London Tube Map Wedding Table Plan

Are you getting married in London or perhaps you met you fiancée in London and want to have an element of London in your wedding décor? Our London Tube map wedding table plan can look great at your wedding. Name the tables after various tube stops in London, perhaps choose areas you have lived, been on dates, attended parties… perhaps he even proposed in London? The choice is yours.

London tube map wedding table plan

london underground map wedding table plan View our london tube map wedding table plan for sale in our shop

Product Details

  • Our London underground map print could make the basis of a wonderfully unique wedding table plan.
  • This vintage London underground map print measures 28″ x 20″ and is printed on archival quality Italian laid paper stock.
  • Please note this is a vintage London underground map and does not have all the current underground stations.
  • See below the steps to follow to make a table plan from our print.
  • Price: £7.50
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How to make a London Underground map into a wedding table plan

1. Find a frame or stick the London underground map print onto foam board with our decorative tape
2. Choose places in London which mean something special to you as a couple – these will be your table names
3. Stick a pin in the places you have chosen
4. Write your table name followed by guests names on luggage tags and attach to each pin
5. Keep in your home as a reminder of your wedding day
*Read our step by step tutorial showing how to make this London table plan here.



How To Make DIY Map Table Plans {London Underground Maps / World Maps}

Thinking of a unique and personal idea for your table plan is often tricky. We have a selection of maps which can be used as table plans. Ranging from World map table plans, to Paris and Rome or even London Underground Maps as table plans.

london underground map table plan

We sell the maps on our website and have been asked by a number of couples for a DIY tutorial on how exactly they can be turned into a table plan so read on…

Supplies needed


Place the London underground print onto as piece of foam board.

Use decorative tape to stick the print onto the board. The board allows the table plan to sit on an easel or be leaned against a wall for all your guests to see.

london underground map table plan DIY Tutorial

Choose underground stops in areas of London which mean something to you as a couple, places you have visited together, places you have lived, places you have been on dates…

These will become your table names.

london underground map table plan DIY Tutorial

The table plan cards can be made on luggage tags, you can’t print directly onto the luggage tags but you can buy A4 pages of clear stickers which you can print on to. (These are available from most office supplies shops, they come with 24 clear stickers per sheet)

You can download the London Tube Font for free to continue the look of the underground map on your table plan cards.

Print out your guest’s names on to the clear stickers and stick onto the luggage tags.

london underground map table plan DIY Tutorial

Stick a pin in the corresponding tube stop on the map and tie the luggage tag to the pin. Fasten the luggage tag into place with blue-tac. Do the same for all your tables.

london underground map table plan DIY Tutorial

london underground map table plan DIY Tutorial

And there you have it, a DIY table plan using the London underground.

** If you want your London underground print to last after your wedding we suggest you frame it in our solid wooden frames

*** If London isn’t a special city to you as a couple we also have World map prints, Paris map prints and Rome map prints which could be used instead.

world map weddingtable plan

Rome Map Wedding Table  Plan

Paris Map Wedding Table Plan

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