Drinks Station Wedding Checklist

Are you hoping to set up a drinks station at your wedding? Wondering what exactly you need to make it happen, we have created a checklist showing what you will need. If you are just in the early planning stages of your wedding this is the perfect opportunity to pin it now, read it later!

First things first, choose a location

  • Outside - make sure it's in the shade.
  • Inside - choose somewhere easy for your guests to access.
  • Set up a table - either take a vintage dresser to your venue or use one of their tables.
  • Dress the table with a table cloth or table runner if desired.

Something to hold the drinks

  • We love drinks dispensers, easy to fill and for guests to help themselves and re-fill their glasses.
  • Depending on the number of guests and number of drinks you are offering you may need a few of these on your table.
  • Dispensers work best when raised up so guests can fit their glass under the tap, try a couple of tree slices for a rustic look or a pastel coloured cake stand.

Glasses and straws

  • You will need to supply guests with glasses to drink from, these could be supplied by your venue or caterers or you could opt for something a little different and use mason jars or bottles for your drinks.
  • Add a paper straw for a little fun.

Fresh Fruit

  • Depending on the drinks you are offering perhaps some fresh strawberries, blueberries or raspberries would be a nice touch, guests can add these themselves.
  • Or use fruit to introduce colour or a styling element for your drinks station as crate full of peaches or lemons and limes looks lovely.


  • How about making your own signs, these could label the drinks you have on offer or create a bar menu.
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Drinks Station Wedding Checklist

what do I need for a drinks station checklist - how to style a drinks station

Pink Striped Paper Straws ~ Wedding Decoration Of The Week

This week we have chosen our pink striped paper straws as our wedding decoration of the week. These cute pink and white straws jazz up drinks at weddings and parties. Serve drinks at your wedding in milk bottles or cocktail glasses and add a paper straw for a bit of fun. Great for outdoor Summer weddings. You could even stick on flags made from paper stickers around the top of the straw with individual guests names on or the name of the drink.

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Pink Striped Paper Straws

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Product Details

  • Paper straws are pink and white striped
  • Look great in milk bottles, jam jars or Martini glasses
  • If you are having a desert table they are perfect for drinking milkshake!
  • Pink striped straws come in a set of 25
  • Price £3
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