Mr and Mrs Wedding Chair Signs

Here at The Wedding of my Dreams we love all those little extra touches. Our wooden Mr and Mrs wedding chair signs can look stunning hanging from the backs of your wedding ceremony chairs and then move them through to your reception for your chairs for the wedding breakfast. Our wooden Mr and Mrs signs are in a calligraphy style font, they are plain light wood in colour but you may choose to paint them. We have known couples to use spray paint and paint them in gold and silver which both look fab but also love them in the natural wood as well. They could be painted any colour.

Mr and Mrs Wedding Chair Signs

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Vintage Glass Bottles ~ Ideas for Vintage Rustic Wedding Decorations

vintage glass bottles wedding decorations

Source: Sloan Photographers

Vintage glass bottles in a mismatch of sizes and colours work as beautiful DIY vases for wedding table decorations. Simply add a single stem flower into the bottle and display at your wedding reception.

Vintage bottles can look effective running along your top table, use the colours of flowers and bottles to tie in with your wedding colour scheme. If you have anywhere around your venue or outdoor space which will allow you to hang bottles, they make fab hanging decorations. Simple yet effective!

hanging wedding decorations vintage bottles Source: Ruffled Blog

For your guest tables cluster a group of vintage glass bottles together, either run them along the table if you're opting for long tables or make a group in the centre if you're having round tables.

Use a variety of different sized and coloured glass bottles, or keep them all matching, it's up to you.

vintage glass vases bottles Source: /Bridal Snob /Green Wedding Shoes/Green Wedding Shoes Blog/Flutter Glass Photo/ Mango Studios/

DIY Vintage Escort Cards

If you're looking for a unique way to display your escort cards or want something totally different to a traditional table plan then this might take your fancy. Cluster a number of bottles together on a table, fill with single stem flowers and tie a vintage brown paper luggage tag around the neck of the bottle with the guests name and table number written on it. Guests can collect their bottle and find out where they are sitting, the vases can double up as wedding favours as well.

kitsch escort card ideas Source: Max Wanger

If you are thinking of grouping a number of bottles together for your table centre pieces try tying the bottles with twine, vintage lace or ribbon in the colour of your bridesmaid dresses.

vintgae glass vase bottles tie with string twine Source: Ruffled Blog

Vases/Bottles are a great way to add a little bit of extra decoration to your dessert tables or drinks stations, position them next to your candy jars and fill with bright blooms or subtle coloured roses for a more subdued vintage style candy buffet.

vintage bottles sweet buffet Source: Green Wedding Shoes

If you have any window sills or mantle pieces at your wedding reception venue then line up your bottles in a row or intersperse with candles for a romantic evening glow.

vintage glass vases bottles vintage wedding table decorations

Source: Danielle King Photography / Sergio Mottola Photography

So there you are, there are so many ways to use vintage bottles at your wedding. If you're interested in using glass bottles as part of your wedding decorations then pop along to our shop and see the bottles we have available. shop this look copy

How To Decorate Barn Wedding Cake Tables

If you have chosen a barn wedding venue one thing you will have to think about is your wedding cake. How are you going to decorate to wedding cake to tie into your barn venue. Today we are looking at some options. One option is to have a lovely rustic design made from icing, there are some very talented cake makers out there who can make all sorts of wonderful creations from icing. Check out this birch tree wedding cake by Sugablossom. birch-tree-wedding-cake-by-Sugablossom.jpg Alternatively you may have chosen a naked cake or plain iced wedding cake, if you have gone for this option there are some easy ways to help it tie into your rustic barn theme.

How To Decorate Barn Wedding Cakes

  1. The table. Think about the table you choose for your wedding cake, barn venues often have lovely old wooden tables lying around, if you are lucky enough to have chosen a venue with something like this use if for your wedding cake. Alternatively linen or hessian table runners can cover more basic tables transforming them into rustic settings.
  2. The cake stand. For barn weddings a rustic tree slice can make the perfect cake stand.
  3. Decorations around the base. Add tea light holders and small posy vases around the base of the cake for a magical look. Small flower heads can be placed on the icing if you fancy.
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Fun Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

One important aspect of planning your big day is thinking about how you're going to entertain your wedding guests. It can be a long day for your guests, so you want to be sure they're having fun and that there is lots for them to do. Take a peek at our favourite ways to entertain your wedding guests…

Fun Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

DIY photo-booths are not only fun to take part in, they're fun to make! They can be a creative task for you and your partner to make ahead of the big day, and there are lots of ways to make sure it reflects for your theme. If you're having a vintage wedding day, use lots of antique-inspired frames. Planning a colourful Summer soiree? Then use lots of vibrant ribbons, frames and props. Your guests will have a great time using the DIY photo-booth and you'll get some hilarious memories to treasure long after your wedding day. fun ideas to entertain wedding guests Image Source - Photographer If you're fortunate enough to have lots of outdoor space at your wedding venue, we recommend making the most of it! Garden games such as croquet are a great way to entertain your wedding guests and it'll get guests of all ages involved. Fun Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests - Image Source - Photographer If you're having an outdoor or festival style wedding, you could create a series of mini games for your guests to compete in. Whether it's tug of war or a sack race, both the older and younger guests will want to take part. An afternoon of fun and games is guaranteed to get your wedding guests giggling. Fun Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests - Image Source - Photographer Planning a village fête inspired wedding day? Then why not have some carnival and fête inspired games to entertain your wedding guests. These can be fairly easy to put together and we can promise you that you'll all have a wonderful time. Fun Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests - Image Source - Photographer Stuck for ways to keep your guests happy during your wedding reception? Beer pong is a fun and fabulous way to get the party started, and it can be a simple ice-breaker too. For a rustic celebration, why not use wooden pallets to create your beer pong table? Fun Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests - Image Source - Photographer A temporary tattoo station is a unique addition to your wedding day. You could create personalised tattoo stickers to use, such as your initials, wedding date or a wedding logo. Plus, the kids will absolutely adore applying temporary tattoos! Fun Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests Australian outback wedding | Studio Something Photography Image Source - Photographer One of our favourite ways of keeping your guests entertained is by holding a contest to guess the length of the speeches. People can place their bets on how long the groom's speech will be, and whoever guesses right wins a prize. No pressure, groom! Fun Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests - Image Source - Photographer If your guests don't all know each other, why not offer a jar of ice-breaker games on each wedding table. You could create mini dares and tasks for your guests to carry out during the reception. It's a simple yet fun way to get everyone talking and enjoying themselves. Fun Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests - Image Source - Photographer A caricature artist is a lovely way of entertaining your wedding guests and it means they'll be able to take home something special after your big day. You could even offer each guest a drawing as their wedding favour. Fun Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests - Image Source - Photographer If you're having little ones at your wedding day, we suggest creating an 'I Spy' list for them to fill out during the wedding reception. Give them a small disposable camera and a list of photos that they need to capture. They'll have great fun and it'll give them something to do while the adult guests are busy chatting. (We have a free printable I Spy template you can download here) Fun Ideas To Entertain Your Wedding Guests - Image Source - Photographer Entertainment ideas will add an element of fun and laughter to your wedding day and there are lots of ideas to suit your wedding day. If you're stuck for ways to keep the kids happy at your big day, take a peek at our ideas for entertaining children at your wedding. shop-now

Natural Wooden Bark And Tree Slice Wedding Decoration Ideas ~ Rustic Woodland

Are you hoping to create a woodland or rustic feel at your wedding? Maybe you have chosen a venue that suits the woodland style (a barn or farm wedding venue) or perhaps as a couple, you love the outdoors, and a woodland wedding just feels right. One way to create a woodland style is to use lots of natural materials, we have chosen our favourite natural wood, bark and tree slice wedding decorations as well as ideas that you could use to create this look yourselves.

Natural wood & bark table number holders & place settings

For your wedding table numbers you could choose to have a table number holder made from an actual tree branch, use narrow branches so they don't take up too much space on the table and slot your table number card into them. Or alternatively use a small tree slice and engrave the table number or name into it. This looks best propped up against your centrepiece so it is visible for guests. tree slice stree stump wedding decoration ideas table number holders rustic woodland

Natural bark vases, tea light holders and tree slice wedding centrepieces

You want to create a relaxed centrepiece for a woodland styled wedding, nothing too perfect and uniformed, not all tables have to be the same. There are a number of different wooden bark vases and vessels that could be used to hold your flowers. Wild flowers look best with lots of texture. Around the bark vases add in a couple of bark tea light holders to complete the look. The majority of venues provide a white linen table cloth for your tables, this is not very rustic! You will be surprised, adding a hessian table runner over the cloth works wonders. Or for an even more rustic touch use a wooden tree slice as the base of your centrepiece, positioning your bottles, jars and vessels on top. tree slice stree wedding centrepiece decoration ideas rustic woodland

Extra wedding decorations and ideas using tree stumps

Wooden tree slices or tree stumps could be used as a base for more than just your centrepieces. Large tree slices can be used for your wedding cake or lots of smaller ones for cup cakes or a dessert table. For an outdoor woodland wedding ceremony, position larger tree stumps down either side of the aisle and place jam jars with flowers and candles on top. A simple but effective look. We also really love the idea of gathering lots of large tree stumps and piling them up to create shelves. Add candles in jam jars and vases to create a wow factor display. rustic woodland tree slice wedding cake stree stump wedding ceremony decoration ideas Source: 1 Wooden bark table number holders // 2 Wooden tree branch name card holders // 3 Small tree slice table number // 4 Assortment of bark vases in different sizes // 5 Bark vases on tree slice table decoration // 6 Bark tea light holder // 7 Tree slice wedding centrepiece with grouping of bottles // 8 Small bark vases // 9 Layered tree slice wedding centrepiece // 10 Bark vase inside bell jar // 11 Tree slice stand for wedding favours (unknown source) // 12 Tree stump stand aisle decorations (unknown source) // 13 Wooden tree slice wedding cake // 14 Natasha Lisitsa, Waterlily Pond Floral Design - San Francisco, California Rustic wooden tree slices for weddings