If you are looking for something elegant yet unusual for your wedding centrepieces, how about using glass decanters. Glass decanters come in lots of different shapes and sizes and can be used as vases together with smaller pressed glass vases on a table. Whether you choose just to have one decanter on each table or a group of 3 – 5 depending on their size. You can also create different heights on the table by placing decanters on cake stands. Here at The Wedding of my Dreams we have loved this idea for a while now and have a couple of different decanters we sell for wedding centrepieces, of course you may prefer to browse vintage shops in search of your wedding centrepiece decanters and can always top up with ours if you can’t find enough. You could also use the decanter to show off your table numbers by hanging a tag around the neck of the vase.

Pressed Glass Decanter Wedding Centrepiece

pressed glass decanters wedding centrepiece vases

Image source: 1. Glass decanter grouping on wedding ceremony table – vases by The Wedding of my Dreams, photography Daffodil Waves Photography 2. Glass decanter grouping in centre of table – image sourced from Boho Weddings 3. Glass decanter vase used to display table number – image sourced fromĀ Wedding Chicks

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