Bouquet Photo Frames – Add A Tiny Photo To Your Bouquet To Keep Loved Ones Close

Have you chosen the flowers for your bridal bouquet, what about the bouquet wrap too? Once you have chosen your bouquet style and types of flowers you would like to include the next thing to consider is your bouquet wrap and whether to add bouquet photo frames. Your bouquet wrap can be simply lovely ribbon, fabric, lace or hessian tied around the stems of your bouquet. For an extra special touch you can add jewels or brooches that belong to family members or a tiny bouquet photo frame and include a photo of any loved ones who may no longer be with you.

Adding a photo of someone close to you to your bouquet is a lovely touch. Keep them close to you while you walk down the aisle and say your I Do’s.

If this is something you are considering we sell tiny bouquet photo frames.  

Bouquet Photo Frames – Add A Tiny Photo To Your Bouquet To Keep Loved Ones Close

Bouquet wrap idea  add a photo to your bouquet to keep loved ones close as you walk down the aisle - bouquet photo frames available from @theweddingofmydreams

Source: 1 Lace bouquet wrap with photo // 2 Pink bouquet wrap with photo

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Wedding Bouquet Wraps, Handles & Ribbons {Personalise your bouquet}

Have you decided on your bridal bouquet yet? This is a big decision, your bouquet is one of your biggest accessories on your wedding day, it will be in your hand or by your side for most of the day. I’m sure you will have talked at lengths with your wedding florist about the flower contents of your bouquet making sure your choice compliments your dress and overall style for the day.

The bouquet wraps or handles are another area to think about, this gives you a chance to personalise your bouquet, using different ribbons, materials and textures help it tie in to your overall theme or style. If you are looking for ideas for your bouquet wraps or ribbons browse some of our favourites below.

Wedding Bouquet Wraps luxe bouquet wraps crystals

For a luxe bouquet wrap with sparkle try using ivory satin ribbon with crystal brooches for the handle of your bouquet. (Image source) rustic wedding bouquet wraps brooches with lace ribbon

Add details to your bouquet handles, ruffle the ribbon or tie with delicate lace then use a brooch to fasten. If you have a special brooch in the family this could be your ‘something old’ or ‘something borrowed’. (Image source: left / right)

wedding bouquet ribbon tartan luxe gold

Don’t be shy with our choice of ribbon for your bouquet, you don’t have to stick with ivory. We love the idea of tying into your dress or bridesmaids dresses. If you have any offcuts of material from your bridal dress or bridesmaids dresses this can be used around your bouquet handle. If your groom is wearing a kilt, why not use the tartan around our bouquet. (Image source: left / right) wedding bouquet ribbons trailing lace gold sequins

Trailing ribbons can look pretty too, depending on your style use different ribbons to trail, you can use more than one style of ribbon on the same bouquet. For a delicate pretty look use trailing lace ribbon or for a luxe style use gold sequined ribbon. (Image source: left / right wedding bouquet wraps photos of loved ones family

If there are any loved ones in our family who are no longer around but you feel you want them with you while you walk down the aisle, it is a lovely touch to have a small photo tied to your wedding bouquet in a frame. (Image source) wedding bouquet wraps ribbon gold sequins trailing

Love this gold ribbon casually tied around the stems of the bouquet! (Image source wedding bouquet wraps ribbon vintage

It’s all in the detail, love the lockets and brooches on these bouquets. (Image source: left / right) wedding bouquet wraps ribbon hessian burlap silver

Depending on your style use different material to tie around our bouquet handle, this doesn’t always have to be ribbon. A pearl bracelet or necklace can look beautiful wrapped around your wedding bouquet. Or, for a rustic bouquet wrap with hessian / burlap. (Image source: left / right wedding bouquet wraps ribbon twine rustic  For a natural finish wrap the bouquet handles in twine or string. (Image source)

wedding bouquet wraps rustic twine

For barn weddings, farm weddings or country style wedding we don’t think you can beat a hessian tied with twine. (Image source)

Let us know the details of your bridal bouquet, we’d love to hear from you and have a look in our shop for bouquet wrap ideas.

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