Wedding Drink Station Ideas

Are you planning to create a drink station at your wedding? Serve your welcome drinks from a dedicated drink station, have a number of drink choices for guests to choose from and decorate the drink station to tie in with your wedding style. We love this idea, especially for summer weddings when they could be set up outside. Alternatively if you are having a winter wedding how about creating a hot chocolate station to warm guests up?

Wedding Drink Station Ideas

drink stations at weddings

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This post should inspire you and help you plan your wedding drink station, we look at drinks dispensers, glasses (we love mason jars and bottles!), signs and labels as well as the overall look of the table.

Drink dispensers for drink stations

It’s a lovely idea to serve your drinks from large drink dispensers, fill each glass dispenser with a different drink. Whether that is the bride and grooms signature cocktais or freshly made fruit juice. Guests can help themselves to the drink of their choice using the little tap.

At The Wedding of my Dreams we sell a couple of different drink dispensers

drink stations at weddings use glass drink dispensers with taps

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Signs for drink stations

Think about creating a sign for your drink station or bar or individual signs for the different drinks. To label the different drinks you could use our slate luggage tags.

drink stations at weddings display a menu label each drink or create a sign for your bar

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Glasses for drink stations

Think about what sort of glasses you are going to serve your drinks in, you could use the venues glasses or you might like to use something a little different. We love the idea of using either milk bottles or mason jars as glasses and of course pretty them up with paper straws.

At The Wedding of my Dreams we sell mason jars, bottles and straws which may be useful.

drink stations at weddings choose your glasses mason jars bottles and straws

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Design your drink station

Choose how you want your drinks station to look! Use table runners to tie in with your overall wedding style use cake stands or wooden crates to create different heights and set out your glasses and drinks dispensers in a lovely way.

drink stations at weddings get create with your tables

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How To Hang Balloons Upside Down For Weddings

Do you ever wonder how people hang balloons upside down at their weddings? The answer is really simple, to make your balloons hang upside down just add a marble before you blow them up.

Balloons can be hung upside down at weddings from trees in the ground of your venue, from the ceiling of your marquee or wedding reception room or to frame you dessert table or drink station hanging from a string.

How To Hang Balloons Upside Down For Weddings

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Thank You Wedding Favour Bags

These cute little bags say “Thank You” on the front and have a drawstring so you favours don’t fall out. They look lovely sitting on guests napkins at their place settings.

 Thank You Wedding Favour Bags

thank you cotton wedding favour bags

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Product Details

  • We adore these lovely cotton bags with drawstrings, perfect for filling with the wedding favour of your choice.
  • Whether you choose sweets, lavender grain or hearts as your favour they will look beautiful placed inside these cotton bags.
  • The bags also work well for special gifts for bridesmaids, imagine your bridesmaids opening one of these bags to find a lovely necklace or perfume bottle inside.
  • It keeps all the gifts on the tables looking the same until they are opened.
  • The bags are made from cotton with a drawstring.
  • The cotton bags measure 12cm x 8 cm (9cm to the drawstring)
  • This cotton bags has Thank you x printed on in grey ink.
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Mix paper lanterns in different sizes, we like the look of all white to keep it classic. Add strings of bulb lights or fairy lights to add some sparkle too.

If you like the idea of this check out our paper lanterns for sale and strings of festival lights.

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How About A Children’s Table At Your Wedding

How many children will be attending your wedding? If you are inviting a number of children it’s worth thinking about games or activities to keep them entertained during the wedding reception, especially during the speeches. Activity books, colouring books, quiet games, can be a great idea. Depending on the ages of the children you are inviting perhaps a children’s table at your wedding could be a good idea. Sit all the children on one table , with a few older kids to keep an eye on them. This table could be decorated playfully for the kids. How about a pink and white striped table runner, activity bags for each child with games, books, activities they can play with each other, you could even add mason jars in the centre of the table with crayons in.

How About A Children’s Table At Your Wedding?

childrens table at wedding kids only

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