Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Decorations – Checklist

Are you planning an outdoor wedding ceremony? We love the thought of tying the knot outdoors, whether it is in a lovely garden setting in England, on a hilltop in Italy or with sea views in Spain. The types of decorations you will need for an outdoor wedding ceremony differ slightly to what you would need for a church or indoor ceremony. This checklist should help you think about all the areas that could be decorated. These are just suggestions, don’t think you need to have everything, just select the most important aspects to you as a couple. If you are expecting the weather to be hot we do love extra details such as a fan or bottle of water on each guests’ seat, these could even be branded with your wedding logo or in your wedding colours to complete the look.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Decorations – Checklist

outdoor wedding ceremony decorations checklist

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Biodegradable Confetti Petals – Summer Mix (Pink, Purple, Ivory)

Our biodegradable confetti petals are perfect for summer weddings. Leave baskets full of petals or confetti cones for guests to help themselves to after your wedding ceremony with a note saying ‘hand picked petals help yourself’. Remember you don’t have to supply each guest with throwing confetti, you can limit this to just the bridal party perhaps only or give petals out to ladies or one bag per couple / family. We love the confetti photos of couples being showered in confetti after their ceremony.

If you are following the tradition of having confetti at your wedding, our summer mix confetti is perfect, with delphinium petals from pink, purple and ivory delphinium flowers grown in the English countryside.

Biodegradable Confetti Petals – Summer Mix (Pink, Purple, Ivory)

biodegradable confetti petals for weddings summer mix pink purple ivory delphinium petals

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throwing confetti petals

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Product Details

  • We love natural petal confetti here at The Wedding of my Dreams, whether you choose to throw it over the bride and groom or sprinkle it over your tables or both.
  • This colour is our best selling petal confetti, perfect for summer weddings.
  • Our petals are grown in the English countryside, and looked after with care and attention.
  • Our summer mix is a combination of soft pink, ivory and purple delphinium petals which gives the summery look. As delphinium petals are small they gently float to the ground when thrown in the air giving that perfect confetti moment.
  • Available in large organza bags (approx 12 small hand fulls or enough for a generous covering over 3 – 4 large guest tables seating 10 people)
  • Also available in small organza bags (approx 1 small hand full for throwing)
  • Our petals are all biodegradable.
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Outdoor Wedding Ideas – Save The Date Magazine

If you follow our blog you’ll know I write regular features for Save The Date Magazine. The summer edition of the magazine features a new look for Save The Date. We love the new style and design. This issue I wrote about outdoor wedding ideas, read on to see my outdoor ideas or click here to see the full magazine. save the date magazine summer of love 2014 save the dte magazine outdoore wedding ideas decorations Photography credits: Front cover and page 1 and 2 Ross Harvey Photography // Lighting on decking Jen Fariello Photography // Jenga & children playing outside Cotton Candy Photography

 Outdoor Wedding Ideas


We all know you can’t predict the English summer weather but we are seeing more and more couples in the UK holding their weddings outdoors. And why not, there are some wonderful venues set in the English countryside with beautiful grounds.

Outdoor ceremonies and decorating the grounds

If you are dreaming of an outdoor ceremony find a venue with and outdoor location, once you’ve found the perfect venue there are some super pretty ways you can style your outdoor ceremony. I love the idea of entering the ceremony through wooden doors, these remain shut until the bride and her father enter through them. To creat the aisle, hang jam jars filled with pretty blooms from shepherds crooks, or if the ground is not suitable for shepherds crooks tie apothecary bottles to the chairs and add a flower. Guests will love all these pretty details.

If you are not opting for an outdoor ceremony but are lucky enough to have some sunshine on your wedding day you will no doubt be wanting to make the most of it. There are lots of lovely ideas for decorating outdoor spaces, hang pom poms and bunting around the grounds. Chose a feature tree to hang apothecary bottles each filled with a flower from the branches or even hang long strands of ribbon in your wedding colours.

Outdoor entertainment and lighting

Take the entertainment outdoors, a string quartet set up outside for an outdoor ceremony is always a lovely touch. Set up games outdoors, these will be enjoyed by children and adults! We have seen wedding guests enjoying sack races, giant jenga, croquet and children love pinatas.

Guests will enjoy spending time outdoors right through to the evening so don’t forget to enhance the gardens with lighting. Whether you choose tea lights in jam jars or larger lanterns, or opt for strings of light bulbs from trees this will light up the grounds beautifully. Paper lanterns work perfectly for weddings and are easy on the budget, just add a long lasting tea light and they will glow for hours. The The Wedding of my Dreams we sell a collection of paper lanterns and especially love out JUST MARRIED lanterns which are fab for photos.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding check out some of our favourite decorations below.

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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Summer

Recently we have been pinning our favourite outdoor wedding ceremony ideas for summer weddings. If you are getting married in the summer and lucky enough to have chosen a venue with the option of an outdoor ceremony you will love these ideas.

Create a backdrop for the ceremony from curtains or drapes or even a floral arch. Mark out the aisle with foliage, petals, lanterns or hanging jam jars from shepherd crooks. For a rustic style wedding we love the relaxed that can be created from bales of hay or straw, cover them in blankets and cushions for added comfort.

Our all time favourite idea for an outdoor ceremony is entering through wooden doors, keep your eyes out at reclamation yards for old wooden doors. Position the doors at the end of the aisle. The doors remain shut until  you enter the ceremony so everyone can see you for the first time.

Outdoor wedding ceremony ideas for summer

outdoor wedding ceremony ideas for summer

See more ideas and image sources on our outdoor wedding ceremony pinterest board.

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