Here at The Wedding of my Dreams we know how much you all like to add that personal touch. Thats why we have introduced these brand new personalised wedding favour stickers to our collection. We have all sorts of wedding favour stickers (each design is available in 4 colours, white, cream, grey and brown). We have stickers that can be personalised with your initials / names and wedding date. And we have more specific favour stickers depending on what favours you are giving.

The personalised stickers don’t just have to be for favours, the initial and date stickers look great on the back of your envelopes if you are sending Save the Dates, Invitations or Thank You cards… or add them to the order of service, thank you gifts…..

Personalised Favour Stickers:

personalised wedding favour stickers

We have two different initial and date wedding stickers, one is within a heart for a quirky rustic look and the other is more of a modern, elegant look.

We also have ‘Thanks’ personalised stickers and ‘Enjoy’ personalised stickers which can have many uses, stick them to favours, gift tags, envelopes, jars of sweets, or test tubes of sweets.

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Drinkable Wedding Favour Stickers:

personalised wedding favour stickers we tied the knot have a shot

If you are offering your guests a drinkable wedding favours whether you have made your own slow gin or are giving a shot of your favourite drink these personalised wedding favour stickers will add that finishing touch. These round stickers fit perfectly on to the lids of our shot glass favours (which come empty ready for you to add your own drinks). Personalise the shot glasses with these stickers. We have a 2 x designs saying ‘We tied the knot now have a shot’ and a Cheers favour sticker which is more generic. If you are not using our shot glasses these can be stuck onto gift tags.

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Mint Wedding Favours, Mint To Be Stickers:

MINT TO BE personalised wedding favour stickers

If you are giving your guests mints as wedding favours our ‘Mint To Be’ stickers are a fun addition. Place mints inside our test tubes and stick the stickers to the glass, these can be personalised with your names and wedding date. Alternatively put mints into little jars or tins and stick the stickers to these.

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Popcorn Wedding Favour Stickers:

Thanks for popping by popcorn personalised wedding favour stickers

If you are treating your guests to a jar of popcorn for their wedding favours how about these stickers for a personal touch.

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Sweets / Chocolate Wedding Favour Stickers:

love is sweet personalised wedding favour stickers

You can go wrong with giving your guests sweets or chocolates. Whether you put them in a glass jar, tin, envelope or test tube. Personalise the containers with our new stickers, Love Is Sweet is a firm favourite or keep it simple with Enjoy! stickers.

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Jam / Honey / Chutney Favour Stickers:

Spread the love jam chutney honey personalised wedding favour stickers

For foodie favours or home made jam, honey or even chutney spread the love stickers can add the finishing touch to your jars.

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Flower Seeds Wedding Favours:

let the love grow seed packet personalised wedding favour stickers

If you are giving packets of flower seeds for your guests to plant they are best given in small envelopes. Buy the seeds in bulk from a garden centre and fill these little envelopes, a let the love grow sticker on the front will ensure guests know what they are.

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Hangover Recovery Kit Stickers:


Hangover recovery kit personalised wedding favour stickers

For a slightly different favour, but something your guests will be sure to thank you for. Send them on their way with a little hangover recovrey kit, plasters for sore feet, paracetamol for sore heads and mints or chewing gum to keep them fresh.  Put these all in a little bag and seal it with a hangover recovery kit sticker.

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