Christmas is coming! Glittering, frosty and oh-so beautifully sparkly, this whimsical all white tree will create magical memories. Are you going for an all white theme this Christmas? We love this snowflakes and champagne Christmas tree decorations

At The Wedding of my Dreams we have a number of hanging decorations which would be perfect Christmas tree decorations.hanging heart decorations

  1. Vintage Lovebird Hanging Hearts ~ £1.15
  2. White Turtle Doves ~ £4.95
  3. Hand Carved White Hearts ~ £3.40
  4. Vintage Grey Hanging Hearts ~ £2.50
  5. Willow Hearts ~ £1.15
  6. Crystal Hearts ~ £2.50
Hanging decorations can be used for so much more than just decorating your tree. Have you thought of hanging decorations from your curtain poles or light fittings. They can make beautiful displays over your dining table.

hanging decorations

{Source: Vintage Amethyst}

Fireplaces can be decorated too. Keep it simple and hang white hearts in small and larger sizes from ribbon over the mantle piece with soft grey eucalyptus draped across the top.
fireplace christmas decorations

{Hand Carved White Hearts Small, Hand Carved White Hearts Medium, Drink Champagne And Dance On The Table, Bottles}

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