Our tea light holders are one of our most popular items here at The Wedding of my Dreams. Almost all our customers have at least a few tea light holders in their basket when they checkout, and we are not surprised. We love candle light too! I am sure you have already decided where you might be placing your tea light holders at your wedding but maybe you could do with a little more inspiration. There are lots of places tea light holders can be used at weddings, here we have created a checklist showing the many possible places tea light holders can be used at weddings.

Where Can I Use Tea Light Holders At My Wedding?

where can I use tea light holders at my wedding

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Here at The Wedding of my Dreams we sellĀ tea light holders for all wedding styles, whether you are opting for a rustic style, country garden style or classic wedding. Browse our collection of tea light holders for sale in our shop. Below are just a few of our favourites. See the full collection here.

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