintagebrides-com-anastasiyabelik-com

Image SourcePhotographer

18 Beautiful Bridesmaids

Opt for bridesmaid dresses in deep navy or even black! They’ll look ultra glamorous and will fit in with your Halloween theme flawlessly.

19 Bridal Outfit

Have you ever considered donning a black wedding dress? If that doesn’t sound like your style, consider wearing a subtle grey gown or even black wedding shoes. A chic leather jacket will look totally rock-chick. We love the thought of a black birdcage veil too.

halloween wedding ideas stylemepretty-com-lunademarephotography-com

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20 Wedding Favours

And last, but not least – Halloween wedding favours. Send your guests home with our fun test tube wedding favours and fill with delightful potions of your choice!

halloween wedding ideas test tubes available from @theweddingomd theweddingofmydreams-co-uk-test-tube-favours

Image Source – Photographer

Halloween Wedding Ideas

It’s super easy to create a spooky wedding theme and you can keep it subtle, or go all out with your Halloween wedding ideas!




I’m Her Mr, Im His Mrs Wedding Signs

This week our wedding decorations of the week are our new “I’m Her Mr, Im His Mrs Wedding Signs“. These are fun signs to display around your wedding or use as props in your wedding photos or photo booth.

The signs could make unique chair signs too. Hang them from the bride and groom’s chairs at the wedding ceremony or wedding breakfast.

I’m Her Mr, Im His Mrs Wedding Signs

I'm her Mr I'm his Mrs wedding signs available from @theweddingomd

View our I’m her Mr, I’m his Mrs wedding signs for sale in our shop

Product Details

  • I’m His Mrs and I’m Her Mr sign – oh how we love them. A fun prop or sign for your wedding.
  • These signs could be used as props in your wedding photos, photo booth or even used as wedding chair backs.
  • The signs are free standing so don’t need to be leaned against a wall. If you want to use these as wedding chair backs for the bride and grooms seats simple tie them to your chairs with ribbon.
  • The signs are made from MDF with a rustic wood look. The text has been printed in white using a calligraphy style font.
  • Dimensions: 35cm x 23cm
  • Price: £14 for set of 2
  • View in shop

Place Setting Ideas For Autumn Weddings

Planning an Autumn wedding day? Then listen up – you’ll fall in love with our Autumn-inspired place setting ideas. The way you choose to style your reception tables will count as a huge part of your overall venue décor, so you want to make sure it looks fabulous…

place setting ideas for autumn weddings Ruffled - photo by Michelle Chiu Photography http://ruffledblog.com/flora-and-fauna-wedding-inspiration

Image SourcePhotographer

Opulent Berry

Berry and blackcurrant shades go hand in hand with Autumn, so they’re a wonderful choice of colour for your place settings. Opulent reds are luxurious and rich, yet warm and cosy – it’s the perfect combination. Plush raspberry napkins tied with velvet ribbon will look stunning against the contrast of a white plate – it’ll look modern, yet decadent. Gold accents throughout your place settings will add to the glamour – we’re talking magnificent gold vases brimming with red garden roses, and gilded goblets full of red wine. Your wedding guests will be transported to a gorgeous Autumn paradise as soon as they sit in their seats!

place setting ideas for autumn weddings

Image SourcePhotographerImage Source Photographer

Modern Metallic

Bronze and copper have become an increasingly popular choice for weddings in 2016, and it doesn’t stop at Autumn! They a perfect choice for Autumn weddings as they reflect the brown and orange leaves and warm, crackling fires – with a modern touch! Copper calligraphy place names will look wonderful at each place setting and bronze cutlery means your guests can eat their meal in style!

place setting ideas for autumn weddings

Image SourcePhotographer / Image Source Photographer

Lilac Grey

If you’re not a huge fan of the typical Autumnal colour palettes, have you ever considered using lilac grey as your colour scheme? This gorgeous shade is the perfect alternative to berry and golden tones and it’s made for a girly girl. Lilac grey looks wonderful against earthy, wooden elements which is why it works wonderfully for Autumn place settings. Tie your cutlery with dusty lilac ribbon for a delicate pretty style. A stem of dried lavender will not only look lovely, it’ll smell divine! Display your wedding breakfast menu on each plate – maybe include a few Autumnal favourites such as pumpkin soup.

place setting ideas for autumn weddings fabmood-com-kovchegin-ru

Image SourcePhotographer

Glamorous Gold

Gold shades can be used throughout the wedding season, but I think it’s particularly perfect for an Autumn celebration. If you’re having a glamorous gold affair, you can create some seriously beautiful place settings. Gilded cutlery with golden lined plates will add just a dash of luxe. Ivory napkins wrapped with golden ribbon and a sprig of Autumnal foliage will finish the look beautifully. Line your tables with green and orange pumpkins for an extra nod towards the season.

place setting ideas for autumn weddings

Image SourcePhotographerImage SourcePhotographer

Place Setting Ideas

Why not go all out with your Autumn place setting ideas and include all of the colours above? Plush red, opulent gold and tons of greenery works beautifully with the season, especially if you want place settings with the ‘WOW’ factor.

place setting ideas for autumn weddings stylemepretty-com-marisaholmesblog-com

Image SourcePhotographer

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to creating place setting ideas for an Autumn wedding. You can go down a number of different routes: glamorous, rustic or even girly! Add touches of your own individual style throughout your place settings so that it’s completely personal and unique to you both as a couple.