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We have pulled together our all time favourite ideas for weddings using hessian and burlap. Browse over 40 hessian wedding ideas below. Burlap and hessian wedding decorations are perfect for rustic barn, woodland and tipi style weddings. Mixing hessian with luxe wedding décor is a fab way to create a rustic glamour style too.

If you are inspired by our hessian wedding ideas you may also like to browse our full collection of hessian wedding decorations as well as hessian fabric & ribbon for crafting projects which we have available in our shop. 40 hessian wedding ideas copy

Wrap hessian ribbon and lace around glass candy jars for a rustic candy buffet, brown paper bags and wooden crates finish off the look. {Image source}candy buffet cover sweet jars in burlpa and lace hessian wedding ideas

For a beach wedding drape hessian cloth over bamboo poles to create a beautiful ceremony backdrop. {Image source}hessian ceremony drapes for beach wedding hessian wedding ideas

Ask your pageboys or ring bearers to carry here comes the bride signs down the aisle, make your own from hessian fabric (step by step guide showing how to make hessian signs ) {Image source}hessian here comes the bride signs wedding ideas

Make your own hessian chair backs using hessian and lace and tying them in a bow. {Image source}hessian lace chair backs hessian wedding ideas

Add details to each guests place setting by placing their cutlery in small hessian pouches. {Image source}hessian pouches for cuttlery burlap wedding ideas

Hessian favour bags can be filled with sweet treats or gifts of your choice, these tiny hessian bags could also be used for bridesmaids gifts. {Image source – Etsy unknown seller}burlap favour bags or ouches for bridesmaids gifts hessian wedding ideas

Wrapping hessian around napkin makes a lovely place setting {Image Credit / Buy Online}hessian ribbon over napkins wedding ideas

Hessian sacks make great wedding gift sacks {Buy Online}hessian sack for wedding gifts

Hessian wedding table runners look best along long guest tables, don’t forget to measure all the way to the floor for the best results. {Image Credit / Buy Online}hessian table runners hessian wedding ideas

For a rustic style wedding bouquet wrap hessian ribbon around the handle. {Image source}hessian wedding ideas bridal bouquet wraps and ribbons

Hessian cake topper made from mini bunting {Buy Online}hessian wedding ideas bunting cake topper

Craft hessian flowers and use as rustic button holes {Image source – unknown}hessian wedding ideas burlap flowers

For pew ends hang willow hearts using hessian ribbon and attach to chairs running down either side of the aisle. {Image Credit / Buy Online}hessian wedding ideas burlap ribbon on wicker hearts for pew ends

For DIY wedding centrepieces collect jam jars and bottles and wrap them with hessian and lace, fill with seasonal flowers and place on your tables. {Image source}hessian wedding ideas wrap hessian and lace around ja jars for wedding centrpieces with flowers

For a simple hessian wedding idea wrap hessian around pillar candles and place on your tables, window sills or along mantle pieces. {Image source – unknown}candle with burlap and flowers hessian wedding ideas

Drape hessian lace and ribbons from white lanterns hanging from trees or from large wedding balloons for a wonderful rustic look. {Image source}hessian wedding ideas burlpa ribbon hanging fromlanterns or balloons

Make gift packs for children attending your wedding adding games, puzzles and books into hessian sacks. {Buy Online}hessian wedding ideas burlpa sacks for childrens activities and games

A hessian table plan is easy to make, find a picture frame you like and stretch hessian inside, remove the glass and peg up luggage tags with your table information on. {Image source}hessian wedding ideas burlpa table plan

For outdoor weddings create extra seating using hay bales, cover these with hessian for comfort and a rustic touch. {Image source}hessian wedding ideas cover hay bales in hessian for outdoor seating
Another idea for a hessian centrepiece, cover a vase completely with hessian using raffia to tie and fill with seasonal flowers. {Image source}hessian wedding ideas cover vase with hessian for rustic centrepiece

For wedding pew ends or asile decorations tie bunches of gypsophila to the ends of chairs with hessian / burlap. {Image Source}

hessian wedding ideas for pew ends

For your groom – a hessian bow tie {Image source}hessian wedding ideas hessian bow tie

Simple hessian wedding chair backs, rather than a bow just tie a knot around the back of the chair and let the long lengths hang down. {Image source – unknown / Buy Online}hessian wedding ideas hessian chair backs

Attach hessian wedding table numbers to your vases {Shop Online}hessian wedding ideas hessian table numbers

Larger hessian covered vases for wedding centrepieces {Shop Online}hessian wedding ideas jam jars wrapped in hessian as vases

Hessian wedding bunting looks fab draped against a wall as a backdrop, in front of a long table or from wooden beams in a barn style venue. {Shop Online}hessian wedding ideas just married hessian bunting

For a fun and cute hessian wedding idea spray words onto hessian and make into a flag for your flowergirls to hold as they walk down the aisle. {Image source}hessian wedding ideas large hessian flag for flowergirls

Cover jam jars in hessian and tie with string or twine to make individual wedding favours. {Shop Online}hessian wedding ideas lid of jam jar burlap

For another wedding favour idea give each guest a succulent and wrap with hessian, tie on a note with a luggage tag. {Image source}hessian wedding ideas succulent wedding favours

A hessian idea for your wedding cake, wrap hessian around the base of each layer of your cake and tie with string. {Image source}hessian wedding ideas wedding cake with burlap ribbon around layers

For extra touches tie your cutlery with hessian off cuts {Image source}hessian wedding ideas wrap cuttlery with hessian ribbon

Add rustic details to bottles wrapping with wide hessian ribbon and fastening with a pretty brooch. {Buy Online}

hessian wedding ideas wrap hessian around bottles and vases

Make hessian wedding banners by painting onto large sheets of hessian, do this yourself to make the signs as personal as you want {Image source}hessian wedding signs for wedding ceremony

If you are giving bottles as gifts to various members of your wedding party, add a rustic touch by placing them in hessian wine bottle covers {Image source – unknown}hessian wine bottle covers for thank you gifts wedding ideas

For a rustic button hole tie the stems with hessian and twine. {Image source – unknown}hessian wrapped button holes wedding ideas

Hessian wreaths can be hung on doors at the entrance to your wedding our could be hung from the backs of the bride and grooms chairs in the wedding ceremony. {Shop Online}hessian wreath for wedding hangin decorations

For the bride and grooms chairs use hessian chair backs that say Mr and Mrs {Image Credit / Shop Online}mr mrs chair back hessian wedding ideas

Make your own hessian signs by spraying letters onto rectangles of hessian and pegging them up around your wedding venue. {Image source}paint words on to hessian and peg up for rustic wedding signs hessian wedding ideas

Wrap gifts for your bridemaids, ushers and members of your family using hessian instead of wrapping paper and lace to tie. {Shop Online}rustic gift wrapping use burlap and lace hessian wedding ideas

Ask your ring bearer to present your wedding rings on a hessian ring cushion or ring pillow. {Image source – unknown / Shop Online}

rustic hessian ring cushion hessian wedding ideas

For a summer wedding why not include lawn games, sack races in hessian sacks are a fun idea. {Image source / Shop Online}sack races outdoor lawn games for weddings hessian wedding ideas

For round tables instead of long table runners a square of hessian fabric 1m x 1m often looks better. {Image source}square of burlap meerial for round wedding tables hessian wedding ideas

Give wedding favours of small trees planted in hessian pouches. {Image source – unknown}wedding favour baby tree in hessian sack hessian wedding ideas

Our final hessian wedding idea is perfect for an outdoor woodland wedding. Lay hessian down the length of the aisle to act as an aisle runner. {Image source – unknown}aisle runner made from hessian wedding ideas


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