Ideas For Displaying Wedding Confetti – SHOP THIS LOOK

Throwing wedding confetti over the newlyweds as they leave the ceremony is one of the most romantic traditions out there. This long-standing traditions offers beautiful opportunities for your wedding photographs, and it’s a fun way of getting your guests involved in the wedding day. You can make your wedding confetti moment a focal point of your wedding day and venue decor. Discover some of our gorgeous ideas for displaying wedding confetti at your special day…

Ideas For Displaying Wedding Confetti – SHOP THIS LOOK

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We suggest creating a designated area at your venue for displaying wedding confetti. A small table will offer enough space for you to create a gorgeous display that reflects your theme and colour scheme. Our blush pink lace table runner sets the scene beautifully, and can effortlessly add a hint of romance to a wooden table.

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Use wooden crates to decorate your wedding confetti table. You could use them to hold your wedding confetti, as shelves to hold vases or you could even dot them around your table. Fill with them flowers for a gorgeous Summer wedding celebration.

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You could add some wooden signage to let your guests know where to collect their wedding confetti – perfect if you’re having a rustic theme! There are lots of lovely quotes to write on your sign, but we are particularly fond of “Confetti here, champagne there and love everywhere!”.

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This pink glass vase is the perfect addition for a wedding confetti table and it looks just stunning bursting with beautiful blooms. Simply place it next to the sign or alongside your wedding confetti. Tie it in with the rest of your wedding day by using them as part of your table centrepieces and venue decor.

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Our pretty white confetti cones can suit any theme or style of wedding, and they’re guaranteed to look elegant. We styled them using this cream wooden trug, which is a wonderful fit for a country barn or shabby chic wedding. Plus, the neutral shades of the cones and trug make the colour of the summer mix wedding confetti petals pop!

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Our ‘Sprinkle Me‘ and ‘Throw Me‘  cotton bags are just perfect for displaying wedding confetti. Fill them with a choice of our biodegradable wedding confetti petals.

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Alternatively, these glass jars are another fab way of displaying wedding confetti. You could offer guests a scoop so they can help themselves to the confetti after the ceremony. Team them with small glass vases full of pretty flowers or glass tea light holders. Your wedding confetti table will look wonderful.

ideas for displaying wedding confetti from the wedding of my dreams (1)

Add a pretty pop of colour to your wedding confetti table with an array of pink glass vases. Your guests will adore picking up the wedding confetti while admiring the gorgeous display.

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There are so many beautiful ideas for displaying wedding confetti. The confetti moment is one of the most romantic aspects of any wedding. Take a peek at our wedding confetti collection and shop the look here. How will you display your wedding confetti? We’d love to know.

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When To Buy Natural Wedding Confetti Petals?

Are you using our natural biodegradable confetti petals for your wedding confetti? You’ve made a great choice if you are. Our confetti petals come in 5 different colour ways to suit any style of wedding, ivory, blush pink, deep purple, blue and summer mix (our favourite!).

When To Buy Natural Wedding Confetti Petals? And many more questions answered…

Read on to find out some of our frequently asked questions about buying real confetti petals for your wedding.

See our wedding petal confetti for sale here.

Natural biodegradable wedding confetti petals in blue pink cream purple mix

Here we have answered some of your most common confetti petal questions.

Are your petals biodegradable?

Yes! Our petals are 100% natural and biodegradable. Our petals all come from delphiniums which have been grown with love and care on a family farm. The petals are hand picked and packed with no artificial colourings added.

My venue only allows natural petals. Are yours OK?

Most venues and churches are perfectly happy with biodegradable petals. Our petals will biodegrade in a couple of days so the venue will not have to sweep them up. If petals are left scattered around your venue they act exactly the same as blossom falling from trees or petals falling from flowers and will biodegrade very quickly.

When Should I Buy My Confetti?

Our petals last for up to 1 year. We suggest ordering 2 – 3 months before your wedding as they will keep so well, but don’t worry if you leave it until the last minute as we have a next day delivery option you can choose. Once you receive the petals we suggest storing them in a cool dry place.

How much should I buy?

We sell our petals by the handful to make it easy for you to calculate this. One handful will also fill one cone.

Do I need to buy enough petals for everyone attending my wedding?

This is completely up to you! You can buy enough for everyone if you wish, or just for half the number of guests as you may find couples only take one handful between them. Some guests may also bring their own confetti.

I’m sprinkling the petals over a table, how much should I buy?

Our petals make a lovely table decoration, sprinkle one handful over each round table or trestle table. Use blush pink natural confetti petals to cover tables - available from The Wedding of my Dreams @theweddingomd

What do you suggest I present the petals in?

You can keep it simple and pour your petals into a basket or trug that is left at the back of the church for guests to help themselves.


Display your confetti petals in paper cones for guests to have a cone each or cone between their family.


Alternatively display your confetti petals in glass jars, you could have a mix of different colours and guests could help themselves as to which colour they fancy.


Our cotton confetti bags are also a popular choice, we have bags that read ‘sprinkle me‘ and ‘throw me‘ which is a lovely touch. Or how about pouring your petals into cones.

Sprinkle Me / Throw Me petal confetti bags - available from The Wedding of my Dreams @theweddingomd

Pop to the shop to see our natural confetti!

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Natural biodegradable wedding confetti petals where to buy when to buy how much to buy


White Confetti Cones

Wondering how you are going to present your wedding confetti? We absolutely love our new white confetti cones. They go with pretty much any wedding style and can make a beautiful display at your wedding ceremony. Fill all the cones up with your confetti petals and stand up in a wooden trug or basket. Guests will be able to help themselves to a cone at the end of the ceremony and shower you with petals.

If you are looking for confetti petals to fill your cones all our petals and biodegradable and accepted by most wedding venues. Browse our different colours here.

White Confetti Cones

White confetti cones for wedding petals available from @theweddingomd

View our white confetti cones for sale here

Product Details

  • Our white paper confetti cones really are perfect, they have pretty scalloped edges. Fill each cone with a handful of confetti for each guest or to share between families.
  • These cones go with all colours of confetti petals.
  • The cones come with twine which we think looks great when you use it to hang a cone from everyone’s chair at the ceremony.
  • Confetti Cones measure: 11cm (W) x 16cm (H).
  • £5 for pack of 10
  • View in shop

Five Fab Ideas – Cute Confetti Bags 

I love throwing confetti at weddings and I think it’s one of the most exciting parts of the day. I also adore the ‘confetti shot’ and how it beautifully reflects the happiness of the newlyweds and guests. There are tons of fabulous ways of presenting your wedding confetti, so let’s take a look at some cute ideas for confetti bags!

main image

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Throw Me Confetti Bags

Our ‘Throw Me’ cotton confetti bags (pictured above) are a popular choice for brides and grooms, and they look particularly fab displayed in a basket. Keep at the front of the church or ceremony room so that your guests can each pick up a bag on their way out. You can order the bags empty, or already filled with colourful confetti – or lavender grain!

Rustic Hessian Bags

Planning a country wedding? Or maybe you’re having a rustic affair? If so, hessian bags will fit in with your theme perfectly. Display in a wooden crate by your wedding venue entrance for an organic feel. Hessian confetti bags are best suited to natural confetti, such as lavender or dried rose petals. Why not add a little wooden sign with ‘throw some love’ written in calligraphy – this way your guests know exactly where to find it! -

Image Source Photographer

Something Different

Looking for something completely original? Confetti bags don’t have to be small, you could simply have 4 or 5 large hessian bags or brown paper bags brimming with confetti, dried leaves or sprigs of lavender. I love the thought of filling bags with olive tree leaves – perfect for an Italian, Summer soiree. -

Image Source Photographer

Get Personal

Personalised confetti bags are always a wonderful option. Having your names, wedding date and a lovely message written on each bag makes for an extra special celebration. Take a look at these fun, personalised confetti bags made up of organza material. -

Image SourcePhotographer

Double Up

I’ve sometimes found at weddings that it’s not clear where the confetti is and you end up missing the part where you throw it! Avoid this issue by attaching your confetti bags to the order of service, or your wedding programs. Your guests will love this idea and it’s something they probably won’t have seen before! -

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It’s easy to match your choice of confetti to your wedding theme too. For instance, if you’ve got a particular colour scheme why not match your choice of confetti colour to it? If you’ve opted for a floral wedding theme, then pretty dried petals are a must-have! Planning a wedding on a budget? Why not use cut shapes out of coloured paper or old newspapers? It may be time-consuming but it is the perfect option for a DIY savvy bride and groom. whimsicalwonderlandweddings

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Whether you’ve gone for organza or hessian, real petals or artificial petals, confetti is a beautiful part of any wedding day. The confetti shot is always natural, and you’re guaranteed to be beaming…

shop-now Shop now! Biodegreadable petal confetti + confetti bags


Natural Confetti Petals For Sale (Biodegradable)

Our natural confetti petals are such a popular choice, especially for summer weddings. Our confetti is perfect if your venue is a little fussy on confetti, most churches ask for natural petals that are biodegradable. Our confetti is 100% natural, they are delphinium petals that have been grown in England and will biodegrade naturally.

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Natural Confetti Petals For Sale

Natural confetti petals (biodegradable) available from @theweddingomd

View our confetti petals for sale in our shop

Product Details

  • Natural delphinium confetti petals.
  • Available in soft pink, ivory, deep blue/purple, summer mix (ivory, pink and purple)
  • As delphinium petals are small they gently float to the ground when thrown in the air giving that perfect confetti moment.
  • Remember you don’t have to supply each guest with throwing confetti, you can limit this to just the bridal party perhaps only give petals out to ladies. Why not put your bags of petals in a gorgeous basket with a note saying ‘hand picked petals help yourself’.
  • Large organza bags (10 -12 small handfuls or enough for a generous covering over 10 guest tables)
  • Small organza bags (approx 1 small handful for throwing)
  • Our confetti is biodegradable.
  • Petals can be purchased up to 2 – 3 months before your wedding, we suggest storing them in a cool dry place.
  • Price: large organza bag £10.95 (10 -12 small handfuls)
  • Price: small organza bag £1.50 (approx 1 small handful)
  • View in shop

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