White Wedding Parasols ~ Wedding Decoration Ideas

This week we have been pinning white wedding parasols. Parasols can make lovely props for summer weddings, photos of the bride or bride and groom with parasols can look lovely as well as keep you cool if your wedding falls on a hot summers day.If you know it’s going to be hot or are having your wedding abroad how about having a selection of white parasols for your guests to use? Place them all in a white basket with a note saying help yourself to some shade.

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White Wedding Parasols ~ Inspiration

white wedding parasols white lace parasols

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Lace Parasol Wedding Ideas

We love the thought of having white parasols available to guests at weddings. If you’re lucky enough for your wedding to fall on a beautiful sunny day keep your guests cool by offering stylish shade. These white parasols look the part and can make great photo props.

parasol wedding

{Kids With Wedding Parasols – Carmen & Indigo}

Parasol wedding inspiration

Hanging white parasols from the ceiling of your venue can look stunning, group them together in a small area, perhaps over a chill out area or above the top table. Parasols in some of your photos can add an extra dimension, love the shot of the couple kissing behind the white parasol.

For wedding¬†decoration¬†purposes if you’re offering parasols to guests why not gather them together in a lovely wicker basket with a sign saying help yourself to some stylish shade – it’s all in the details. If you don’t want to stretch to all your guests perhaps just a parasol for each of your bridesmaids?

parasol wedding

{Hanging Parasols – Elizabeth Messina, Wedding Parasol Couple Photos – How Do I Love Thee Style. Wedding Parasol in Basket – Carmen & Indigo, Bridesmaids With Parasols – Daring Devoted}

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