Are you planning an outdoor wedding ceremony? We love the thought of tying the knot outdoors, whether it is in a lovely garden setting in England, on a hilltop in Italy or with sea views in Spain. The types of decorations you will need for an outdoor wedding ceremony differ slightly to what you would need for a church or indoor ceremony. This checklist should help you think about all the areas that could be decorated. These are just suggestions, don’t think you need to have everything, just select the most important aspects to you as a couple. If you are expecting the weather to be hot we do love extra details such as a fan or bottle of water on each guests’ seat, these could even be branded with your wedding logo or in your wedding colours to complete the look.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Decorations – Checklist

outdoor wedding ceremony decorations checklist

Photo credits 1 & 2 Ross Harvey // 3 Ruffled Blog // 4 Daffodil Waves

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