Wow Factor Winter Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Winter is a beautiful time of year to tie the knot and it’s easy to create a magical wedding day. Take a look at our Winter wedding ceremony ideas to find out how you can pull off an unforgettable wedding with the wow factor.

wow factor winter wedding ceremony ideas

Winter Wreath

Winter wreaths are traditionally used during the festive season, so why not include them at your Winter wedding? A festive wreath will look enchanting hung on the door of your venue entrance. Alternatively you could hang it at the front of your ceremony room. It would be a romantic backdrop while you’re saying your vows.

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Winter Wedding Ceremony Chairs

Tie a white lace ribbon around the back of each of your ceremony chairs for a snowflake effect. If you want a rustic feel, wrap a few branches of fir with twine around the top of the chairs. Both styles are simple yet look incredibly effective.

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Festive Bells

Some venues don’t allow confetti, so we’ve got a different idea that is perfect for a Winter wedding ceremony. Use bells as an alternative – simply tie a few bells together with some pretty ribbon and a ‘Merry Christmas’ tag. You could put them in wicker baskets at the end of the ceremony room. Your guests can ring the bells rather than throwing confetti – you’ll still have the same smiling reaction and it’ll help to get everyone in the festive mood.

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Snowflake Confetti

If you want something a little different to traditional petal confetti, you’ll love our white flakes! Sprinkle down the aisle for a Winter wonderland effect or ask your guests to throw during the confetti moment.

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Wedding Venue Entrance Decor

Use lanterns and candles at your wedding venue entrance to welcome your guests to your Winter wedding ceremony. Your venue will look especially beautiful when it gets dark.

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Light Up Your Aisle

If you like the idea of using lanterns at your wedding venue entrance, why not use them as part of your aisle decor? Place a lantern along the end of each pew and nestle in some festive foliage.

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Accessorise Your Order Of Service

Wrap your order of service with twine ribbon and attach a sprig of fir to it. Other Winter elements, such as berries or pine cones will look delightful too. They can make even the simplest of stationery designs look incredible.

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Fir And Glitter Backdrop

Floral garland backdrops were a huge hit for Spring and Summer weddings and this trend works for Winter weddings too! Rather than using Summer blooms, tie pinecones and small fir twigs to string. Feathers dipped in gold glitter are a fab addition and they will add to the festive atmosphere.

winter wedding ceremony ideas

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Winter Archway

Wooden ceremony archways are always beautiful, particular in the Winter. They also make for some romantic photograph opportunities.

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Christmas Stars

Our wooden Christmas decorations are perfect for a Winter wedding ceremony. Consider having a mini Christmas tree at the front of your ceremony room, and a hang a few of the wooden stars on the branches. On the other hand, you could place them on entrance tables, along the aisle pews or dangling from your ceremony chairs.

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Cute Signs For Flower Girls And Page Boys

Flower girls and page boys are often one of the sweetest parts of a wedding ceremony – but we’ve got an idea to make their role even cuter! Ask your flower girls and page boys to hold personalised signs as they make their way down the aisle. Not only will your little helpers love holding the signs, your guests will certainly smile at the idea. From rustic hessian banners to pretty chalkboard signs, there are so many lovely designs out there. Take a look at a few of our favourite signs for flower girls and page boys…

Cute Signs Flower Girls and Page Boys

These two signs are a wonderful combination of humour and romance. Your guests will chuckle as they see the ‘I Am Only Here For The Cake’ sign, but you can guarantee to see smiles when the ‘Here Comes Your Bride’ sign quickly follows behind.

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Planning a Valentine’s day wedding? Then a heart-shaped sign is the perfect match for your ceremony! Your flower girl will simply adore carrying a pretty pink or lilac heart sign with a personalised message on it.

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If you still want your flower girl to throw rose petals down the aisle, why not write ‘Here Comes The Bride’ on a metal bucket? Alternatively, you could hang a DIY sign onto a wicker basket. A basket brimming with confetti and petals will only add to the sweetness of having a flower girl.

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Our chalkboard signs are incredibly popular. Ask one of your flower girls or page boys to carry the ‘Here Comes The Bride’ sign for the procession, and turn the sign over so it shows ‘Just Married’ as you make your way out of the ceremony. The twine ribbon means they’re easy to carry, and can be hung up at your reception after the ceremony.

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It’s super easy to personalise the signs too! If one of your children is carrying the sign you could write ‘Daddy, Here Comes Your Bride’. The personal touch will be beautiful and it’ll make for some beautiful wedding photographs.

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Looking for something a little different to the traditional sign? Why not ask your flower girls or page boys to carry a miniature flag instead? This can be a simple DIY job and you can write anything you want on it!

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Planning a country barn wedding theme? I love the thought of pulling your flower girls and page boys along in a small trailer and tying a sign on the back. You could make it a like a mini version of a wedding getaway car by adding streamers and balloons to the back of the trailer.

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If you’re dreaming of a rustic celebration, consider using hessian or burlap as your sign material. A banner held by two wooden poles will look fab carried by flower girls or page boys. Use hessian elements throughout the rest of your wedding day so that everything looks beautifully coordinated.

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If you have a number of flower girls and page boys, why not make a series of signs? This is a really fun idea that will get your guests chuckling.

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There are so many adorable signs for flower girls and page boys, and it’ll be a lovely surprise for your wedding guests.




Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Ideas

Today we are looking at the different backdrops you could create for your wedding ceremony setting. Whether you are getting married inside or out there are some stunning ways to create a backdrop for your ceremony. Browse below to see our ideas for wedding ceremony backdrops, how about saying your vows under a floral arch, or for an outdoor setting in front of curtains made from origami cranes. For an autumn winter look we like the idea of candles and festival lights.

Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Ideas

wedding ceremony backdrop ideas by @theweddingomd

A curtain of ribbons billowing in the wind makes a lovely wedding ceremony backdrop idea, love the soft blue tones here. Photo credit Jen Huang

blue ribbons - wedding ceremony backdrop ideas by @theweddingomd

For and indoor wedding ceremony white drapes over head with trailing foliage. Either side of the couple two displays of foliage in large urns and candles at the base in a mixture of sizes with copper candle sticks. Photo credit Diana McGregor. candles and foliage  - wedding ceremony backdrop ideas by @theweddingomd

White cloth draped over a wooden structure tied with bunches of blooms. A curtain of flower heads hanging from the ceremony structure finishes off the look. Photo credit Connie Whitlock. curtains and stings of cotton flower heads - wedding ceremony backdrop ideas by @theweddingomd

We love these style curtains to frame the wedding ceremony with foliage garlands trailing down the curtains. Ask your florist to create this one for you. Photo credit Michael and Carina. curtains with floral garland - wedding ceremony backdrop ideas by @theweddingomd

Love this look for an Autumn / Winter wedding or industrial chic style wedding. Hang festival lights as a backdrop with candles at the base. Photo credit – unknown. festival string lights and candles - wedding ceremony backdrop ideas by @theweddingomd

Or how about a stunning floral arch. Love the asymmetric look of this one. Photo credit Jose Villa. floral archway  - wedding ceremony backdrop ideas by @theweddingomd

Hanging vines. Photo credit Mara Luce. hanging vines - wedding ceremony backdrop ideas by @theweddingomd

If you are into origami, try making paper cranes and stringing them together to make an origami backdrop, perfect for a DIY / crafty wedding. Photo credit – unknown. origamni cranes - wedding ceremony backdrop ideas by @theweddingomd

Let the venue speak for itself. If your are having your ceremony in a stunning room in your chosen venue or beautiful church then often you will find a full backdrop in unnecessary as the venue creates a lovely backdrop itself, you can enhance it slightly with florals. Photo credit Peaches and Mint. statement wedding venue with urns and candles - wedding ceremony backdrop ideas by @theweddingomd

White ribbons hanging as a curtain can look simply stunning as a ceremony backdrop. Photo credit Michael Radford. white ribbon curtain - wedding ceremony backdrop ideas by @theweddingomd

Or for something a bit quirky how about reclaimed wooden doors with floral touches as the backdrop to your wedding ceremony. Photo credit Awake Photographers. wooden doors with foliage - wedding ceremony backdrop ideas by @theweddingomd