How To Create A Confetti Bar – Step By Step Guide

A confetti bar is a fun and fabulous way to get your guests involved at your wedding day. They'll adore helping themselves to the confetti bar, and it'll give your big day a DIY touch. It'll also make that magical confetti moment after you've said 'I Do' even more special. Plus, with our step by step guide it's incredibly easy to recreate! Find out how…

How To Create A Confetti Bar - Step By Step Guide

How to make a confetti bar You Will Need: Cream Wooden Trug Summer Mix Wedding Confetti Brown Luggage Tags Rustic Brown Alphabet Stickers We suggest having a designated table for your confetti bar. Fill a wooden trug with some colourful confetti. We've opted for a gorgeous summer mix, consisting of various pink, purple and ivory petals. Our Sprinkle Me and Throw Me cotton bags are a lovely addition for your confetti bar, and you can offer them to guests if they'd rather take a bag of confetti. How to make a confetti bar 2 Using the luggage tags and alphabet stickers, spell out 'CONFETTI BAR' and attach each luggage tag to a piece of twine ribbon. You'll need to measure the length of the wooden trug, so that you can tie the twine ribbon to each end. This will let your guests know to help themselves! How to make a confetti bar 3 As you can see, a confetti bar is super easy to create but it's a wonderful addition to your wedding day.

Alternative Confetti Bar

There are lots of different ways you can create a confetti station. Take a look at our alternative idea for creating a unique bar for your wedding confetti… You Will Need: Glass Sweet Jar 14cm Glass Sweet Jar 18cm Glass Sweet Jar 24cm Box of Dried Carpet Moss How to make a confetti bar 4 You could add a rustic touch by covering a wooden crate or vintage books with dried carpet moss. Glass sweet jars in various sizes can also be used to hold different colours and types of confetti. Simply hang your CONFETTI BAR sign above the glass jars or as a backdrop. Wedding confetti bars are predicted to be a huge trend for 2017 weddings. Guests adore the 'self-serve' element, and it can definitely add a fun touch to your big day. shop-now  

Create A Wedding Confetti Bar For Your Guests 

2016 saw the appearance of self-serve cocktail stations and sweet bars bursting with yummy treats, but 2017 is all about creating a DIY wedding confetti bar for your guests. Whether you're planning a metallic wedding day bursting with glitz and glamour, a rustic barn celebration or a vintage affair, a confetti bar is a fabulous addition to your big day. Create A Wedding Confetti Bar For Your Guests available to buy online from @theweddingomd create-a-confetti-bar-for-your-guests-to-help-themselves-by-theweddingomd Image Source - Photographer A confetti bar is surprisingly simple and easy to style and it's a wonderful way of adding to your venue decor. Plus, it gives you a chance to get creative and allows you to express your personality and wedding style. One of the best things about a wedding confetti bar is the fact that it can be designed to suit any theme and you can effortlessly make it unique.

Create A Wedding Confetti Bar For Your Guests

If you're dreaming of a pretty vintage or country garden wedding theme, listen up! A quaint desk or table with an antique feel is the perfect base for your confetti bar. Use an old-fashioned sign, frame or chalkboard to let your guests know about your confetti bar, and stand it against the table. Fill vintage baskets with pretty petals and offer your guests cones adorned with lace detailing. Create A Wedding Confetti Bar For Your Guests  theknot-com-onelove-photo-com Image Source - Photographer Metallic wedding colour schemes are here to stay for 2017, so why not use gold as the inspiration for your wedding confetti bar? Metallic calligraphy written on mirrors or acrylic signs will look fab. Fill clear or gold vases with sequins, feathers or even glitter! You'll sparkle for the rest of your wedding day. You could use a vintage-inspired bar cart as a base for your confetti bar – it'll give your big day a dash of Gatsby glamour! bridal-musings-theglitterguide-comCreate A Wedding Confetti Bar For Your Guests  Image Source - Photographer There are no rules when it comes to confetti, and it seems more and more couples are opting for alternative confetti ideas. If you're planning a rustic or destination wedding, we love the thought of using a variety of herbs as your confetti. From dried lavender to handfuls of mint – the choice is yours! Create A Wedding Confetti Bar For Your Guests  stylemepretty-com-whitehautephotography-com Image Source - Photographer We love the idea of displaying your confetti bar in a vintage chest of drawers, and using each draw as an compartment for different types and colours of confetti. Offer your guests scoops so that they can fill cones, jars or hessian bags with their chosen confetti. It'll look ultra-stylish at your wedding venue, and it'll be something your guests won't have seen before. Create A Wedding Confetti Bar For Your Guests  stylemepretty-com-marialamb-co Image Source - Photographer Wooden crates are seriously useful when it comes to wedding decor, and they can be used as part of your confetti bar. Fill the crates with loose petals, or use them as storage for kilner and mason jars brimming with confetti. They're a fab touch if you're opting for a rustic or country wedding theme, and they'll fit in with your decor perfectly. Create A Wedding Confetti Bar For Your Guests  samitipi-co-uk-yvonnelishmanphotography-co-uk Image Source - Photographer If you're stuck for ideas on how to decorate your confetti bar – don't fret! Tassel garlands in a mixture of colours look gorgeous hung behind your confetti bar or along the top of the table. Why not spell out 'Confetti Bar' with some cute bunting and drape it across your confetti station? Create A Wedding Confetti Bar For Your Guests  bestfriendsforfrosting-com-madelinetrait-com Image Source - Photographer Offer your guests a variety of colours and types of confetti to choose from – they'll love heading over to your bar and creating their very own cone of confetti. Create A Wedding Confetti Bar For Your Guests  somethingturquoise-com Image Source - Photographer Are you planning a woodland wedding? Or perhaps you love the thought of an eco-friendly celebration? If so, consider creating a DIY confetti bar using natural flowers, leaves and woodland treasures. Simple wicker baskets will look lovely bursting with woodland-inspired confetti. Create A Wedding Confetti Bar For Your Guests  whimsicalwonderlandweddings-com-lisahowardphotography-co-uk Image Source - Photographer There are so many ways to for your guests to collect their confetti. From mini burlap bags, pretty lace cones, jam jars, plastic cups or even baskets – the options are endless. Your guaranteed to find a style to suit your wedding theme! Our cotton bags have 'Sprinkle Me' and 'Throw Me' written on the front, giving them an extra special touch! You could even source personalised bags with your wedding date and names on the front. Create A Wedding Confetti Bar For Your Guests available to buy online from @theweddingomd throw_me_petal_confetti_bags_2_1024x1024 Image Source - Photographer Our glass sweet jars are perfect for storing candy and tasty treats, but they also look wonderful filled to the brim with petals, glitter and colourful paper. Display on a table with a chalkboard sign and decorate to your chosen wedding style. Create A Wedding Confetti Bar For Your Guests available to buy online from @theweddingomd glass_candy_jar_14_cm_3_1024x1024 Image Source - Photographer A confetti bar adds a unique and fun touch to your wedding decor and it gives your guests a chance to get involved during your special day. Do you love the thought of a confetti bar? shop-now