We love a unique wedding table plan here at The Wedding of my Dreams, today we have pulled together our top 7 ideas for wedding table plans. Which is your favourite? Or are you making your own table plan, we’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

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7 Unique Wedding Table Plans

1. Rustic Wedding Table Plan with flower pots – available here

Add flowers the the silver pots and tie luggage tags to the front to show your guests where they will be sitting.

Rustic Wedding Table plan With Silver Flower Pots

2. Wedding Table Plan In Vintage Crate Filled With Flowers

Add a bed of flowers to your vintage crate or ask your florist to do this for you. Poke in some rustic heart table number holders to hold your table plan cards and let guests find their seat. You can personalise your wooden crate by spay painting your name and wedding date on the front using a stencil.

wedding table plan in vintage crate

3. World Map Wedding Table PlanĀ – available here

Name your tables after countries you have visited together as a couple. Use this world map table plan to display at your wedding, add the guests names to a luggage tags and pin that luggage tag on to the country (table) they are sitting at.

world map wedding table plan

4. Cream Heart Wedding Table Plan – available here

Present your wedding table plan on this fab cream heart frame, style with luggage tags and antique keys. We love the TABLE PLAN wording across the top made from alphabet stickers.

Rustic Vintage Wedding Table Plan Cream Heart Frame

5. Blackboard Bucket Wedding Table PlanĀ – available here

Stack up some vintage crates to make some shelving and add blackboard buckets filled with potted plants or herbs. Write the table numbers on the front of the buckets and string up mini bunting with your guests names on inside each bucket. Read our step by step instructions showing you how to make this blackboard bucket table plan here.

wedding table plan blackboard buckets

6. Vintage Birdcage Wedding Table Plan – available here

Our best selling birdcage makes a fab table plan. And after your wedding you can use it at home as a notice board.

birdcage vintage wedding table plan

7. Potted Plant Wedding Table Plan

Another fab idea for a wedding table plan, stack up potted plants on vintage crates and stamp your guests names on to lolly pop sticks. Poke each name into the corresponding plant and add a blackboard stick for the table number.

wedding table plan potted plants

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  1. hello im getting married in july 2015 and im looking for a table plan something nice not expensive, prefer white colour no cream and i would like some advice from you please thank you gabriella

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