Have you decided how you are going to display your wedding table numbers yet or are you still looking for ideas? There are loads of creative ways to display your wedding table numbers and today we have gathered together our favourites.

Wedding Table Number Ideas ~ Frames

Choosing a frame to display your wedding table numbers in is a lovely idea, you can choose identical frames for every table or mix them up. Frames can be different shapes and sizes to fit with your wedding style. If you are using frames for your wedding table numbers you can probably print the table numbers out yourself, choose an appropriate font (we love dafont.com) and pretty paper to print on to.wedding table numbers in framesideas for wedding table numbers

Image source: 1 Large frame for table numbers 2 Gold framed wedding table numbers 3 White distressed wooden frame 4 Moss number on perspex frame 5 Small white frame wedding table numbers 6 Ornate footed frame for beaded wedding table number

Wedding Table Number Ideas ~ Wine Bottles

Have you thought of using the wine bottles on your guest tables as part of your decorations? Wine bottles or water bottles are a great place to display your wedding table numbers, and the bottles can tie in with your overall wedding style. Use hessian draped over bottles for a more rustic wedding or a chic black and white label for a more classic look.wedding table numbers wine bottlewedding table numbers wine bottle 2wedding table number hessian bottle

Image source: 7 wedding table number on wine bottle 8 table number sticker on wine bottle 9 table number on water bottle 10 Burlap wedding table number over bottle 11 Hessian table number for bottle

Wedding Table Numbers ~ Part of the centrepiece

Make your wedding table numbers become a part of your wedding centrepieces, tie luggage tags with table numbers stamped on on around the neck of a bottle or jam jar or peg or tie on to your centrepieces.

wedding table number luggage tagswedding table number as centrepiece

Image source: 12 Table number disc around neck of bottle 13 Luggage tag table number on vases 14 Table number pegged to bottle 15 Wooden table number tied to bottle with twine

Wedding Table Numbers ~ Free Standing

For free standing table numbers there is plenty of choice, table number cards look fab and there are loads available to tie in with your wedding style. For something a little more robust wooden table numbers look lovely in the centre of wedding tables.wedding table numbers free standingbrown card wedding table numberswooden wedding table numbers

Image source: 16 Table number leaning against vase 17 Wooden table number 18 Table number card standing up on pegs 19 Rustic brown card table numbers 20 Black and white wooden table numbers

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