Mini pots of jam can make unique wedding favours. When choosing your wedding favours try to pick something which reflects you both as a coulpe or your style of wedding. It is important to choose something you think your guests will enjoy, there is nothing worse than seeing wedding favours left on the tables after your wedding.

jam wedding favours

Jam Wedding Favours: Pigeon Forge

Pots of jam can make lovely wedding favours, especially if you are have a summer country wedding. You could make a fabulous display of your jam wedding favours, this leaves room on the tables as well as making a wonderful display for guests to see encouraging them to pick one up before they leave.

jam wedding favours

Jam Wedding Favours: Elegala and Manolo Brides

If you’ve got some time on your hands you could have a go at making your own jam wedding favours. Make your jam, collect old jam jars and use some fabric tied with string or ribbon for the lid.

jam wedding favours

Jam Wedding Favours: Manolo Brides

You could also have a go at making your own personalised labels for your jam wedding favours. These gorgeous jam favour labels say ‘SPREAD THE LOVE’ with the date and name of the bride and groom.jam wedding favours

Jam Wedding Favours: Clark Walker Photography, Little Miss Wedding, The Wedding of my Dreams

Mini jam wedding favours can look sweet on your tables and can be incorporated into your wedding table decorations. The can make up part of your guests place settings with a luggage tag tied on with the guests name.

jam wedding favours

Jam Wedding Favours to buy online: The Wedding of my Dreams

At The Wedding of my Dreams we have these cute mini jams for wedding favours. Our favours come in a set of three. You get a strawberry jam, a raspberry jam, and a honey. They are all Bonne Maman jams and have red polka dot lids. Each lid has a cute message for your guests, reading ‘You’re the jam in my sandwich’, Bee happy’ and ‘You’re a sweetie’. We love them!

These mini jam and honey wedding favours are perfect if you don’t have the time to make your own. If red polka dot isn’t your colour you could always finish them off by adding your own choice of fabric over the lid tied with string or ribbon.

What do you think?

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  1. What a great idea. Little pots of jam would be so quick and easy to use as wedding favours and would fit perfectly for a rustic theme. Making my own jam might be a bit beyond me though! I think I’ll stick to the kind you can buy!

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