Natural Wooden Bark And Tree Slice Wedding Decoration Ideas ~ Rustic Woodland

Are you hoping to create a woodland or rustic feel at your wedding? Maybe you have chosen a venue that suits the woodland style (a barn or farm wedding venue) or perhaps as a couple, you love the outdoors, and a woodland wedding just feels right.

One way to create a woodland style is to use lots of natural materials, we have chosen our favourite natural wood, bark and tree slice wedding decorations as well as ideas that you could use to create this look yourselves.

Natural wood & bark table number holders & place settings

For your wedding table numbers you could choose to have a table number holder made from an actual tree branch, use narrow branches so they don’t take up too much space on the table and slot your table number card into them. Or alternatively use a small tree slice and engrave the table number or name into it. This looks best propped up against your centrepiece so it is visible for guests.

tree slice stree stump wedding decoration ideas table number holders rustic woodland

Natural bark vases, tea light holders and tree slice wedding centrepieces

You want to create a relaxed centrepiece for a woodland styled wedding, nothing too perfect and uniformed, not all tables have to be the same. There are a number of different wooden bark vases and vessels that could be used to hold your flowers. Wild flowers look best with lots of texture. Around the bark vases add in a couple of bark tea light holders to complete the look.

The majority of venues provide a white linen table cloth for your tables, this is not very rustic! You will be surprised, adding a hessian table runner over the cloth works wonders. Or for an even more rustic touch use a wooden tree slice as the base of your centrepiece, positioning your bottles, jars and vessels on top. tree slice stree wedding centrepiece decoration ideas rustic woodland

Extra wedding decorations and ideas using tree stumps

Wooden tree slices or tree stumps could be used as a base for more than just your centrepieces. Large tree slices can be used for your wedding cake or lots of smaller ones for cup cakes or a dessert table.

For an outdoor woodland wedding ceremony, position larger tree stumps down either side of the aisle and place jam jars with flowers and candles on top. A simple but effective look. We also really love the idea of gathering lots of large tree stumps and piling them up to create shelves. Add candles in jam jars and vases to create a wow factor display. rustic woodland tree slice wedding cake stree stump wedding ceremony decoration ideas

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Copper Wedding Ideas And Decorations

When it comes to recent wedding trends, there has been one on our radar that we just cannot ignore. While gold and silver have always been a popular choice for wedding colour schemes, couples are now swapping traditional metallic hues with industrial-inspired copper. This ultra-cool shade is a wonderful choice for a modern wedding with an edgy, urban vibe. However, you can also create a rustic glamour theme by teaming it with lots of wooden details. Have a nosey at our favourite copper wedding ideas and decorations…

Copper Wedding Ideas And Decorations

Brides and grooms are getting super creative when it comes to their ceremony spaces, and a copper archway really create a very special area to exchange your vows. You could adorn a copper archway with greenery and flowers, or you could surround it with lanterns and candles.

We have a fab collection of copper wedding ideas and decorations. Our copper candle sticks and tea light holders look divine dotted around your wedding venue, along your gift table or as part of your table centrepieces. Team copper candles with our dried moss table runner for a rustic glamour effect, or pair with copper terrarium vases for an industrial theme.

copper wedding decorations and ideas

Copper tolix chairs are a stylish alternative to traditional pews or wedding reception chairs, and they will help to give your wedding venue a chic modern vibe. If you do opt for a foliage copper archway, why not keep the same design throughout your big day by decorating copper chairs with greenery.

Metallic cakes have recently become a very delicious craze in the world of weddings, and your guests won’t be able to resist a slice of copper-iced wedding cake. On the other hand, you could have a very simple white iced cake with a copper calligraphy cake topper. We suggest displaying it on a copper cake stand or sequin table runner. As mentioned earlier, if you do want to team copper wedding ideas with rustic details, why not display a copper cake on a wooden tree slice?

There are lots of lovely ways to incorporate copper into your aisle style too. While a copper wedding dress will make a serious statement as you walk down the aisle, it may not suit everyone! Instead, you could rock some copper jewellery, accessories and even a pair of copper-style bridal shoes. Add a hint of copper to your wedding bouquet by wrapping a silk metallic ribbon around the stems of your blooms – it’ll be all you need to reflect your stylish colour scheme! The groom will look gorgeous in a navy suit teamed with a copper or burnt orange buttonhole. He could also wear copper cufflinks for a subtle nod towards your ultra-cool wedding theme.

This wedding theme is modern, stylish and guaranteed to be envy-inducing! Take a look at our gold, glitter & bronze wedding decorations here.

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15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas


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Wooden pallets are a fab decoration idea if you’re planning a rustic or country barn wedding theme. They can be a fun DIY task for you and your bridal party to carry out, and there are lots of wonderful ways to use them throughout your big day. Take a peek at our favourite wooden pallet wedding ideas…

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas -

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15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas

Wooden pallets can be used in lots of lovely ways, including as signage for your wedding venue. We love the thought of writing your favourite quotes on the wooden pallets and displaying them at your wedding ceremony. This will look just beautiful if you’re having an outdoor celebration.

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas -

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Instead of traditional signposts, use wooden pallets at your wedding to direct your guests around your venue.

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas -

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If you don’t fancy a traditional order of service, why not use wooden pallets to display your wedding day timings? A fab alternative to wedding stationery, this will help to give your wedding day a rustic feel.

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas - Image Source Photographer

Fuse industrial vibes with a rustic touch by using wooden pallets throughout a warehouse wedding venue. They can be used alone for a simple yet stylish backdrop. You could use them as a backdrop for the top table at your wedding breakfast or to hide any areas of your venue that you may not be too keen on.
15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas -

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Why not create your very own DIY wedding photo-booth by using a wooden pallet as a backdrop? This is a purse-friendly way of keeping your guests entertained throughout your reception, you’ll capture lots of special memories and it will add to your venue décor.

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas -

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If your wedding venue is fairly simple and you want to add the WOW factor, look no further than wooden pallets for your inspiration. You could hang shelves, wooden crates or wild greenery from the wooden pallets and it will make even the humblest of venues look incredible.

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas -

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You may have spotted our post showcasing 15 Creative Wedding Cake Table Backdrops, and we think wooden pallets are the perfect way of adding a country barn feel to your special day. You could adorn the wooden pallets with foliage and blooms or decorate them with handwritten calligraphy.

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding -

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While we’re on the subject of food, we couldn’t resist including a donut wall made out of wooden pallets. Donut walls are a scrumptious choice for any wedding day and they can be used as wedding favours for your guests. Simply hang donuts onto the wooden pallet using hooks or shelving. You can make it as small or as large as you want using a variety of wooden pallets, it can easily suit any size wedding venue.

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas -

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You could also create a unique bar area using wooden pallets. This is a fab idea if your wedding venue doesn’t have a designated bar or if you’re dreaming of an outdoor celebration. Serve beer, cider or Summery cocktails!

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas -

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Add a sentimental touch to your special day by creating a family tree display using wooden pallets. You could hang your favourite photographs to a wooden pallet using twine ribbon and wooden pegs. Alternatively, you could pin mismatched frames to a wooden pallet of your families over the generations. This is a romantic idea that all of your wedding guests will love looking at.

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas - jpg.

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If you’re lucky enough to have lots of outside space at your wedding venue, we love the thought of using wooden pallets to create lawn games! A simple game of noughts and crossed will entertain guests of all ages, and it’s perfect if you’re spending the day outdoors celebrating in the sunshine.

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas

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For a rustic or woodland celebration, a wooden pallet wedding seating plan is a wonderful option! Simply peg your seating arrangements to twine ribbon and tie them to the wooden pallet. Simple, effective and fun to put together!

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas -

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Speaking of seating plans, did you know that you can use wooden pallets as low tables? This is wonderful if you adore the thought of an informal and relaxed wedding day. Surround the table with rugs and blankets for a bohemian vibe.

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas -

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You can even use wooden pallets as alternative chairs for your wedding breakfast. Offer your guests some mismatched cushions to make sure that they’re comfortable. This would look incredible in a barn or warehouse wedding venue.

15 Wooden Pallet Wedding Ideas -

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There are hundreds of fabulous wooden pallet wedding ideas but these are just a few of our favourites! If you’re planning a rustic or country barn affair, will you be using wooden pallet wedding decorations at your big day?


When To Buy Natural Wedding Confetti Petals?

Are you using our natural biodegradable confetti petals for your wedding confetti? You’ve made a great choice if you are. Our confetti petals come in 5 different colour ways to suit any style of wedding, ivory, blush pink, deep purple, blue and summer mix (our favourite!).

When To Buy Natural Wedding Confetti Petals? And many more questions answered…

Read on to find out some of our frequently asked questions about buying real confetti petals for your wedding.

See our wedding petal confetti for sale here.

Natural biodegradable wedding confetti petals in blue pink cream purple mix

Here we have answered some of your most common confetti petal questions.

Are your petals biodegradable?

Yes! Our petals are 100% natural and biodegradable. Our petals all come from delphiniums which have been grown with love and care on a family farm. The petals are hand picked and packed with no artificial colourings added.

My venue only allows natural petals. Are yours OK?

Most venues and churches are perfectly happy with biodegradable petals. Our petals will biodegrade in a couple of days so the venue will not have to sweep them up. If petals are left scattered around your venue they act exactly the same as blossom falling from trees or petals falling from flowers and will biodegrade very quickly.

When Should I Buy My Confetti?

Our petals last for up to 1 year. We suggest ordering 2 – 3 months before your wedding as they will keep so well, but don’t worry if you leave it until the last minute as we have a next day delivery option you can choose. Once you receive the petals we suggest storing them in a cool dry place.

How much should I buy?

We sell our petals by the handful to make it easy for you to calculate this. One handful will also fill one cone.

Do I need to buy enough petals for everyone attending my wedding?

This is completely up to you! You can buy enough for everyone if you wish, or just for half the number of guests as you may find couples only take one handful between them. Some guests may also bring their own confetti.

I’m sprinkling the petals over a table, how much should I buy?

Our petals make a lovely table decoration, sprinkle one handful over each round table or trestle table. Use blush pink natural confetti petals to cover tables - available from The Wedding of my Dreams @theweddingomd

What do you suggest I present the petals in?

You can keep it simple and pour your petals into a basket or trug that is left at the back of the church for guests to help themselves.


Display your confetti petals in paper cones for guests to have a cone each or cone between their family.


Alternatively display your confetti petals in glass jars, you could have a mix of different colours and guests could help themselves as to which colour they fancy.


Our cotton confetti bags are also a popular choice, we have bags that read ‘sprinkle me‘ and ‘throw me‘ which is a lovely touch. Or how about pouring your petals into cones.

Sprinkle Me / Throw Me petal confetti bags - available from The Wedding of my Dreams @theweddingomd

Pop to the shop to see our natural confetti!

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How To Style An Industrial Whimsical Wedding

Industrial whimsical wedding styling from the wedding of my dreams terrariums grey table cloths copper candle sticks (2)

Industrial venues are still a hot trend for the year ahead. Put together by Bethany of Mode20 Style, this industrial whimsical wedding shoot embraces modern, edgy wedding decorations and a soft blush and grey colour scheme. The result is an on-trend wedding theme that has a dash of romance. Find out how you can pull off this seriously stylish theme on your special day…

How To Style An Industrial Whimsical Wedding

Set the scene with an industrial wedding venue. We’re talking a warehouse with exposed brick walls or a chic urban wedding venue. We recommend using a grey and soft pink colour scheme with metallic accents.

Industrial whimsical wedding styling from the wedding of my dreams terrariums grey table cloths copper candle sticks (3)

Our antique grey table runner looks stunning along round tables or long wooden trestle tables with benches. The uneven edges and soft texture add to the industrial whimsical wedding theme. Opt for wild greenery and foliage centrepieces or fill our metallic terrariums with tea-lights.

Industrial whimsical wedding styling from the wedding of my dreams terrariums grey table cloths copper candle sticks (4)

If you’re looking for ways to style an industrial whimsical wedding ceremony, line the aisle with blush petals, pillar candles and our copper candle sticks. Cool copper details are a fab addition to an industrial celebration, and they’ll help to give your venue a warm glow.

Industrial whimsical wedding styling from the wedding of my dreams terrariums grey table cloths copper candle sticks (1)

Our terrariums can also be filled with wild greenery, such as trailing Ivy and Eucalyptus. You can use them to decorate the ceremony area, the venue entrance or your gift table.

Industrial whimsical wedding styling from the wedding of my dreams terrariums grey table cloths copper candle sticks (5)

Add a whimsical touch to your wedding chairs by swapping traditional covers with foliage. Greenery is one of the biggest trends for the upcoming year and it’ll help to add a wild, rustic feel to your wedding day. You could also add a sprig of greenery to your place settings to tie your theme in together. Industrial whimsical wedding styling from the wedding of my dreams terrariums grey table cloths copper candle sticks (6)

This styled shoot just shows how romantic an industrial whimsical wedding theme can be, while still remaining modern and on-trend. The use of copper details, greenery and a subtle colour palette creates an envy-inducing wedding theme. It’s the perfect choice for a warehouse wedding venue and it will suit any season.

Supplier Credits
Styling — Mode20 Style
Venue — New Craven Hall
Flowers — Rebecca May Mundell
Cake —Yolk
Crockery — Whitehouse Event Crockery
Decor — The Wedding of my Dreams
Stationery — LoveLi – Design for Love & Life
Dresses — Dana Dallal Bridal
Lingerie — Pompadour Couture Lingerie
Accessories — Mimosa Couture Bridal Accessories
Hair — Craig Parkinson
Makeup — Teri Rochelle Beauty & Make-up
Models — Melissa Jenkinson, Zara Bridle, Honorata Bzowska
Assistant Stylist – Louisa Robinson