Our petal confetti is oh so popular for spring and summer weddings. As we sell our confetti petals in large bags we always wonder how you will choose to present your confetti to your wedding guests.

Will you offer each guest an individual package of confetti? Perhaps presented in a lovely confetti bag or small envelope. Or maybe you will choose to pour all of your petals into a basket and ask each guest to take a small handful. We’d love to know how you are planning on presenting your petal confetti to your guests.

*DIY BRIDES* If you are thinking of presenting your confetti in cones, have a go at making the cones yourself with our step by step guide.

Ways To Present Confetti Petals – Confetti Cones, Confetti Bags, Baskets

ways to present confetti petals at weddings - confetti cones, confetti bags, confetti in basket, put together by @theweddingomd

Image source: 1 confetti cones hanging up for each guest // 2 confetti bags – sprinkle me // 3 confetti envelopes // 4 basket of confetti

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