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White Hydrangeas | Get To Know Your Wedding Flowers

White Hydrangeas ~ Get to know your wedding flowers

white hydrangeas wedding

Source:Passion for Flowers

Introducing our newest feature ~ get to know your wedding flowers… Each fortnight we will highlight a different flower and give you all the information you need to know if you’re choosing them for your wedding. This week is all about white hydrangeas.

How do we know so much about flowers? We have a sister company Passion for Flowers headed by floral designer Karen Morgan.

Interview with Karen Morgan, Passion for Flowers

What season are white hydrangeas available in?

White hydrangeas are generally available from April to October. It is possible to obtain white hydrangeas at other times of the year but these are then at a premium rate. Although per stem they can appear expensive they fill large spaces and are easier to work with than small delicate blooms.

white hydrangeas wedding

Source: 1 & 2 Passion for Flowers 3 Mustard Seed Photography 4 Pat Furey Photography

  How can white hydrangeas be used as table centre pieces?

  • White hydrangeas look good in bottles or jam jars for country weddings where just a single stem is sufficient.
  • White hydrangeas can be used en masse as the flower for an elegant table centre, in a glass bowl or footed vase.
  • White hydrangeas are great as part of a mixed table centre and look gorgeous with roses, gyposphila, stocks and peonies.
white hydrangeas wedding centre piece

What other colours do white hydrangeas come in?

Hydrangeas are available in a wide variety of colours from blues in all shades and tones, purples, light blush pink to deep pink, greens and even greyish tones. As the season progresses the colour of the original plain colour develops so the colours are seasonal changing in tone and depth during the year.

vintage coloured hydrangeas

Source: Weddingbee

 Would white hydrangeas look good in a bridal bouquet?

We love using white hydrangeas in bridal bouquets, they look gorgeous en masse to give a blousy look and feel to a bridal bouquet. They can also be used as part of a mixed bouquet and look lovely with peonies or David Austin roses.

white hydrangeas bouquets

Source: 1 Readyluck Photography 2 & 3 Passion for Flowers

 Where else can I use white hydrangeas at my wedding?

White hydrangeas are invaluable in large scale arrangements in churches or ceremony flowers at a wedding venue. They are great for window sill arrangements in and around the venue, they can be used to fill large scale urns or containers for fireplaces or at the entrance to the venue. For high impact hydrangeas can be used to create large scale hanging globes for the wow factor.

Single stem hydrangeas can look cute for young bridesmaids to carry, the stem tied with a piece of lace or hessian for a more rustic finish.

white hydrangeas wedding

Source: 1, 2 & 3 Passion for Flowers 2 Christian Ward Photography 4 Readyluck Photography 5 Paul Barnett Photography 6 Melissa Schollaert Photography 7 Volatile Photography 8 Stacey Hedman Photography

Do you have any conditioning tips for white hydrangeas if a bride was to use them herself?

The stems should be cut at a 45 degree angle, foliage trimmed from the stems and then the hydrangea placed in a bucket with clean water and flower food. Never stand the hydrangeas in direct sunlight or near a radiator. Keep them cool.

Are you having hydrangeas at your wedding? We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. This is fab as I’m thinking of having these, just not sure which colour. I was thinking white but those soft purple / blues are gorgeous. xx

  2. WOW!! Can’t wait, I’m having all white flowers including white hydrangeas by Passion for Flowers. Soooo excited. Vicky xx

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