Wedding photographers are great but it’s also lovely to be able to look back on the bits they miss. Provide your guests with a polaroid camera and let them capture the fun as they make memories on your big day. Display the photos on a large wooden pallet so everyone can enjoy them throughout the wedding day. You’ll probably want to keep this up at home for years to come too. The rustic style makes these perfect for barn weddings.

How to:

  1. Find a large wooden pallet, ask around family and friends on checkout ebay
  2. Paint the pallet with blackboard paint
  3. Using a chalk pen write along the top and illustrate as you see fit
  4. Attach strings of pegs that light up across the pallet, you’ll probably need a few packs. (Available here)
  5. Find somewhere to display this at your wedding, it can be moved throughout the day as guests may enjoy it outside and then later near the dance floor.

DIY polaroid photo displays wooden pallets DIY wedding styling ideas

Buy your LED light up pegs here, 3m (20 pegs) £15

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