This week our wedding decoration of the week is our most popular lighting option for outdoor wedding lighting. Our globe string lights can add that special touch to any space. Hang them outdoors above walkways, from trees, over the terrace above seating areas… the list is endless. The globe string lights can also be used indoors too, hang inside marquees for wow factor or from wooden beams if you have chosen that sort of venue.

Globe String Lights

globe string lights bulbs outdoor lighting weddingsView our globe string lights for sale in our shop

Product Details

  • This string of light bulbs will look fab draped from trees at outdoor venues, weddings or even in your garden around a sun umbrella.
  • Each string of light bulbs measures 6m in length with 20 bulbs, if you buy more than on set you can plug them into each other so you will only need one power supply for whatever length you create.
  • They need to be plugged into a power socket (UK plug).
  • One set is a string of 6m.
  • Buy more than one set and connect to each other to create a longer length.
  • Price: £46
  • View in shop

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