10 Ways To Use Wooden Crates At Your Wedding

There are so many wonderful ways to use wooden crates at your wedding, and they’re a fab piece of decor. From tables plans to drink display, find out how you can use wooden crates throughout your big day…

10 Ways To Use Wooden Crates At Your Wedding

Are you planning a country garden or rustic wedding theme? Then you’ll adore this idea! Simply fill a wooden crate with some gorgeous Spring or Summer blooms. You can place them at the entrance of your wedding venue, dotted around outside or wherever takes your fancy. They’ll look so gorgeous.

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Struggling for ideas for your wedding tables centrepieces? Wooden crates filled with pretty posies also look stunning on your wedding tables. You could personalise your wooden crates by stamping or writing your name and wedding date onto the side.

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If you’re looking for a unique cake stand, consider using a wooden crate! A lovely alternative to a traditional cake stand, simply turn the crate upside down and place your cake on top. This is a wonderful choice if you’re using wooden crates throughout the rest of your venue decor, and it’ll help your theme to tie in.

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While we’re on the tasty topic of food, let’s take a look at the rest of your refreshments. You could fill wooden crates with beer or cider – this is will be ideal if you’re dreaming of a relaxed affair in the Summer. Alternatively, you can use wooden crates to display glass drink dispensers. Fill them with cocktails, fruit juice or lemonade for a sizzling Summer celebration.

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Not only do wooden crates look fabulous, they can be incredibly useful too. Use them to hold your wedding favours or programs! Create some stylish signage to let your guests know where they can find their favours or programs. Alternatively, you could write any information on the wooden crates.

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Wooden crates can also be used to hold your wedding confetti. Whether you’re using confetti cones or little bags, your guests will love picking up a bag of confetti to throw over you!

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Many wedding guests aren’t sure where to put their cards and gifts after the ceremony. Make it clear for them by draping some cute ‘CARDS’ bunting across a wooden crate. It’s a modern alternative to a card and gift table, and it’ll make sure everything stays safe and out of the way.

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Let your guests know where they’re sitting with a striking table plan using wooden crates. Simply hang a roll of twine ribbon across a wooden crate, and use wooden pegs to hang your seating plan to the ribbon. You could fill the crate with moss or flowers – perfect for a pretty Spring affair!

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Stack a number of wooden crates on top of one another to create a statement shelf at your wedding. Use the shelves to display your favourite photographs, potted plants or little treasures you’ve collected over the years.

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Decorate your ceremony area with lots of wooden crates, blooms and lanterns. This will make your ceremony space completely unique, and it can easily transform a simple wedding venue.

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Whether you love the idea of a country barn celebration or a rustic wedding theme, crates are the perfect decor idea to pull off any theme!



How To Make A Wooden Crate Wedding Table Plan

We love this idea of using wooden crates to form part of a large scale wedding table plan. Why not make a feature of your wedding table plan, use it to style an area of your venue, this idea is just perfect for a rustic woodland wedding.

How To Make A Wooden Crate Wedding Table Plan

how to make a wedding table plan using wooden crates

You will need:

Using our kraft brown labels print the names of your tables and names of people sitting on those tables onto the kraft labels, then stick these onto your luggage tags. These tables have been named after countries around the world to tie in with a travel wedding theme.

how to type print onto luggage tags

Add water the your kilner jars or jam jars and arrange a pretty mix of flowers within the vase. Finish off by tying a luggage tag around the neck of the vase.

Position your crates how you wish, a slightly random pattern with them all facing slightly different ways looks good for a laid back rustic style. This will create shelving.

Place the kilner jars with the luggage tags facing front ways on the shelves you made from the crates.

If there are gaps we suggest adding potted plants, succulents, lanterns, candles or other decorative pieces to complete the look. how to make a wedding table plan using wooden crates

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Wooden Crates At Weddings {Wedding Decoration Inspiration}

For those of you getting married in a barn, farm or other rustic wedding venue this post is for you. You can’t beat a stack of wooden crates styled with bottles, jugs and lanterns to add interest to areas of your venue. There are so many interesting ways you can use wooden crates at weddings, this week we have been pinning our favourites.

Wooden Crates At Weddings

wooden crates weddings

Have a look at our wooden crates styling ideas pinterest board for more inspiration and photo credits.

Ideas for using wooden crates at weddings

  • Pile up wooden crates either side of your ceremony table and style with bottles and jam jars full of flowers
  • Stack up wooden crates outside the entrance to your church and fill the top crate with hydrangea plants, lavender or herbs
  • Use smaller wooden crates and boxes as your table centre pieces
  • Pile up wooden crates to create a setting for your wedding cake, desserts or candy buffet.
  • Use a wooden crate as the base for your wedding table plan
  • Use the wooden crates in stacks around your venue to create points of interest, make them into tables and add family photos, your guest book or other activities for guests.

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Vintage Apple Crates / Wooden Crates {Back In Stock}

We have had a new delivery of vintage apple crates / rustic wooden boxes. These sell out quickly so if you are looking to place an order we suggest you put it in as soon as you can.

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Apple crates / vintage wooden crates make fab props for rustic or vintage weddings. Stack them up to create a table, place one upside down on a table to create height. Stack three on top on each other and fill the top crate with plants or flowers – they make lovely planters.

Crates are also ideal for home storage so they will have plenty of use after your wedding.

vintage apple crates wooden crates bushel crates back in stock

A few ideas for using wooden apple friut boxes / vintage crates:

Vintage Rustic Wooden Crate Bushel Crate 10   Vintage Rustic Wooden Crate Bushel Crate 11   wooden crates apple boxes wooden crates apple boxes 2   Vintage Rustic Wooden Crate Bushel Crate 8

20 Rustic Wedding Styling Ideas

Here at The Wedding of my Dreams we have put together our favourite 20 + rustic wedding styling ideas. If you like our rustic wedding ideas make sure you check out our full range of rustic wedding decorations.

20 rustic wedding styling ideas See our range of rustic wedding decorations.

If you have any more rustic wedding styling ideas we’d love to hear them in the comments box below.

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