How To Decorate Barn Wedding Cake Tables

If you have chosen a barn wedding venue one thing you will have to think about is your wedding cake. How are you going to decorate to wedding cake to tie into your barn venue. Today we are looking at some options.

One option is to have a lovely rustic design made from icing, there are some very talented cake makers out there who can make all sorts of wonderful creations from icing. Check out this birch tree wedding cake by Sugablossom.


Alternatively you may have chosen a naked cake or plain iced wedding cake, if you have gone for this option there are some easy ways to help it tie into your rustic barn theme.

How To Decorate Barn Wedding Cakes

  1. The table. Think about the table you choose for your wedding cake, barn venues often have lovely old wooden tables lying around, if you are lucky enough to have chosen a venue with something like this use if for your wedding cake. Alternatively linen or hessian table runners can cover more basic tables transforming them into rustic settings.
  2. The cake stand. For barn weddings a rustic tree slice can make the perfect cake stand.
  3. Decorations around the base. Add tea light holders and small posy vases around the base of the cake for a magical look. Small flower heads can be placed on the icing if you fancy.

How should I decorate my rustic barn wedding cake table

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What Decorations Do I Need For A Barn Wedding Ceremony – Checklist

Have you booked your wedding ceremony in a barn? For a rustic or country style wedding we love the idea of getting married in a barn. Often barns come completely empty with no decorations so you can really make them your own. Here we have pulled together a checklist of decorations you might want to incorporate into your barn wedding ceremony. You don’t need all of them, just pick your favourites.

We love the idea of creating an entrance with white drapes or curtains, these could even have a floral garland draped down them for extra pretty details. Barns also often have beautiful wooden beams or are set up with pulley systems in the roof which means they can easily accommodate hanging flowers, large flower globes look fab hanging above the aisle. Line the aisle with decor of your choice, keep it rustic with tree slices, tree trunks and candles or add a carpet of petals for a more glam look. Below are a few more ideas, be sure to pin this to your wedding board if you are getting married in a barn.

What Decorations Do I Need For A Barn Wedding Ceremony – Checklist

what decorations do i need for a barn wedding ceremont checklist

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