Are you thinking of making your own wedding table number cards but worried your handwriting is not up to scratch? We have made a step by step guide showing you how to handwrite your own table number cards in your favourite font – the secret is tracing! Just like you used to do at primary school.

This is great if the wedding table number cards you have chosen to use can not be printed on to. We recomm using our handmade paper postcards with torn edges.

You will need:


How To Handwrite Wedding Table Number Cards

1. Find a font you like, you don’t have to use standard fonts. There are plenty of creative fonts you can download for free, try searching on dafont if you’re not sure where to start.

2. Open a word document and type out the numbers of your tables, choose your font and size, then print these onto plain white paper.

3. Once you have printed your numbers at the correct size you now need to trace these onto your table cards. Place the printed number up against a window and lay the table card over the top, as the light shines through you should easily be able to see the number to trace. Trace this in a soft pencil.

4. Once you are happy with the number you have drawn in pencil go over it in a permanent pen. We have used a black sharpie but you could choose a colour which ties into your day.

5. Do this for all your table numbers, then fix them into a table number holder or photo frame to place on your guest tables.

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