Globe Wedding Guest Books! For Travel Themed Weddings.

We love the idea of globe wedding guest books, they’re just perfect for a travel themed wedding. Such a simple but unique idea. Buy a globe and display it at your wedding, ask your wedding guests to sign their names or write you a note on the globe. You can keep the globe in your home after the wedding as a lovely reminder of your special day.

We Love: Globe Wedding Guest Books

Globe wedding guest books

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Here at The Wedding of my Dreams we have a stylish black, white and grey globe available as a wedding guest book, we think it is super stylish and makes a wonderful addition to any wedding. See more about the globe wedding guest book we have for sale here. You could create the look above by using one of our free standing blackboards and write your message in chalk ‘it means the world you’re here, please sign our globe.

20 Awesome Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

Are you having a travel themed wedding, if so read on. We have pulled together our favourite travel themed wedding ideas, from save the dates, to table plans, to wedding cakes we have it covered.

20 Awesome travel themed wedding ideas

20 Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

  1. Travel themed Save The Dates, simple luggage tags with travel stamps and a photo of the couple can set the tone for a travel themed wedding.

travel theme wedding ideas

2. For your invitations how about styling them like a passport, especially if you are planning a destination wedding.

travel theme wedding ideas

3. Gifts for your groom could be gift wrapped and tied with a compass.

travel theme wedding ideas

4. For your wedding ceremony we love these tissue bags, for (e)motion sickness.

travel theme wedding ideas wedding ceremony favour bags

5. For travel themed weddings how about giving asking your page boys or ring bearers to wear a pilot uniform and carry a sign “we are clear for take off”. travel theme wedding ideas ceremony signs page boys

6. Wooden signs pointing in all directions can look great and make a lovely feature, write on the names of cities all guests have traveled from and number of miles of km. travel theme wedding ideas signs

7. For your cards and gifts a vintage suitcase with CARDS bunting does the job. Great for a travel themed wedding. travel theme wedding ideas cards vintage suitcase

8. For your table plan a world map is a great idea, name tables after cities or countries you have visited as a couple. travel theme wedding ideas

9. Globes, signs and suitcases perfect for styling little corners of your venue. travel theme wedding ideas

10. Cetrepieces for travel themes wedding weddings can incorporate globes, how about placing them on a map with votives and bus vases around the base. travel theme wedding ideas globe wedding centrepieces

11. Another idea for a travel themed centrepieces could be a little more simple. Place a globe on a stack of vintage books with come tea lights around the base. travel theme wedding ideas globe wedding centrepieces

12. If you’re naming your tables after different countries a photo of that county on a wooden easel is a great way of displaying it, this would link into your map wedding table plan. travel theme wedding ideas

13. For wedding favours mini suitcases as favour boxes are fab. travel theme wedding ideas baggage claim favours

14. Travel themed wedding cakes could be a styling black and white look with aeroplanes circling the cake.

travel theme wedding ideas wedding cake

15. Globe wedding guest books are amazing, as your guests to sign the globe and keep it in your home after the wedding.

travel theme wedding ideas

16. Alternatively for your guest book eave a number of postcard in a suitcase and ask guests to write their notes on them. travel theme wedding ideas

17. A hot air balloon photobooth! travel theme wedding ideas

18. Extra styling ideas for a travel theme include vintage bikes, stacks of suitcases, vases of flowers and signs. travel theme wedding ideas

19. Scrabble pieces stuck to globes can make great signs.

travel theme wedding ideas globe signs

20. Passport to love, love this map themed wedding cake. travel theme wedding ideas wedding cakes

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7 Ways To Include Suitcases At Your Wedding

Are you planning a travel or wanderlust wedding day? Maybe you’re simply dreaming of a dainty vintage affair. Vintage suitcases work wonderfully for either theme and they’re a lovely addition to any celebration. From centrepieces to cakes, find out how you can use suitcases at your wedding.

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Wedding Venue Décor

One of my favourite ways of using suitcases at your wedding is to incorporate them into your venue décor. Stack two or three suitcases on top of one another and add a pretty vintage vase full of daises or roses. You could even add old-fashioned photographs in antique frames on each suitcase to transport your guests to a bygone era. There are lots of different ways to style your suitcase décor – it’s completely down to your personal taste!

suitcases at your wedding rockmywedding-co-uk-charliphotography-co-uk

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Suitcase Table Plan

Suitcases are extremely versatile, especially when it comes to using them to display your table plans. Tie them in with your suitcase venue décor by stacking them on top of each other – you can then display your table plan on top of them. This is a fab idea if you’ve already got a table plan framed. On the other hand, you could open the suitcase and hang twine from the edges, and peg each table plan along the string.

suitcases at your wedding rockmywedding-co-uk-razia-photographyhome

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Suitcases At Your Wedding Ceremony

Suitcases at your wedding can be very useful. Fill open suitcases with confetti, wedding favours or even your order of service. Simply place an open suitcase outside your ceremony room with a sign saying ‘Please Take A Program’.

suitcases at your wedding stylemepretty-com-sylviegilphotography-com

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Delicious Cake Display

Where to start with your wedding cake? Why not go all out with a suitcase themed wedding cake? You could ask your cake maker to create a wanderlust wedding cake in the shape of a suitcase! Or you could simply display your wedding cake on or in suitcase – a fab alternative to the traditional cake stand.

suitcases at your wedding weddingchicks-com-kaylaadams-net

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Gifts And Cards

Suitcases are great ways of collecting your wedding cards and gifts. Hang card bunting across the suitcase so that you guests know where to deliver their cards – that way they don’t have to worry about losing them during the reception. A vintage card and gift table is a wonderful way of decorating your venue. All you need are a few vintage photographs and some weathered, antique books. It’ll fit in with your suitcase style beautifully.

suitcases at your wedding weddingchicks-com-mariamackphotography-com

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Table Centrepieces

Why not use suitcases as part of your wedding table centrepieces? Opt for smaller suitcases, rather than large ones as they may take over your tables a little too much. Place a mini suitcase in the middle of your table and fill with flowers or your favourite photographs of you both as a couple. Your guests will adore flicking through them and it’s a definite talking point for everyone.

suitcases at your wedding greenweddingshoes-com-mariannewilsonphotography-com

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Love Notes

Time to get romantic! Suitcases can be used as a different option to a traditional guest book. Ask your guests to write a lovely note or some marriage advice on a vintage postcard, and ask them to place it in your suitcase. It’ll keep your notes safe and it means you can read them after your special day.

suitcases at your wedding stylemepretty-com-weheartphotography-com

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Suitcases at your wedding can be a wonderful addition and there are so many different ways they can be used.




Sparklers At Weddings – Why You Must Have Them!

Sparklers at weddings are one of the hottest Summer trends for 2016 and we can definitely see why. They’re guaranteed to get your guests smiling and will give your photographer the chance to capture truly special wedding photographs. Read on to see why sparklers are a wedding must-have!

Sparklers at weddings - available from @theweddingomd

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Sparkling Wedding Favours

Sparklers count as fabulous wedding favours for your guests. Put a sparkler in each place setting so that your guests definitely have one each. If you’ve got time, you could even personalise each sparkler by writing each guests name on them in a cute tag. Alternatively, you could write ‘Mr and Mrs…’ with the date of your wedding day – perfection!

Presonalised tags for wedding sparklers, sparklers available from @theweddingomd

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Evening Entertainment

Sparklers at weddings are also a great way of entertaining your wedding guests in the evening. You can make a real event of the sparklers by having it at a dedicated time, this way your photographer will known when to capture it all on camera. Have a cute little sign in your wedding venue that indicates the time so your guests all know in advance. A blackboard and white chalk will look perfect!

Wedding send - off sparklers - sparklers available from @theweddingomd photo - sharaleeprangphotography.com1

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Wonderful Wedding Photographs

It goes without saying that sparklers at weddings make for seriously beautiful photographs. Learn to write ‘love’ or ‘married’ with your sparklers so your photographer can catch that special moment on camera. You can get some lovely shots of your guests creating a long arch-way with you and your partner walking through. Or have guests hold sparklers in a circle around your first dance. There’s also the chance of some romantic photographs of just the two of you with sparklers.

Wedding sparklers available from @theweddingomd

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Add Extra Sparkle

You don’t just have to use sparklers in the evening! It’ll be great fun to use them with your bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding as you’re getting ready. You could even use them straight after your ceremony to celebrate your vows. Sparklers make fabulous wedding cake toppers and are definitely a unique alternative. They look spectacular on a tall, grand cake and will make even the simplest of cakes look delightful.

cake topper sparklers - fab idea

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Sparkling Wedding Theme

It’s easy to create a magical theme using sparklers at weddings. Start your wedding theme off by using sparklers in your engagement photographs and even add one to your wedding invitations. It’ll give your guests a subtle clue as to what’s around the corner, and they’ll be expecting a sparkling wedding day!

Why ont have a wedding sparkler send off? Sparklers at weddings available from @theweddingomd

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Sparklers At Weddings Instead Of Fireworks

We must admit, fireworks at weddings are a truly magnificent sight but they’re bound to break the bank. Sparklers are a purse-friendly alternatively that will still have the same effect – and you’ll be able to stick to your wedding budget.

sparklers at weddings available from @theweddingomd -

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Before you organise your awe-inspiring sparkler moment, be sure to check with your wedding venue that it’s allowed. Some venues might not allow sparklers at weddings because of insurance or safety hazards. It’s best to opt for extra long sparklers so that they don’t fizz out too quickly, and make sure there are lots of matches to hand.



Vintage Poster Kit To Hang Map Table Plans

Are you planning on using one of our map table plans for your wedding? If so have you spotted our new vintage poster kit which makes the maps easier to hang? We suggest using either these or our bespoke wooden frames, but these are a more cost effective option.

The maps fit neatly into the wooden dowels and can be hung at your venue.

Vintage Poster Kit To Hang Map Table Plans

Vintage poster kit for haning map table plans - available from @theweddingomd

View our poster kits for map table plans in our shop

Product Details

  • This vintage poster kit is is designed to fit our maps perfectly – available for landscape maps only at the moment.
  • This kit is an alternative to framing your map, the map sticks the wooden struts and can be hung from the twine at your wedding venue.
  • Fits 28″ x 20″ horizontal print (prints / maps not included)
  • Made in the U.S.A of sustainably sourced oak.
  • Price: £16
  • View in shop

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