Reasons You Need A Roll Of Twine For Your Rustic Wedding

Here at The Wedding Of My Dreams we are certainly partial to a rustic wedding. There is something seriously special about a natural, homespun celebration. And we believe that no rustic wedding is complete without lots of twine details. A roll of twine is the perfect way to add a rustic touch to your wedding décor.

You can use twine from everything to your stationery to your centrepieces! It’s time to get creative and find out how you can use a roll of twine on your wedding day…

Wedding Bouquet And Buttonholes

Using a roll of twine in your wedding bouquet will really make your flowers stand out and it will be a unique alternative. Wrap the twine around the stems of your bouquet – you could even add a few other touches, such as a locket or a mini photo frame. Make sure your groom doesn’t miss out on all the fun! Twine can be used for buttonholes too – simply wrap a small strand of twine around the stem of his buttonhole for a fab finishing touch to his outfit.

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Hanging Decorations

A roll of twine is strong enough to hold vases and bottles brimming with bright, beautiful blooms. If you’re having your wedding outside hang vases from the trees or by your venue entrance. You could even hang the twine along your ceremony aisle – it’ll look stunning!

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Wedding Favours

Are you stuck for ideas when it comes to your wedding favours? There are plenty of ways to make your favours look fabulous. Wrap a roll of twine around homemade jars of jam or chutney for a wonderful countryside style. I love the thought of wrapping seed packets in brown rustic paper and tying with a twine bow. It’ll fit in with a rustic wedding flawlessly, and your guests will take away favours they’ll actually appreciate!

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Table Centrepieces

Jars and vases full of pretty floral arrangements make wonderful table centrepieces. You can up-cycle a plain glass jar by wrapping twine and lace ribbon around the brim. It’ll add something extra and will match the rest of your wedding décor perfectly.

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Wedding Stationery

Why not kick-start your rustic wedding theme with your stationery? A roll of twine will go beautifully with any style or design – whether it’s simple and white, or colourful and floral.

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Roll Of Twine Bunting

You can make your own bunting using a roll of twine. Personalise your wedding day by hanging polaroid photographs with wooden pegs on twine, and drape around your wedding venue. Consider including photographs of your guests – they’ll find it great fun spotting themselves on your memory wall. If you’re lucky enough to have a polaroid photo-booth, create a new string of twine for your guests to stick their photographs on during the big day. You’ll have your very own wedding bunting and it’ll be great entertainment.

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Place Settings

Jazz up your place settings by wrapping twine around your napkins and cutlery. Add a sprig of lavender or greenery for an organic feel. This is such a budget-friendly idea that will make your place settings look beautiful.

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Rustic Table Plan

A roll of twine can easily be used to create your wedding table plan. Drape twine from a wooden crate or even a ladder, and add your seating plan cards using wooden pegs. Dot a few vases of blooms on the ladder and voila! You’ve got yourself a gorgeous rustic table plan.

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Wonderful Ideas For Personalising Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets are not only a statement accessory for brides, they’re a long-standing tradition. You want your blooms to fit in with your wedding style, dress and most importantly: your personality. Brides can often find it difficult to find a bouquet design that reflects their individual style. Personalising wedding bouquets is a simple way of making your flowers unique. We’ve put together a few ideas to help inspire you…

Antique Brooches

Personalising wedding bouquets is as simple as adding an antique brooch. If you have a favourite brooch that means a lot to you or a family member, why not add it into your bouquet? You could attach it to a pretty piece of fabric wrapped around the stems. A lot of brides who aren’t keen on floral bouquets opt for a brooch bouquet – perfect for a vintage wedding theme!

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Something Borrowed

Have you been given a beautiful piece of jewellery that’s gone down through the generations? If you’ve got an inherited string of pearls that doesn’t quite go with your dress, why not add it to your bouquet? Tie around the stems of your bouquet for a meaningful addition that’ll look incredibly elegant.

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A Love Note

I love the idea of hiding a little love note from the groom into your bouquet. Something simple yet romantic – you can walk down the aisle towards your new hubby-to-be knowing you’ve got a special secret note in your bouquet. This is such a perfect way of personalising wedding bouquets, and even better as it reflects you as a couple.

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Mini Photo Frames

Tiny photo frames are a beautiful way of personalising wedding bouquets. They are particularly special if you’ve lost a loved one and you’ll feel like they are with you every step of the way. Mini photo frames are an incredibly touching gesture and they’ll look beautiful in your bouquet.

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Ribbon and Twine

Another way of personalising wedding bouquets is by wrapping some pretty ribbon or rustic twine around the stems. Have you got a piece of material from something that means a lot to you? Your mum’s wedding dress is a fab choice! Make it into a ribbon for a personal touch. Adding twine will make your bouquet completely unique and is perfect for a country wedding.

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Personalising Wedding Bouquets

Have you considered including flowers from your own garden in your bouquet? If a close family member enjoys gardening you could ask them to put together something a little extra for your bouquet. They’ll love being asked and will feel so pleased to see you walking down the aisle with a few of their flowers. Plus, you’ll feel so content knowing that you have something special in your wedding bouquet.

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Wedding bouquets are incredibly beautiful and adding a personal touch to your blooms will make them extra special.