Here at The Wedding of my Dreams  we love the idea of creating a backdrop at your wedding, this could be a backdrop for the wedding ceremony, a curtain behind your dessert table or a curtain in the middle of the venue to divide up different areas. Paper origami backdrops look stunning and although time consuming are relatively easy and cost effective. I’m sure you will find some family members willing to help out. Today we have gathered together some of our favourite paper origami backdrops for weddings.

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wedding backdrop origami paper flowers 2 wedding backdrop origami paper flowers

Paper Origami Backdrops for Wedding Ceremonies

Hang origami paper cranes as a curtain or backdrop behind the area the bride and groom will say their vows for a magical setting or hang above the guests seats. It is up to you to decide on your colour scheme you could choose a classic all white origami backdrop or bring in some colour tying into your overall style.

Paper origami backdrops for weddingsPaper origami backdrops for weddings

Source: 1 Stunning paper origami wedding backdrop 2 Paper origami hanging above wedding ceremony 3 Spotted paper origami cranes 4 White paper cranes origami curtain wedding ceremony 5 White origami curtain 6 Bright paper origami cranes

Paper Origami Curtains Behind Dessert Tables

If you are having a dessert table or candy buffet at your wedding, try to find an area of your venue to set it up in. Against a feature wall is a lovely option if your venue has one, or use origami paper cranes to create a backdrop. We love this idea!

Paper origami backdrops for weddings

Source: 7 Bright origami paper cranes with chandelier 8 Bright origami paper backdrop 9 Ombre origami paper crane backdrop behind wedding dessert table 10 Paper cranes behind wedding cake

Origami Paper Cranes Outside at Weddings

For a summer wedding creating a feature area around a tree can look stunning and creates an inviting atmosphere for guests. Hang outdoor lights and strings of origami paper cranes from branches of the tree to create this look.

Paper origami backdrops for weddings

Source: White paper cranes hanging from tree at night

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bright coloured paper cranes wedding backdrop outside bright coloured paper cranes wedding backdrop ombre orange paper cranes backdrop behing wedding cake and dessert table ombre paper cranes wedding backdrop origami paper cranes backdrop to wedding cake paper cranes origami outdor wedding backdrop paper cranes origami wedding backdrop at night white paper cranes origami backdrop outdoor wedding ceremony white paper cranes wedding ceremony backdrop white paper origami wedding backdrop

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  1. Awesome I am making them for my grandchildren. How many do you hang I want so they can admire them from hanging them not touching them, they are both under 2 years of age.

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