10 Rustic Wedding Centrepieces

Rustic is one of the more popular styles we find customers browsing on our website, if you are having a rustic style wedding be sure to check out our rustic wedding decorations. Today we have chosen our top 10 rustic wedding centrepieces, some of which we sell others we sell components of and others you could have a go at doing yourselves. These are just meant to be ideas and inspire you – giving you a starting point to work from, most of these can be adapted to your own personal taste and style.

10 Rustic Wedding Centrepieces

1. Wooden Boxes make fab rustic wedding centrepieces, they are usually very low so you can easily see over and can be filled with a mix of wild flowers to suit your style. Buy similar wooden boxes / crates for centrepieces here.

wooden box rustic wedding centrepieces

2. Tree slices are excellent for adding a little height and rustic touch to your centrepieces, add bottles filled with single stem blooms, tea light holders or even a whole jug of flowers to the tree slice, you could have different items on different tables to add interest to you reception decorations. Buy tree slices here.

stee slice rustic wedding centrepiece

3. For an alternative rustic centerpiece use these bark vases, wild flowers with lots of texture look best in these rustic containers. The vases come in different sizes depending on how low or high you want your centrepieces to be, if flowers aren’t your style the bark containers can also be used as lanterns. Buy bark vases here.

bark vases rustic wedding centrepieces

4. For a simple yet still very rustic look you could collect jam jars to be used as your vases. Decorate the jam jars with twine or hessian to add a rustic look and fill with flowers of your choice. If you are doing these yourself you can decorate the jam jars well in advance of your wedding and as the flowers are in water they can be done the day before so you don’t have to be making them up on the wedding day.

jam jars with twine and flowers rustic wedding centrepiece

5. Similar to the jam jars above these blue mason jars look fab as wedding centrepieces. You could even use dried wheat instead of fresh flowers for a rustic / barn wedding.

dried wheat corn in mason jar rustic wedding centrepieces

6. For a larger floral display in the centre of a table rusty urns can work well. For the flowers a mixture of natural textures including moss, foliage with berries such as this eucayptus and seasonal blooms work well. Buy rusty urns here.

rusty urn rustic wedding centrepiece

7. We love this idea of using trinkets and special items you may have been given throughout your life or sourced from charity shops especially for the tables. You can use a mix of different items here but be sure to link them, you can link them by choosing a colour scheme, bronze works well with the natural tones of wood. Place the items on pieces of wood and add minimal foliage.

bronze watering can tree stumps rustic wedding centrepieces

(image source)

8. Milk churns work well for centrpieces they can hold a lovely mix of flowers and add a rustic touch to your tables. They are perfect for farm or barn wedding venues. By milk churn vases here.

silver milk churn rustic wedding centrepiece

9. If you want to decorate your vases yourself find some cheap clear glass vases, ikea or eBay probably have some great ones. Decorate these with hessian fabric and an overlap of lace ribbon to given them that rustic feel. This vase has been filled with gypsophila but you can ask add the flowers of your choice.

square vase covered in hessian lace with gypsophilia rustic wedding centrepieces

(image source)

10. For a taller rustic centrepiece tall glass vases with ever larger wooden branches placed within them can look stunning. Add white hydrangeas to the vases so there is some floral interest at eye level. Hang small jam jars / tea light holders from the branches which can be lit and will transform your venue as the lights go dim later on in the evening.

tall vase ructic wedding centrepiece with twigs

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Slate Wedding Table Number Holders

This week’s wedding decoration of the week are our slate wedding table number holders. These slate card holders are ideal for a natural style wedding, if you are including grey in your wedding colour scheme or having rustic wedding. The card holders don’t have to be used for table numbers, they can hold smaller cards too so you could use them for your wedding name place cards, menus or signs for your candy buffet to label the sweets.

Slate wedding table number holders

slate wedding table number holders

View our slate wedding table number holders for sale in our shop

Product details

  • The slate cubes have a slot in the top to hold a name card, photo, menu or table number.
  • The slate holders measure 3 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm
  • Here the card holders have been shown with our handmade paper with torn edges.
  • Sold as a set of 4.
  • Price: £8 for 4
  • View in shop

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Rustic Ring Cushions

These rustic ring cushions are perfect if you are having a nature inspired or rustic wedding. Ask your ring bearer to present the rings on a cushion or pillow that is in keeping with your style of wedding. For a rustic wedding we love the simplicity of a hessian ring cushion, the wedding rings can be tied on with lace or twine.

Or you could have a go at making your own ring cushions, for a more natural look a moss ring cushion with dainty succulents can look lovely tied with string, or even a birds nest ring cushion.

Rustic ring cushions

rustic ring cushions hessian moss birds nest

Image source: Hessian ring cushion, moss ring cushion, birds nest ring cushion

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Small Silver Tongs For Wedding Dessert Tables

If you are having a candy buffet or dessert table at your wedding have you thought how your guests are going to pick up the sweet treats. Scoops work well for small sweets but for larger sweet treats which may have been neatly presented on cake stands such as macarons, flapjacks or cupcakes tongs may be more handy. Depending on the sorts of treats you are offering your guests lay out a mixture of tongs and scoops as well as candy bags of course for your guests to help themselves.

Small Silver Tongs For Wedding Dessert Tables

small silver tongs for wedding dessert tables

View our small silver tongs for wedding dessert tables for sale in our shop

Product Details

  • Our silver tongs are made from aluminium and come in 2 sizes.
  • Small tongs 11cm in length (as seen in image)
  • Large tongs 23cm in length
  • Not dishwasher proof.
  • Price small £2.50 each
  • Price large £3 each
  • View in shop

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