Blackboard wedding decorations are great for summer weddings. A simple and effective DIY way to add a personal touch to your wedding decor. We have lots of blackboard wedding ideas to share with you.

Use large blackboards or chalkboards around your wedding venue. Use large blackboards as directional signs, greet your guests, write the order of the day or just use the blackboards for quotes and sayings.blackboard wedding decorations

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Blackboards are perfect for your wedding table plans and numbering tables. Use large blackboards, or special blackboard stickers which stick onto flat surfaces for your table plans. Or you could use mini blackboard labels to label jam jars or terracotta pots with numbers for a more unique table plan idea.

Numbering your tables with blackboard signs which stick into your table centres is one way of numbering your tables, alternatively have slate place settings and write each guests name on the sate with chalk. For an all in one table centre and table number blackboard buckets are fab. Write the table name or number on the front of the bucket in chalk and then fill with gorgeous seasonal flowers.
blackboard wedding table numbers

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blackboard wedding table plan

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blackboard wedding table decorations

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blackboard wedding labels

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blackboard labels sweetie buffets

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blackboard wedding table plan

{Source: blackboard stickers for wedding table plan}

Are you using blackboard decorations at your wedding?

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