Globe Wedding Guest Books! For Travel Themed Weddings.

We love the idea of globe wedding guest books, they're just perfect for a travel themed wedding. Such a simple but unique idea. Buy a globe and display it at your wedding, ask your wedding guests to sign their names or write you a note on the globe. You can keep the globe in your home after the wedding as a lovely reminder of your special day.

We Love: Globe Wedding Guest Books

Globe wedding guest books image source   Here at The Wedding of my Dreams we have a stylish black, white and grey globe available as a wedding guest book, we think it is super stylish and makes a wonderful addition to any wedding. See more about the globe wedding guest book we have for sale here. You could create the look above by using one of our free standing blackboards and write your message in chalk 'it means the world you're here, please sign our globe.

20 Awesome Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

Are you having a travel themed wedding, if so read on. We have pulled together our favourite travel themed wedding ideas, from save the dates, to table plans, to wedding cakes we have it covered. 20 Awesome travel themed wedding ideas

20 Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

  1. Travel themed Save The Dates, simple luggage tags with travel stamps and a photo of the couple can set the tone for a travel themed wedding.
travel theme wedding ideas 2. For your invitations how about styling them like a passport, especially if you are planning a destination wedding. travel theme wedding ideas 3. Gifts for your groom could be gift wrapped and tied with a compass. travel theme wedding ideas 4. For your wedding ceremony we love these tissue bags, for (e)motion sickness. travel theme wedding ideas wedding ceremony favour bags 5. For travel themed weddings how about giving asking your page boys or ring bearers to wear a pilot uniform and carry a sign "we are clear for take off". travel theme wedding ideas ceremony signs page boys 6. Wooden signs pointing in all directions can look great and make a lovely feature, write on the names of cities all guests have traveled from and number of miles of km. travel theme wedding ideas signs 7. For your cards and gifts a vintage suitcase with CARDS bunting does the job. Great for a travel themed wedding. travel theme wedding ideas cards vintage suitcase 8. For your table plan a world map is a great idea, name tables after cities or countries you have visited as a couple. travel theme wedding ideas 9. Globes, signs and suitcases perfect for styling little corners of your venue. travel theme wedding ideas 10. Cetrepieces for travel themes wedding weddings can incorporate globes, how about placing them on a map with votives and bus vases around the base. travel theme wedding ideas globe wedding centrepieces 11. Another idea for a travel themed centrepieces could be a little more simple. Place a globe on a stack of vintage books with come tea lights around the base. travel theme wedding ideas globe wedding centrepieces 12. If you're naming your tables after different countries a photo of that county on a wooden easel is a great way of displaying it, this would link into your map wedding table plan. travel theme wedding ideas 13. For wedding favours mini suitcases as favour boxes are fab. travel theme wedding ideas baggage claim favours 14. Travel themed wedding cakes could be a styling black and white look with aeroplanes circling the cake. travel theme wedding ideas wedding cake 15. Globe wedding guest books are amazing, as your guests to sign the globe and keep it in your home after the wedding. travel theme wedding ideas 16. Alternatively for your guest book eave a number of postcard in a suitcase and ask guests to write their notes on them. travel theme wedding ideas 17. A hot air balloon photobooth! travel theme wedding ideas 18. Extra styling ideas for a travel theme include vintage bikes, stacks of suitcases, vases of flowers and signs. travel theme wedding ideas 19. Scrabble pieces stuck to globes can make great signs. travel theme wedding ideas globe signs 20. Passport to love, love this map themed wedding cake. travel theme wedding ideas wedding cakes Photo source. 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17 // 18 // 19 // 20 shop-now