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Sweetie Buffets {Wedding Decoration Inspiration #ww}

Sweetie buffets are a fun and whimsical addition to your wedding reception. They have been around for a while but look like they’re here to stay, and why not? They’re fun to create and guests will love helping themselves to pick n mix sweets in the style of an old fashioned sweetie shop.

sweetie buffets pastelpastel colour sweets for sweetie buffet{Source: Jenna Hayes}

A few tips on how to create a sweetie buffet.

Think about the presentation! Having put thought and effort into all your other wedding decor, make sure you continue the theme so your sweetie buffet ties in and doesn’t look out of place.

  • Colour scheme: Stick to the wedding theme or wedding decor colour palette when setting up your sweetie buffet. The colours or style you have chosen for your wedding don’t have to stop at the table decorations and bridesmaids dresses, follow them through to your sweetie buffet to create a beautiful set up.
  • Sweetie jars and containers: Think about height and depth when setting up your sweetie buffet. Using sweetie jars of different shapes and sizes can add real impact to your sweetie buffet display. Position the sweetie jars on cardboard boxes covered in paper or linen to create different heights on your sweetie buffet table.

sweetie buffetssweetie buffets sugar canes{Source: Love The Day}

  • Little extras: Use extra centrepeices on your sweetie buffets whether they are flowers or candles they will add variety to your sweetie buffet and continue the overall look of your wedding style. Think about the backdrop. Look for a nice area in your reception venue to set up your sweetie buffet, alternatively pin wallpaper to boards to create a backdrop of your choice. Choose which linen you use on your table, use lace for a dreamy romantic look, hessian for a rustic style or a colour from your wedding palette.

white sweetie buffet{Source: Amy Atlas}

Now onto the choice of sweets, this is the fun part! Again remember to be creative but stick to the overall style of your wedding decor.

  • Colour: Sweets come in all shapes, sizes and colours. To achieve a sweetie buffet that looks in keeping with your other wedding decor think about the colour of sweets you choose to incorporate. All sweets don’t have to be the same colour but look better when they come from the same colour palette. For example if you are going for pinks, remember to use soft light pinks, darker pinks and even whites or soft yellows to make your sweetie table look fab.
  • Not just sweets: You don’t have to stick to sweets on your sweetie buffet, other treats also go down well with guests. You could use cupcakes, biscuits, nuts or even strawberries dipped in chocolate.

orange candy buffets{Source: Melanie Duerkopp}

  • Scoops and candy bags: Don’t forget guests will have to get the sweets out of the jars and put them somewhere. Scoops and tongs are ideal for this, think about the types of sweets you have chosen and which utensil would be easiest to pick them up with. Don’t forget the candy bags too, guests will have to have paper bags to put their sweets into.

sweet bags sweet scoops tongs{Source: The Wedding of my Dreams}

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