An Olive Green and Grey Wedding Colour Scheme

Today is all about an olive green and chic grey wedding colour scheme. This heavenly duo is perfect for that in-between season time, when it’s no longer Winter but not yet Spring. Teamed with lots of country-style wooden details this is the perfect ‘botanical meets rustic’ wedding theme. olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas

An Olive Green and Grey Wedding Colour Scheme

Kick-start your wedding planning off by deciding on your wedding stationery designs. We suggest keeping the same (or a similar) design throughout your day – from the save the dates to the table plan! This almost creates a ‘brand’ for your wedding day, and it’ll reflect your wedding style as a couple. White and grey stationery with olive green envelopes will start your wedding off wonderfully. I am a huge fan of watercolour grey wedding gowns and they’re perfect for a modern, fashion-forward bride. They’re delicate and beautiful, yet despite the colour they’re still incredibly bridal. Team with silver wedding accessories and jewellery for a truly striking look. A slate grey suit is an obvious option for this modern colour scheme, but navy shouldn’t be overlooked. Both grey and navy look handsome paired with olive green, so the choice is completely down to the groom’s individual style. Grey bridesmaid dresses are always going to look elegant on your ladies. Olive green gowns will look gorgeous on the right girl, but they may not suit everyone in your group! It’s best to try both colours on but make sure your bridesmaids feel 100% comfortable – if they don’t feel confident, it will show in the wedding photographs. I think this theme is particularly perfect for an outdoor wedding venue, and it’s best to incorporate a lot of nature elements into your decorations and the smaller details. Add sprigs of olive leaves to your place settings or even tie them around dark grey napkins. Wooden chairs and tables will add to the rustic feel of your big day, and they will add an Italian touch to your venue. Enhance this by using wooden tree slices as part of your table centrepieces and fill wooden crates with your favourite flowers. Wooden frames hanging from trees outside will create a fun space for photograph opportunities – you could use some DIY skills and create homemade photo props too. This could be a fun job for you and your bridesmaids to do! Style your reception tables with grey linen table runners and cloths. Use lots of grey linen ribbon throughout the little details too: tie around your wedding chairs or even your wedding bouquet. Olive scented candles will give your reception a lovely fragrance and how about olive scented soap for your wedding favours. Why not have an olive-flavoured wedding cake too? This unusual flavour is actually delicious, and you can guarantee your guests won’t have had it before… An olive green and grey wedding colour palette is understated, chic and modern – with a few rustic details thrown in! pin these images on pinterest olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas   olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas olive green and grey wedding decorations and ideas Photography Credits Image 1: SourcePhotographer / Image 2: Source Photographer / Image 3: SourcePhotographer / Image 4: Source Photographer / Image 5: SourcePhotographer / Image 6: SourcePhotographer / Image 7: SourcePhotographer / Image 8: SourcePhotographer / Image 9: SourcePhotographer / Image 10: SourcePhotographer / Image 11: SourcePhotographer / Image 12: Source - Photographer

Dusky Blue Wedding Ideas – Decorations & Details

We are seeing more and more couples adding a hint of dusky blue to their wedding colour palette and we love it. The soft dusky blue tone can be mixed with other shades of blue for an all blue wedding colour scheme, or perhaps mix it with other colours. We like dusky blue and grey, dusky blue and pink, dusky blue and gold or just keep to all colours in muted tones. There are lots of different areas you could bring the dusky blue colour into your wedding, how about for the bridal party outfits, dusky blue dresses for your bridesmaids and grey suits with dusky blue ties for the men, they could wear a button hole tied with dusky blue ribbon. For your decor, introducing colours in the table linen can be really effective, dusky blue table runners or table cloths would look beautiful. Or for a more subtle tone use dusky blue napkins, or ribbons on chair backs. Bring the dusky blue tones through in your choice of wedding favours, how about blue macarons, or tiny boxes tied with blue ribbon. Dusky blue candles in gold candle sticks look perfect for a blue and gold wedding and of course using blue tones in your florals and ribbons will continue the look.

Dusky Blue Wedding Ideas - Decorations & Details

Dusky blue wedding ideas See more dusky blue inspiration and image sources on our dusky blue pinterest board. pin these images on pinterest dusky blue wedding ideas dusky blue wedding ideas dusky blue wedding ideas dusky blue wedding ideas dusky blue wedding ideas dusky blue wedding ideas dusty blue wedding ideas dusty blue wedding ideas dusty blue wedding ideas dusty blue wedding ideas  

Tiny Frames For Wedding Escort Cards

We have found another use for our tiny photo frames, the majority of our customer buy our tiny frames to hang on the front of their bouquets with a photo of their loved ones inside. We also have another idea. How about using the tiny frames as your escort cards.

Tiny Frames For Wedding Escort Cards

Escort cards are an alternative to a wedding table plan. Each guest finds their card, the card has their name on one side and table number on the other. You could use the tiny frames as a way to display your escort cards, use our handmande paper and tear it to size, write the guests name one ones side and table number on the other then place inside the frame. You could hang all the frames up on branches, from wooden beams, or elsewhere around your venue. See our tiny frames for sale here. tiny brass frames for wedding escort cards tiny frames for wedding escort cards Or another simple idea, use them to press flowers from your wedding day. tiny frames for weddings pressed flower heads shop now

6 Places Tea Lights Can Be Used At Your Wedding

Tea lights have always been a popular choice for weddings. They add a subtle glow that is not only romantic, it offers a welcoming warmth to your guests. They’re a simple way to decorate your wedding venue and are also incredibly purse-friendly! Today we’ve put together a few ideas for places you can use tea lights at your wedding. From city chic candle holders to country garden centrepieces, we’ve got it covered… 6 Places tea light holders can be used at your wedding sq Image Source - Photographer

Heart Candle Holders

We love the idea of using candle holders with a cute heart cut out – this is particularly apt if you’re tying the knot on Valentine’s Day! Planning a country wedding? Our wooden-inspired tea light holders are perfect for a rustic edge. Colourful candle holders will also look beautiful at a Spring or Summer wedding. The cut out gives a subtle glow from the warmth of the tea light. Why not mix and match your candle holders by filling two with tea lights and the other with some pretty blooms? Cluster a small group together and you’ve got yourself a beautiful wedding table centrepiece! rustic tea light holders for weddings Image Source

Copper and Geometrics

Metallic accents are becoming increasingly popular at weddings and we can definitely see why. Copper and rose gold are must-have metals for any wedding, and give off an industrial warehouse vibe. Tea lights in copper geometric holders are an ultra stylish addition to any wedding reception. Use a single geometric holder as a table centrepiece for a minimalistic look, or line along the ceremony aisle to add the ‘wow’ factor. Alternatively, group together on your wedding gift table around the edges of the table. Not only will they look chic, they’ll create a warm atmosphere. brass tea light holders and lanterns Image Source

Tea Lights as Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are usually the finishing touch of any wedding day and you want to give your guests something they’ll really appreciate. Why not offer tea lights in pretty lace or hessian candle holders? It means your guests can actually use them, and when they do they’ll remember your wedding day. jam jar tea light holders covered in lace Image Source - Photographer

Hanging Lanterns

Light up the outside of your wedding venue by hanging tea lights in glass lanterns in trees. This will create a wonderful glowing atmosphere when your guests step outside. They will also look incredible in your wedding photographs. Hang the vases or lanterns from different heights to create maximum impact. hanging tea light holders Image Source

Mason Jars

Mason jars and jam jars will never go out of fashion in the wedding world and we absolutely love them. They’re incredibly versatile and the possibilities are endless when it comes to wedding décor. Add a single tea light to each jar and decorate with something that ties in with your wedding theme. Hessian, lace or colourful ribbon will work perfectly. You could even decorate with a sprig of lavender for a pretty, floral style. They’ll look gorgeous placed on a wooden tree slice along with some jars of flowers as your table centrepieces. One mason jar will be enough if you’ve opted for a round table, but if you’ve got a trestle table line a number of jars along the table. You could even add a little glow to your wedding bar by dotting jars of candles along the front – just be careful they don’t get knocked over! glass tea light holders with herbs attached with twine Image Source - Photographer

Antique Birdcages

Looking for a vintage table centrepiece with a difference? We love the thought of placing a couple of tea lights in an antique birdcage. This look can be kept simple, or dressed up with a sparkly table runner or some pretty floral decorations. birdcage tea light holders Image Source - Photographer There are tons of different ways to include tea lights at your wedding and it’s no wonder they’re as popular as ever! We hope you’re feeling inspired after reading our ideas… Browse our complete collection of tea light holders here or click on our featured tea light holders below. shop-now  

Lanterns For Wedding Centrepieces

Have you thought about using lanterns for wedding centrepieces? Lanterns in the centre of your tables can look stunning as your centrepieces. Place a pillar candle inside each lantern and add a floral touch to the table. You could add flowers in small vases or bottles around the base of each lantern, or tie a small bunch or posy to a couple of corners of the lanterns. These make lovely centrepieces ane even better, you could gift the lanterns to a nominated guest on each table if you wish. If you have chosen long tables spread out lanterns down the centre of the table, you could alternate them with flowers and candles down the table. Use the same lanterns around the venue, at the entrance, in outdoor spaces, near your guest book to give some continuity to the decor. If you like this idea why not have a look at the lanterns we have available in our shop. See all our lanterns here.

Lanterns For Wedding Centrepieces

lanterns for wedding centrepieces Photo credits: 1 Lantern centrepiece surrounded by flowers // 2 Gold lantern centrepiece with foliage // 3 Lantern centrepiece with bottle vases tied to the corner shop now