How To Create A Confetti Bar – Step By Step Guide

A confetti bar is a fun and fabulous way to get your guests involved at your wedding day. They'll adore helping themselves to the confetti bar, and it'll give your big day a DIY touch. It'll also make that magical confetti moment after you've said 'I Do' even more special. Plus, with our step by step guide it's incredibly easy to recreate! Find out how…

How To Create A Confetti Bar - Step By Step Guide

How to make a confetti bar You Will Need: Cream Wooden Trug Summer Mix Wedding Confetti Brown Luggage Tags Rustic Brown Alphabet Stickers We suggest having a designated table for your confetti bar. Fill a wooden trug with some colourful confetti. We've opted for a gorgeous summer mix, consisting of various pink, purple and ivory petals. Our Sprinkle Me and Throw Me cotton bags are a lovely addition for your confetti bar, and you can offer them to guests if they'd rather take a bag of confetti. How to make a confetti bar 2 Using the luggage tags and alphabet stickers, spell out 'CONFETTI BAR' and attach each luggage tag to a piece of twine ribbon. You'll need to measure the length of the wooden trug, so that you can tie the twine ribbon to each end. This will let your guests know to help themselves! How to make a confetti bar 3 As you can see, a confetti bar is super easy to create but it's a wonderful addition to your wedding day.

Alternative Confetti Bar

There are lots of different ways you can create a confetti station. Take a look at our alternative idea for creating a unique bar for your wedding confetti… You Will Need: Glass Sweet Jar 14cm Glass Sweet Jar 18cm Glass Sweet Jar 24cm Box of Dried Carpet Moss How to make a confetti bar 4 You could add a rustic touch by covering a wooden crate or vintage books with dried carpet moss. Glass sweet jars in various sizes can also be used to hold different colours and types of confetti. Simply hang your CONFETTI BAR sign above the glass jars or as a backdrop. Wedding confetti bars are predicted to be a huge trend for 2017 weddings. Guests adore the 'self-serve' element, and it can definitely add a fun touch to your big day. shop-now  

Natural Confetti Petals For Sale (Biodegradable)

Our natural confetti petals are such a popular choice, especially for summer weddings. Our confetti is perfect if your venue is a little fussy on confetti, most churches ask for natural petals that are biodegradable. Our confetti is 100% natural, they are delphinium petals that have been grown in England and will biodegrade naturally. If you are thinking of using confetti petals at your wedding you might like some of our recent blog posts: Ways To Present Confetti Petals – Confetti Cones, Confetti Bags, Baskets How To Make Paper Confetti Cones – Step By Step Guide Ways To Use Petals At Your Wedding

Natural Confetti Petals For Sale

Natural confetti petals (biodegradable) available from @theweddingomd View our confetti petals for sale in our shop

Product Details

  • Natural delphinium confetti petals.
  • Available in soft pink, ivory, deep blue/purple, summer mix (ivory, pink and purple)
  • As delphinium petals are small they gently float to the ground when thrown in the air giving that perfect confetti moment.
  • Remember you don't have to supply each guest with throwing confetti, you can limit this to just the bridal party perhaps only give petals out to ladies. Why not put your bags of petals in a gorgeous basket with a note saying 'hand picked petals help yourself'.
  • Large organza bags (10 -12 small handfuls or enough for a generous covering over 10 guest tables)
  • Small organza bags (approx 1 small handful for throwing)
  • Our confetti is biodegradable.
  • Petals can be purchased up to 2 - 3 months before your wedding, we suggest storing them in a cool dry place.
  • Price: large organza bag £10.95 (10 -12 small handfuls)
  • Price: small organza bag £1.50 (approx 1 small handful)
  • View in shop

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