Have you read our post ‘Use lanterns as wedding centrepieces‘ and are now wondering exactly how to add flowers to lanterns? What do I attach them with? And how do I keep them fresh?

Well we thought we’d give you a quick demo, through our sister company Passion for Flowers we are often adding florals to lanterns, table plans, ladders, poles and all sorts of things. For the lanterns we have found using a small piece of Oasis is by far the easiest way and it ensures your flowers have a drink.

At the bottom of this post is a video but first we thought it would be easier to show you some step by step photos of the process. It is really simple, we promise, you could ask your Mum and bridesmaids to lend a helping hand the day before the wedding to get these prepared, it’s actually really fun and get’s everyone excited about the big day.

The lanterns we have used in this demo are our black lanterns, the same technique can be used on any lantern, browse our full collection of lanterns here

How to add flowers to lanterns for weddings

How to add flowers to lanterns weddings


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