Vintage Glass Bottles ~ Ideas for Vintage Rustic Wedding Decorations

vintage glass bottles wedding decorations

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Vintage glass bottles in a mismatch of sizes and colours work as beautiful DIY vases for wedding table decorations. Simply add a single stem flower into the bottle and display at your wedding reception.

Vintage bottles can look effective running along your top table, use the colours of flowers and bottles to tie in with your wedding colour scheme. If you have anywhere around your venue or outdoor space which will allow you to hang bottles, they make fab hanging decorations. Simple yet effective!

hanging wedding decorations vintage bottles
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For your guest tables cluster a group of vintage glass bottles together, either run them along the table if you’re opting for long tables or make a group in the centre if you’re having round tables.

Use a variety of different sized and coloured glass bottles, or keep them all matching, it’s up to you.

vintage glass vases bottles
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DIY Vintage Escort Cards

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your escort cards or want something totally different to a traditional table plan then this might take your fancy. Cluster a number of bottles together on a table, fill with single stem flowers and tie a vintage brown paper luggage tag around the neck of the bottle with the guests name and table number written on it. Guests can collect their bottle and find out where they are sitting, the vases can double up as wedding favours as well.

kitsch escort card ideas
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If you are thinking of grouping a number of bottles together for your table centre pieces try tying the bottles with twine, vintage lace or ribbon in the colour of your bridesmaid dresses.

vintgae glass vase bottles tie with string twine
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Vases/Bottles are a great way to add a little bit of extra decoration to your dessert tables or drinks stations, position them next to your candy jars and fill with bright blooms or subtle coloured roses for a more subdued vintage style candy buffet.

vintage bottles sweet buffet
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If you have any window sills or mantle pieces at your wedding reception venue then line up your bottles in a row or intersperse with candles for a romantic evening glow.

vintage glass vases bottles vintage wedding table decorations

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So there you are, there are so many ways to use vintage bottles at your wedding. If you’re interested in using glass bottles as part of your wedding decorations then pop along to our shop and see the bottles we have available.

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How To Decorate Barn Wedding Cake Tables

If you have chosen a barn wedding venue one thing you will have to think about is your wedding cake. How are you going to decorate to wedding cake to tie into your barn venue. Today we are looking at some options.

One option is to have a lovely rustic design made from icing, there are some very talented cake makers out there who can make all sorts of wonderful creations from icing. Check out this birch tree wedding cake by Sugablossom.


Alternatively you may have chosen a naked cake or plain iced wedding cake, if you have gone for this option there are some easy ways to help it tie into your rustic barn theme.

How To Decorate Barn Wedding Cakes

  1. The table. Think about the table you choose for your wedding cake, barn venues often have lovely old wooden tables lying around, if you are lucky enough to have chosen a venue with something like this use if for your wedding cake. Alternatively linen or hessian table runners can cover more basic tables transforming them into rustic settings.
  2. The cake stand. For barn weddings a rustic tree slice can make the perfect cake stand.
  3. Decorations around the base. Add tea light holders and small posy vases around the base of the cake for a magical look. Small flower heads can be placed on the icing if you fancy.

How should I decorate my rustic barn wedding cake table

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20 Awesome Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

Are you having a travel themed wedding, if so read on. We have pulled together our favourite travel themed wedding ideas, from save the dates, to table plans, to wedding cakes we have it covered.

20 Awesome travel themed wedding ideas

20 Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

  1. Travel themed Save The Dates, simple luggage tags with travel stamps and a photo of the couple can set the tone for a travel themed wedding.

travel theme wedding ideas

2. For your invitations how about styling them like a passport, especially if you are planning a destination wedding.

travel theme wedding ideas

3. Gifts for your groom could be gift wrapped and tied with a compass.

travel theme wedding ideas

4. For your wedding ceremony we love these tissue bags, for (e)motion sickness.

travel theme wedding ideas wedding ceremony favour bags

5. For travel themed weddings how about giving asking your page boys or ring bearers to wear a pilot uniform and carry a sign “we are clear for take off”. travel theme wedding ideas ceremony signs page boys

6. Wooden signs pointing in all directions can look great and make a lovely feature, write on the names of cities all guests have traveled from and number of miles of km. travel theme wedding ideas signs

7. For your cards and gifts a vintage suitcase with CARDS bunting does the job. Great for a travel themed wedding. travel theme wedding ideas cards vintage suitcase

8. For your table plan a world map is a great idea, name tables after cities or countries you have visited as a couple. travel theme wedding ideas

9. Globes, signs and suitcases perfect for styling little corners of your venue. travel theme wedding ideas

10. Cetrepieces for travel themes wedding weddings can incorporate globes, how about placing them on a map with votives and bus vases around the base. travel theme wedding ideas globe wedding centrepieces

11. Another idea for a travel themed centrepieces could be a little more simple. Place a globe on a stack of vintage books with come tea lights around the base. travel theme wedding ideas globe wedding centrepieces

12. If you’re naming your tables after different countries a photo of that county on a wooden easel is a great way of displaying it, this would link into your map wedding table plan. travel theme wedding ideas

13. For wedding favours mini suitcases as favour boxes are fab. travel theme wedding ideas baggage claim favours

14. Travel themed wedding cakes could be a styling black and white look with aeroplanes circling the cake.

travel theme wedding ideas wedding cake

15. Globe wedding guest books are amazing, as your guests to sign the globe and keep it in your home after the wedding.

travel theme wedding ideas

16. Alternatively for your guest book eave a number of postcard in a suitcase and ask guests to write their notes on them. travel theme wedding ideas

17. A hot air balloon photobooth! travel theme wedding ideas

18. Extra styling ideas for a travel theme include vintage bikes, stacks of suitcases, vases of flowers and signs. travel theme wedding ideas

19. Scrabble pieces stuck to globes can make great signs.

travel theme wedding ideas globe signs

20. Passport to love, love this map themed wedding cake. travel theme wedding ideas wedding cakes

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What Should I Put On My Guest Book Table?

If you are having a traditional guest book for your guests to sign you might be wondering where you should put it at your venue to ensure everyone signs it and what else you should put on the table with the book.

Here are a few suggestion to help you out.

what should I put on my guest book table

Where Should I Put My Guest Book

If you’ve chosen a lovely guest book you will want as many of your wedding guests to sign it as possible. To ensure this happens it might sound obvious but make sure guests can easily find it. Have the guest book around throughout the wedding day. The drinks reception after the ceremony is a great time for guests to sign your book so make sure it is on display and again after the wedding breakfast. Use a table from your venue or get creative and place your book on a piece of furniture such as a chest or dresser that can be moved to a key position at your venue.

What Should I Put On My Guest Book Table?

Of course your guest book will go on your guest book table but what else?

  • Some pens and a pen pot (this could be a tea light holder or small posy vase for your pens to sit in)
  • A sign saying ‘please sign our guest book’ or similar
  • A table runner or table cloth if you desire
  • A posy vase of flowers o larger vase depending on the space available on the table
  • If you want guests to take a photo of themselves and stick it in the book next to their comments a polaroid camera and sticky tape will also be needed

What should I put on my guest book table


Ideas For Displaying Wedding Confetti – SHOP THIS LOOK

Throwing wedding confetti over the newlyweds as they leave the ceremony is one of the most romantic traditions out there. This long-standing traditions offers beautiful opportunities for your wedding photographs, and it’s a fun way of getting your guests involved in the wedding day. You can make your wedding confetti moment a focal point of your wedding day and venue decor. Discover some of our gorgeous ideas for displaying wedding confetti at your special day…

Ideas For Displaying Wedding Confetti – SHOP THIS LOOK

ideas for displaying wedding confetti from the wedding of my dreams (1)

We suggest creating a designated area at your venue for displaying wedding confetti. A small table will offer enough space for you to create a gorgeous display that reflects your theme and colour scheme. Our blush pink lace table runner sets the scene beautifully, and can effortlessly add a hint of romance to a wooden table.

ideas for displaying wedding confetti from the wedding of my dreams (1)

Use wooden crates to decorate your wedding confetti table. You could use them to hold your wedding confetti, as shelves to hold vases or you could even dot them around your table. Fill with them flowers for a gorgeous Summer wedding celebration.

ideas for displaying wedding confetti from the wedding of my dreams (1)

You could add some wooden signage to let your guests know where to collect their wedding confetti – perfect if you’re having a rustic theme! There are lots of lovely quotes to write on your sign, but we are particularly fond of “Confetti here, champagne there and love everywhere!”.

ideas for displaying wedding confetti from the wedding of my dreams (1)

This pink glass vase is the perfect addition for a wedding confetti table and it looks just stunning bursting with beautiful blooms. Simply place it next to the sign or alongside your wedding confetti. Tie it in with the rest of your wedding day by using them as part of your table centrepieces and venue decor.

ideas for displaying wedding confetti from the wedding of my dreams (1)

Our pretty white confetti cones can suit any theme or style of wedding, and they’re guaranteed to look elegant. We styled them using this cream wooden trug, which is a wonderful fit for a country barn or shabby chic wedding. Plus, the neutral shades of the cones and trug make the colour of the summer mix wedding confetti petals pop!

ideas for displaying wedding confetti from the wedding of my dreams (1)

Our ‘Sprinkle Me‘ and ‘Throw Me‘  cotton bags are just perfect for displaying wedding confetti. Fill them with a choice of our biodegradable wedding confetti petals.

Birmingham Wedding Photographer

Alternatively, these glass jars are another fab way of displaying wedding confetti. You could offer guests a scoop so they can help themselves to the confetti after the ceremony. Team them with small glass vases full of pretty flowers or glass tea light holders. Your wedding confetti table will look wonderful.

ideas for displaying wedding confetti from the wedding of my dreams (1)

Add a pretty pop of colour to your wedding confetti table with an array of pink glass vases. Your guests will adore picking up the wedding confetti while admiring the gorgeous display.

Birmingham Wedding Photographer


There are so many beautiful ideas for displaying wedding confetti. The confetti moment is one of the most romantic aspects of any wedding. Take a peek at our wedding confetti collection and shop the look here. How will you display your wedding confetti? We’d love to know.

Images by Daffodil Waves Photography