Thinking of using petals for the traditional confetti throwing moment once you are married? What a lovely idea, but there are a few other ways to use petals at your wedding and incorporate them into your wedding styling as well. Whether you use fresh rose petals from your florist or freeze dried petals they will make lovely wedding decorations.

Ways To Use Petals At Your Wedding

  1. For the traditional confetti throw
  2. Throw confetti in your wedding photos
  3. Spread petals down either side of the aisle at your wedding ceremony
  4. Use petals as additional decorations on your wedding tables, or on your cake table or guest book table.

ways to use petals at your weddings - confetti petals petals in photos petals for wedding tables by @theweddingomd

Image source: 1 Petals displayed in baskets for guest throw throw // 2 The confetti throw moment // 3 Use petals for your bridesmaids photos // 4 Use confetti petals down the aisle // 5 Use fresh petals on your guest tables as extra decorations//


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