How To Write Nicely On A Blackboard

If you are using one of our chalkboard signs or easels at your wedding you will love this step by step tutorial. Follow the steps and the results will be amazing, learn how to write nicely on a blackboard. Perhaps show guests the order of the wedding day on one of our chalkboard easels or use our blackboard arrow signs to direct guests around your venue. Follow the steps below or click the link to watch this as a video at the bottom the this post.

how to write nicely on a blackboard wedding sign 2

Need a bit more help? Watch these steps as a video to see exactly how to do it. Click the image below and it will direct you to the video. Put together by BuzzFeed Weddings.

how to write nicely on a blackboard wedding sign

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  1. I love this idea! I would love to make my own wedding signs. How do you get the stencils though? I have a standard printer that clearly won’t print large enough for them. Please help me!

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