Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

These wedding cake toppers can transform the simplest wedding cake. We love our newest cake toppers here at The Wedding of my Dreams. They are such a simple idea and look fab on wedding cakes. eat me cake topper Source: Rock My WeddingChristian Ward Photography

About our wedding cake toppers

Our cake toppers come in a variety of designs, we currently have Eat Me Cake Toppers, Mr & Mrs Cake Toppers, It Must Be Love, Love Love Cake Toppers and It's A Nice Day For A White Wedding Cake Toppers. Even if you don't have them on your main wedding cake they would look amazing on a smaller cake on your desert table, amongst your other sweet treats. You can re-use the cake toppers and keep them as a reminder of your special day. All designs come in black, white or hot pink and are priced at £16.99. If you are interested in different colours or have ideas for new designs we'd love to hear from you.  shop this look copy

One thought on “Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

  1. I’m looking for a cake topper that says ’80 years loved’ and was wondering if you would be able to make one for me, thank you, Tracey

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