Light Up Outdoor Spaces At Weddings – Outdoor Lights For Weddings

Do you have an outdoor area at your wedding venue you are hoping to use on your wedding day. Why not enhance the outdoor space with lighting, globe festival lights look fab hanging between trees, above tables or along walkways to illuminate pathways.

As the night draws in and daylight fades your outdoor spaces will look magical as they become lit up.

Outdoor Lights For Weddings

light up outdoor areas at weddings

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At The Wedding of my Dreams we have long lengths of globe festival lights available to buy, these lights are extendable so you can attach two or more sets together to create an even longer length if you wish. Have a go at creating this look yourselves with our outdoor lights for weddings.

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Wow Factor Wedding Ideas Without Breaking The Budget

Do you want to wow your guests as they enter your wedding reception? Of course you do! Often you will find large statement pieces come at a price, especially floral statements and large installations. You will not only be paying for the beautiful fresh flowers but for the time and expertise of the floral team to install the statement piece. It may be you absolute dream to have a floral statement piece at your wedding, a flower wall or a ceiling of pretty blooms and if that is the case we say go for it.

Wow Factor Wedding Ideas Without Breaking The Budget

wow factor wedding decorations without breaking the budget

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However if you are looking for something a little more budget friendly we have a couple of suggestions.

Hanging Lanterns From The Ceiling

Hanging lanterns work particularly well in marquees. Think about using different sized lanterns all in the same colour or a selections of different colours all from the same colour palette. As guests enter the marquee or venue they won’t be expecting the celing decor and will be amazed.  hanging paper lanterns wow factor wedding decorations

Photo credit: Xander & Thea

Festoon Lights or Festival Globe Lights Draped From The Ceiling

Strings of lights can look fab at weddings, hang them from the celings of marquees or you venue. As guests enter the reception room they will love the extra detail.

globe festival lights wedding ceiling decorations

Image source: Green light event design

Both! You can always combine both of these ideas and use paper lanterns hanging from the strings of lights. This is our favourite!

hanging paper lanterns and lights wow factor wedding decorations

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