Our silver lanterns can have a number of different uses at weddings. Use the lanterns with a church candle inside to illuminate dark corners at your wedding venue. Perhaps the lanterns could be placed along dark corridors or in a line to make pathways. Lanterns can be used down the aisle, either with a candle inside or a floral decoration. Hang lanterns from shepherds crooks outside at your venue, or place on outdoor tables. Lanterns can also be used as your centrepieces, either with a candle inside and smaller vases of flowers around the base, or with a floral creation within the lantern.

Silver Lanterns For Weddings

Silver lanterns for weddings available from @theweddingomd

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Product Details

  • Our elegant silver lantern for weddings adds the perfect touch to your wedding day.  
  • These elegant silver lanterns have a handle, so could be hung from a shepherd crook and a swing door that opens to insert the candle.
  • The images show the lanterns used with our 8.5cm x 7cm candles
  • The lanterns measure 12.5 x 12.5cm square, 30cm tall excluding handle.
  • Please note: Lanterns will get hot, allow to cool before moving.
  • View in shop
  • Price: £24
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