Bronze Candle Sticks – Wedding Decoration Of The Week

This week our wedding decoration of the week is our bronze candle stick. These candle sticks are perfect for both rustic and luxe weddings depending on what you pair them with. Keep them luxe by placing them on tables in between lavish floral arranagements in bronze and copper metallic vases or around the base of tall table candelabra. Alternatively use them in a rustic setting, styling them on tree slices covered with moss and other glass bottles and vases. You might have noticed here at The Wedding of my Dreams we have been slowly adding to our collection of bronze and copper decorations, we think they are just fab.

Bronze Candle Sticks For Wedding Tables

bronze candle sticks wedding decorations

Browse these bronze candle sticks for sale in our shop

Product Details

  • Our bronze candle sticks will look perfect on guest tables as part of your wedding centrepieces, or set out on your guest book table or along window sills.
  • These bronze candle sticks will look stunning placed on wedding tables. Use these candle stick holders as part of your wedding table decorations mixing them in with our bronze and copper tea light holders and vases.
  • The candle sticks look fab running along top tables too, with smaller vases dotted in between.
  • These bronze candle sticks have a distressed finish and are sold in sets of 2 of the same size.
  • Each candle stick measures 12cm tall
  • Price £10 for 2
  • View in shop

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Top 10 Wedding Favour Bags, Boxes & Bottles

Are you wondering what to give your guests as wedding favours? As well as choosing the favours have you thought about how they are going to look on your tables next to your table decorations. The favours can make up part of the table decorations depending on what you choose, or maybe you could set up a whole wedding favour table and offer lots of different favours so guest can pick what they want.

There are so many ideas around for wedding favours, I’m sure you’re trying to think of something personal that guest will love. Some of our favourites include giving guests a shot of your favourite drink served in a shot glass at their place setting, a small pot of homemade jam or honey, a packet of seeds for them to grow wild flowers, especially if you have chosen wild flowers for your bouquet and centrepieces.


top 10 wedding favour bags boxes and bottles

Photo by Daffodil Waves - Make your own chalkboard sign as seen on this favour table here “We said I Do! These Favours are for you!”

Below is our list of the top 10 wedding favour bags, boxes and bottles. Hopefully it’ll give you some ideas on what to give your guests and how they can presented on the tables. Click the links to see these for sale in our shop.

1. Shot Glass Wedding Favours £1.50 each (empty!) / We tied The Knot Now Have A Shot Tags £1 each

shot glassed with lids - featured in the top 10 wedding favour bags and boxes

2. Hessian Favour Bags with Drawstring £0.65 each

hessian favour bags  - featured in the top 10 wedding favour bags and boxes

3. Jam Jars with Lids £1.50 each perfect for filling with homemade jam, honey, sweets, popcorn, potted plants… jam jars  - featured in the top 10 wedding favour bags and boxes

4. Small Envelopes For Seeds £0.15 each / Add the finishing touch with a dandelion stamp and ink pad £8

seed packet envelopes - featured in the top 10 wedding favour bags and boxes

5. Cream Card Gift Box £1.95 each  - you can choose to decorate these with ribbon to suit the style of your wedding Cream card gift box -featured in top 10 wedding favour bags boxes and bottles

6. Test Tubes With Cork Stoppers £0.65 each – add sweets, or we love a mix of cocoa powder and tiny marshmallows for guests to make their own hot chocolate test tube wedding favours with cork stoppers  - featured in top 10 wedding favour bags boxes and bottles

7. Thank You Cotton Bags £1.50 each thank you cotton favour bags  - featured in top 10 wedding favour bags boxes and bottles

8. Mini Bottles with Cork Stopper from £2 each (3 sizes available) perfect for drinkable wedding favours mini glass bottles with corks  - featured in the top 10 wedding favour bags and boxes

9. To Have And To Hold Paper Bags £3 for 40 to have and to hold paper bags  - featured in top 10 wedding favour bags boxes and bottles

10. Folding Brown Card Gift Boxes £0.60 each - you can add your own ribbon to decorate these in your wedding style

Folding brown gift box -featured in top 10 wedding favour bags boxes and bottles

Which is your favourite – comment below

Recipe For Sloe Gin Wedding Favours

Are you thinking of making your own sloe gin for your wedding favours? We think drinkable wedding favours are a lovely touch but even more personal if you have made the sloe gin yourself. Below is a recipe for sloe gin which can then be poured into individual bottles with cork stoppers and given as wedding favours. A quick heads up, the sloe gin needs a minimum of 2 months to mature so Autumn is the time to start making it if you are having a Christmas wedding.

how to make sloe gin wedding favours reipe for sloe gin

Recipe For Sloe Gin Wedding Favours – recipe from Jamie Oliver

First up, you need to find your sloes. Around end of October in the UK the wild blackthorn trees are aching with fruit. There’s lots of debate about when to pick them, but the simplest rule is that if you can pop the berries easily between your finger and thumb, they’re ripe.

For wedding favours you will need to work out quantities you will need, this will depend on the size bottle you present the slow gin in and how many guests you are having. The gin will be made in larger airtight bottles so try to determine how many of the larger bottles you will need to make.

Each airtight bottle needs be be half filled with sloes, so pick enough. It’s always better to pick way more than you need and make a bigger batch of them. The longer you leave your gin the better, so anything you don’t drink this year will be fantastic the next year, and even better the year after that. Drinking your sloe gin with friends and family  each year will be a lovely reminder of your wedding.
Start by sticking the sloes in the freezer overnight. This will simulate the first frost and split the skin on your berries, allowing them to release their natural sweetness.
After sterilising your airtight bottles, half fill each one with the frozen fruit and top up with gin.  Add two big spoonfuls of caster sugar and shake for a minute. Lay on its side out of direct sunlight and twist it 180 degrees every other day for two months.

A few days before you decant it into the individual bottles, give it a taste. If you think you need it sweeter then make a simple sugar syrup. Do this by dissolving equal parts water and sugar in a saucepan over a low heat. Let it cool then add to taste.


Once your gin is made pour it into individual bottles with cork stoppers for each guest, you can also add a ‘drink me’ tag if you want.

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Wedding Favour Tags – Assorted Tags For Favours

We love the smallest details here at The Wedding of my Dreams and these wedding favour tags add a lovely touch to favours. If you have been thinking about your choice of wedding favours recently you will no doubt have been imagining how they will look when you present them to your wedding guests. Whether you choose to wrap your favours individually, tie them with ribbon, place in a box or perhaps the favorus will look lovely just as they are. These tags will help you personalise the favours (available in different designs: made with love, handmade, thank you and with much love), the back of the tags are plain so you can write a persoanlised note.

Wedding Favour Tags

wedding favour tags

See these wedding favour gift tags for sale in our shop

Product Details

Pressed Glass Decanter Wedding Centrepiece

If you are looking for something elegant yet unusual for your wedding centrepieces, how about using glass decanters. Glass decanters come in lots of different shapes and sizes and can be used as vases together with smaller pressed glass vases on a table. Whether you choose just to have one decanter on each table or a group of 3 – 5 depending on their size. You can also create different heights on the table by placing decanters on cake stands. Here at The Wedding of my Dreams we have loved this idea for a while now and have a couple of different decanters we sell for wedding centrepieces, of course you may prefer to browse vintage shops in search of your wedding centrepiece decanters and can always top up with ours if you can’t find enough. You could also use the decanter to show off your table numbers by hanging a tag around the neck of the vase.

Pressed Glass Decanter Wedding Centrepiece

pressed glass decanters wedding centrepiece vases

Image source: 1. Glass decanter grouping on wedding ceremony table – vases by The Wedding of my Dreams, photography Daffodil Waves Photography 2. Glass decanter grouping in centre of table – image sourced from Boho Weddings 3. Glass decanter vase used to display table number – image sourced from Wedding Chicks