We love this idea of using wooden crates to form part of a large scale wedding table plan. Why not make a feature of your wedding table plan, use it to style an area of your venue, this idea is just perfect for a rustic woodland wedding.

How To Make A Wooden Crate Wedding Table Plan

how to make a wedding table plan using wooden crates

You will need:

Using our kraft brown labels print the names of your tables and names of people sitting on those tables onto the kraft labels, then stick these onto your luggage tags. These tables have been named after countries around the world to tie in with a travel wedding theme.

how to type print onto luggage tags

Add water the your kilner jars or jam jars and arrange a pretty mix of flowers within the vase. Finish off by tying a luggage tag around the neck of the vase.

Position your crates how you wish, a slightly random pattern with them all facing slightly different ways looks good for a laid back rustic style. This will create shelving.

Place the kilner jars with the luggage tags facing front ways on the shelves you made from the crates.

If there are gaps we suggest adding potted plants, succulents, lanterns, candles or other decorative pieces to complete the look.how to make a wedding table plan using wooden crates

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