Wonderful Ideas For Personalising Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets are not only a statement accessory for brides, they’re a long-standing tradition. You want your blooms to fit in with your wedding style, dress and most importantly: your personality. Brides can often find it difficult to find a bouquet design that reflects their individual style. Personalising wedding bouquets is a simple way of making your flowers unique. We’ve put together a few ideas to help inspire you…

Antique Brooches

Personalising wedding bouquets is as simple as adding an antique brooch. If you have a favourite brooch that means a lot to you or a family member, why not add it into your bouquet? You could attach it to a pretty piece of fabric wrapped around the stems. A lot of brides who aren’t keen on floral bouquets opt for a brooch bouquet – perfect for a vintage wedding theme! personalised wedding bouquets staceylynndesign.com - mayamyers.com Image Source - Photographer

Something Borrowed

Have you been given a beautiful piece of jewellery that’s gone down through the generations? If you’ve got an inherited string of pearls that doesn’t quite go with your dress, why not add it to your bouquet? Tie around the stems of your bouquet for a meaningful addition that’ll look incredibly elegant. personalised wedding bouquets theeverylastdetail.com - charlestonwedding.com Image Source - Photographer

A Love Note

I love the idea of hiding a little love note from the groom into your bouquet. Something simple yet romantic – you can walk down the aisle towards your new hubby-to-be knowing you’ve got a special secret note in your bouquet. This is such a perfect way of personalising wedding bouquets, and even better as it reflects you as a couple. personalised wedding bouquets oncewed.com - erichmcvey.com Image Source - Photographer

Mini Photo Frames

Tiny photo frames are a beautiful way of personalising wedding bouquets. They are particularly special if you’ve lost a loved one and you’ll feel like they are with you every step of the way. Mini photo frames are an incredibly touching gesture and they’ll look beautiful in your bouquet. personalised wedding bouquets tiny photo frame available from @theweddingomd stylemepretty.com - allisonkuhnphotography.com Image Source - Photographer

Ribbon and Twine

Another way of personalising wedding bouquets is by wrapping some pretty ribbon or rustic twine around the stems. Have you got a piece of material from something that means a lot to you? Your mum's wedding dress is a fab choice! Make it into a ribbon for a personal touch. Adding twine will make your bouquet completely unique and is perfect for a country wedding. personalised wedding bouquet whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com - kategrayphotography.com Image Source - Photographer

Personalising Wedding Bouquets

Have you considered including flowers from your own garden in your bouquet? If a close family member enjoys gardening you could ask them to put together something a little extra for your bouquet. They’ll love being asked and will feel so pleased to see you walking down the aisle with a few of their flowers. Plus, you’ll feel so content knowing that you have something special in your wedding bouquet. personalised wedding bouquets whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com - paulunderhill.com Image Source - Photographer Wedding bouquets are incredibly beautiful and adding a personal touch to your blooms will make them extra special. shop-now  

Bouquet Photo Frames – Add A Tiny Photo To Your Bouquet To Keep Loved Ones Close

Have you chosen the flowers for your bridal bouquet, what about the bouquet wrap too? Once you have chosen your bouquet style and types of flowers you would like to include the next thing to consider is your bouquet wrap and whether to add bouquet photo frames. Your bouquet wrap can be simply lovely ribbon, fabric, lace or hessian tied around the stems of your bouquet. For an extra special touch you can add jewels or brooches that belong to family members or a tiny bouquet photo frame and include a photo of any loved ones who may no longer be with you. Adding a photo of someone close to you to your bouquet is a lovely touch. Keep them close to you while you walk down the aisle and say your I Do's. If this is something you are considering we sell tiny bouquet photo frames.  

Bouquet Photo Frames - Add A Tiny Photo To Your Bouquet To Keep Loved Ones Close

Bouquet wrap idea  add a photo to your bouquet to keep loved ones close as you walk down the aisle - bouquet photo frames available from @theweddingofmydreams Source: 1 Lace bouquet wrap with photo // 2 Pink bouquet wrap with photo shop now