15 Creative Wedding Cake Table Backdrops

Do you want to make your wedding cake stand out? Then a show-stopping backdrop will effortlessly make it the focal point your wedding reception. From carnival-inspired garlands to industrial installations, take a look at our favourite ideas for wedding cake table backdrops.

15 Creative wedding cake table backdrops by @theweddingomd

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15 Creative Wedding Cake Table Backdrops

We thought we’d start by incorporating one of the most anticipated wedding trends of 2017 – greenery. Wreaths adorned with wild greenery and foliage look striking hung behind your wedding cake. They’re also a wonderful choice if you love the thought of a botanical wedding theme. A job for your wedding florist, they can be hung from a wooden frame.

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - Foliage / hanging hoops

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If you adore the thought of using greenery as part of your table backdrop, but want something a little more romantic, consider creating a cute heart-shaped garland instead. This will look super sweet behind your cake or dessert table, particularly if you’re planning a Valentine’s Day wedding. You could also create mini versions for your chair covers or favours.

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - Foliage hearts

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We couldn’t resist including this striking design as part of our favourite wedding cake table backdrops. The perfect frame to flaunt your cake, this backdrop will certainly make a statement at your reception. You could be really creative with your theme, and use this motif as part of your wedding stationery too.

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - Floral / ferns

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The stylish combination of the acrylic furniture and colourful geometric patterns looks incredible. Geometric wedding cake table backdrops are a fab fit for a city wedding in a vast loft or warehouse space. They’ll add a pop of colour to even the humblest of venues, and who doesn’t adore a colourful wedding?

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - Geometric lines

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For a completely unique wedding cake table backdrop, consider using a black chalkboard. If you’re particularly talented when it comes to drawing, you could design a personalised backdrop for your cake. You could write your initials, the date of your wedding or your favourite quote.

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - Blackboard backdrops

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Hanging installations are becoming extremely popular when it comes to alternative table centrepieces, but why not use them as part of your table backdrop too? Metallic geometric vases hung behind your wedding cake will look modern and stylish. Team with a golden or copper wedding cake and a metallic sequin table runner.

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - Hanging terrariums

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If you love the thought of creating a unique and unusual backdrop for your wedding cake, why not go for something completely different to the norm? You could display your cake on a vintage stool or an antique armchair. It’s something your guests won’t have seen before! Surround it with a variety of lanterns and little trinkets for an extra special touch.

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - Moroccan theme

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You may have seen our blog post about 10 ways you can incorporate moss into your wedding, but we love the thought of using it as inspiration for your backdrop. A board adorned with dried moss is a fabulous choice if you’re dreaming of a woodland wedding. Coordinate the theme by using moss table runners throughout your reception tables.

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - Moss wall

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Shutters make gorgeous pieces of decor for your wedding venue, and they can easily be used as part of your cake table backdrop too. Pair them with a vintage dresser or desk to display your wedding cake. This style of table backdrop would lend itself beautifully to a country garden affair, what do you think?

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - Mirror and doors

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Hand-painted backdrops are often used throughout wedding ceremonies and they look incredibly effective. Take this trend to your reception, and use it as your cake table backdrop. A personalised backdrop using delicate watercolour paints will look stunning, and it can really set the scene for your special day.

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - Tropical theme

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Dreaming of a beach wedding? We’re seeing couples spending their wedding day celebrating with their toes in the sand and the fresh sea air – sounds like heaven! A driftwood-inspired table backdrop is the perfect fit for a seaside wedding theme.

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - Hanging cakes

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Backdrops made out of pretty flowers and forest leaves always look incredible, and they can be a simple DIY task for a creative bride and groom. You’ll simply need some small wooden pegs, a roll of twine and a handful of gorgeous blooms.

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - Foliage backdrops

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If you have a romantic quote or saying that you’re particularly fond of, why not use it as inspiration for your wedding cake table backdrop? Ask a calligrapher to write it onto a blank canvas adorned with your wedding flowers and it’ll look beautiful.

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - calligraphy backdrops

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Our gold CAKE balloons are the perfect addition to any wedding venue, and they’ll definitely make your wedding cake stand out at your reception. From a glamorous golden affair to a pretty blush colour scheme, they’ll look divine as a wedding cake table backdrop.

15 Creative Wedding cake table backdrops - Cake balloons

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Couples often don’t realise the impact their wedding cake table backdrops can have on their wedding reception. It’s a chance for brides and grooms to get creative while reflecting their personality, theme and wedding style. How utterly gorgeous are our 15 favourite ideas for wedding cake table backdrops?



Hanging Vases And Candle Holders For Winter Weddings

Hanging Vases And Candle Holders For Winter Weddings

Winter is well and truly here which means that Christmas is just days away. Which is why today we’re looking at some magical Winter wedding inspiration! Hanging vases and candle holders are a great way of injecting personality into your Winter wedding and there are so many different ways they can be used. Discover our favourite decoration ideas for hanging vases and candle holders.

Hanging vases and candle holders for winter weddings ideas

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If you love the thought of a simple yet stylish minimalist wedding theme then listen up, as we’ve got the perfect centrepiece for your reception tables. Simply secure some small branches or twigs in a vase. Then hang small candle holders from the branches and fill with tea lights. It’s easy to style and it creates a chic Winter vibe that your guests will love.


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You can easily create a rustic tree centrepiece too – the perfect choice if you’re planning a Winter woodland wedding theme. Rather than using a vase as a base, opt for a wooden crate and fill it with dried moss. Then you can just secure it with some small branches or twigs and decorate it with rustic hanging candle holders.


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The outside of your wedding venue can often look a little bare in Winter, especially once all of the trees have lost their leaves. But don’t fret, it’s easy to make the outside of your venue look as good as the inside. Simply tie glass vases full of Winter blooms to the tree branches using a roll of twine ribbon.


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If you’re lucky enough to have a rustic barn wedding venue that features lots of wooden beams, make use of them! Hanging vases and candle holders will look incredible tied along the beams, dangling over the reception tables. It’ll give your venue a gorgeous glowing ambience and can even be an alternative to traditional centrepieces.


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If your wedding venue doesn’t feature beams but you love the thought of hanging vases and candle holders above your reception tables, it’s time to get DIY savvy. You’ll need to check with your venue first, but you can easily create your own temporary wooden installation that has the same effect as beams.


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Hanging vases and candle holders for Winter weddings will look fab anywhere you put them, but why not add an extra festive touch? You could wrap twine, hessian or even tartan ribbon around the rim of your candles, jam jars or mason jars. Use a glittering gold or silver ribbon to hang your vases from – you can never have too much sparkle at a Winter wedding!


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Go all out with your wedding venue decor and create a showstopper centrepiece that’s different from the norm. Fill large mercury hanging vases with Winter foliage – the wild and overflowing greenery will look stylish and it’s perfect for the season.

Ruffled - photo by http://www.pillphotography.com/ - styling by http://www.blvly.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/stonebrook-farm-wedding-ideas/

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Add a dash of glamour to your Winter wedding with our gold and grey hanging lanterns. You could hang them from your wedding venue entrance or from your wedding gift table. Fill with tea lights for a golden glow.


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Hanging vases, candles and flowers are the perfect ingredients for a stunning ceremony backdrop. Adorn an archway or beam with lots of foliage and Winter blooms – you can never go wrong with romantic red roses. Work in some small hanging vases and candle holders and you’ve got yourself a seriously special place to say ‘I Do’.


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If your venue has hanging chandeliers, consider giving them a festive touch by decorating them with a Winter wreath. You could then hang vases or candle holders from the chandeliers for maximum impact. Your wedding venue will look completely unique, as well as magical.


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Take a look at our collection of hanging decorations vases and candle holders!






Pressed Glass Hanging Vase For Weddings

This week our wedding decoration of the week is our pressed glass hanging vase. Perfect for hanging both indoor and outdoors at your wedding. The pressed glass vases can be filled with flowers or if you would prefer to use them as lanterns add a tea light. Hang from trees outside at your venue, using long ribbons in trees or alternatively hang indoors from wooden beams. We think these look best when hung at different heights. Alternatively hang the vases from shepherds crooks and used to line the aisle or just to pretty up your outdoor areas.

Pressed Glass Hanging Vase For Weddings

Pressed glass hanging vase available from @theweddingomd

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Product Details

  • Tie ribbon or fishing wire around the handle of the vase and hang from trees at your wedding venue. For a lovely effect hang lots of vases at varying heights.
  • Although the vases have a handle you can still use them mixed in with other vases on your tables.
  • They tie in well with our other pressed glasses vases and tea light holders.
  • The vase has a pretty pressed glass pattern and a metal handle.
  • The pressed glass vase measures 9cm tall, 7cm diameter.
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  • Price: £5 each

Beautiful Hanging Vases For Summer Weddings

Summer is well and truly here which means wedding season is in full swing. So we’re looking at some of our favourite Summer wedding decorations today – hanging vases. Whether they’re brimming with beautiful blooms or kept chic with a single rose, they’re a gorgeous decoration for an outdoor wedding.

hanging vases for summer weddings available from @theweddingofmydreams

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Ideas For Hanging Vases

Hanging vases full of floral delights bring in a lot of colour and personality to your wedding venue. If your wedding is based outdoors, there are tons of different ways you can incorporate this idea into your décor.

Even if your ceremony and reception is based indoors, it’s likely that guests will wander out into the sunshine in the evening. Dress up the outside by hanging a handful of vases from the branches of trees. It’s important to make sure the outside of your venue looks beautiful, even if the majority is based inside.

beautiful idea - hanging vases from tress - hanging vases available from @theweddingomd image from stylemepretty.com - custockphotography.com

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If you’re lucky enough to be having your wedding breakfast outside, use hanging vases as an elevated table centrepiece. Base your tables under trees if possible and attach the vases full of flowers to the trees. This is such a unique, unusual idea that your guests won’t have seen before and it’s a great way to get everyone talking. Plus, if the tables are under the trees your guests will be able to stay cool in the shade during the scorching heat of the day.

hanging vases above outdoor wedding tables - hanging vases available from @theweddingomd

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Another way of using hanging vases at your Summer wedding day is by using them as a backdrop. They’re an incredible backdrop for your wedding photographs. Why not hang them behind your wedding cake or dessert table? Match the colours of your chosen flowers to your wedding cake and tasty treats for a look that is completely coordinated.

Mix and match with hanging vases containing tea lights too. The variety of flowers and candles will look beautiful and glowing in the evening. If you wanted a style that looks natural and a little mismatched, shake things up by using a mixture of jam jars, mason jars and vases. You can turn jam jars, bottles and vases into hanging vases yourself by tying twine or wire around the lip at the top of the jam jar and creating a loop to hang from – see our blog post .

hanging vases available from @theweddingomd stylemepretty.com - anetamak.com

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You can get really creative when it comes to dressing your vases. Lace ribbon looks beautiful wrapped around a vase and is perfect if you want an elegant wedding style. Hessian ribbon or natural twine is a great choice if you’re having a rustic or woodland wedding, and will fit in beautifully with your surroundings. Inject a splash of colour by using colourful ribbon to hang the vases from the trees with. It’s so easy to blend the vases into your colour scheme with the colour of the ribbon.

hanging vases available from @theweddingomd stylemepretty.com - butterflyphilosophy.com.au

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Hanging vases look fab if they’re hung from a variety of different heights, and it makes the décor look absolutely effortless. If you’ve not got many trees surrounding your wedding venue, fear not! Source as many shepherd hooks as you need, and plant them into the ground instead. Alternatively, add a few nails to a plank of wood that can be hung up somewhere – that would look gorgeous behind your dessert table.

hanging vases available from @theweddingomd stylemepretty.com - whitedaisyphoto.com

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The flowers you choose for the vases are incredibly important. Natural, wild flowers are perfect if you’ve opted for a country or English garden theme. However, roses or peonies are beautiful for an elegant affair. Be sure that they tie in with the rest of your wedding flowers, even if you are doing this bit yourself, as you don’t want them to be too contrasting.



Simple And Effective Ways To Use Lanterns At Weddings

Lanterns at weddings are a beautiful way to decorate any wedding venue. They’re an extremely versatile piece of décor and suit all wedding styles.

You can line them along your ceremony aisle full of pretty flowers, or hang from the trees for ambience – there are oodles of options. Not only do they dress up a blank space, they double up as atmospheric lighting. What’s not to love about lanterns? Read on to see how you can use lanterns at your special day…

lanterns at weddings stylemepretty.com - elankleinphoto.com

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Aisle Style

One of the most beautiful ways to use lanterns at weddings is by using them to decorate the ceremony aisle. This is such a simple, yet effective way to add something special to your ceremony room. You can add as many or as little as you want – it’s completely down to your wedding style, and you’ll be able to judge how many your venue needs. I love the idea of placing a lantern on either side of the aisle, at every line of seating. Fill with pillar candles or small tea lights for a warming glow as you say your vows.

lanterns at weddings stylemepretty.com - cleanplatepictures.com

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Table Centrepieces

You’re completely spoilt for choice when it comes to using lanterns as table centerpieces, the possibilities really are endless! If you’re going down the route of a sparkly or metallic wedding theme, why not use a simple gold or silver lantern with a large candle. Metallic shades are seriously hot for 2016, and they’ll look so chic on your reception tables. For extra impact, surround the lantern with mercury silver or copper candle holders. Add a white few simple flowers for a touch of elegance.

lanterns at wedding junebugweddings.com - danstewartphotography.com

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If you’re planning a gorgeous Summer soiree, consider filling lanterns with beautiful blooms. Match your chosen flowers to your wedding bouquet for a table centerpiece that fits in with your wedding theme. Pink pillow-soft peonies look fab in gold lantern holders. Want something with a rustic feel? Wooden lanterns will look just as good. Geometric style lanterns are extremely popular at the moment, and are fab for an urban wedding.

For a finishing look, decorate with a table runner that matches your colour scheme. This will really complete your reception tables and complements the look of the lanterns.

lanterns at weddings Ruffled - photo by Pat Furey http://ruffledblog.com/upstate-new-york-wedding-at-bedford-post-inn

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Evening Ambience

You could just use lanterns in the evening too – who doesn’t love the glimmering glow of a lantern in the evening? They’ll create a lovely warm atmosphere as your guests dance their way into the night. All you need are a few bridesmaids on-hand to help out with lighting the lanterns and dotting them around your wedding venue.

lanterns at weddings ruffledblog.com - awakephotographers.com

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Hanging Lanterns at Weddings

One of my favourite ways of using lanterns at weddings is by hanging them from the trees outside your wedding venue – this is particularly perfect if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Adorn the lanterns with beautiful flowers for a gorgeous, natural style.

lanterns at weddings moncheribridals.com - ktmerry.com

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If the majority of your wedding is based inside, you could hang paper lanterns from the ceiling of your wedding venue. Colourful, rainbow-inspired paper lanterns look truly fab and add a pop of colour to even the most modest of venues. Alternatively, keep it classic with simple white lanterns.

As you can see, there are so many ways to use lanterns at weddings. They’re a wonderful addition to any wedding and can really help your wedding décor come together. Depending on how you dress your lanterns, they may be the only wedding décor you need for your big day…

lanterns at weddings wantthatwedding.co.uk - brianamariephotography.com

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