Birdcage Wedding Table Plan – Make Your Own Table Plan

This week our wedding decoration of the week is our birdcage wedding table plan. This birdcage table plan has been a firm favouritre with our brides for a while. The birdcage is a rusty brown colour but we have known our customers to spray paint it cream, copper and gold to tie in with their wedding colour scheme. Incorporating birdcages into your wedding styling can be a lovely look for Spring and Summer weddings. For more birdcage ideas you might like our mint green footed birdcages or hanging birdcages suitable for centrepieces or extra decorations.

Birdcage Wedding Table Plan

Birdcage wedding table plan available from @theweddingomd

View our birdcage wedding table plan for sale in our shop

Product Details

  • The slightly domed Antique finished metal frame complete with love bird comes with 12 x limed wooden pegs to hold your Table Cards in place.
  •  These birdcages can also be used as a notice board, great to be used as a wedding planner, use in the countdown to your wedding day and as a perfect memento afterwards for photos and memos.
  •  If you need extra pegs to go with our birdcage table plan we suggest you use our wooden pegs.
  •   Size 56 x 5 x 89 cm
  • View in shop
  • Price: £37

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London Tube Map Wedding Table Plan

Are you getting married in London or perhaps you met you fiancée in London and want to have an element of London in your wedding décor? Our London Tube map wedding table plan can look great at your wedding. Name the tables after various tube stops in London, perhaps choose areas you have lived, been on dates, attended parties… perhaps he even proposed in London? The choice is yours.

London tube map wedding table plan

london underground map wedding table plan View our london tube map wedding table plan for sale in our shop

Product Details

  • Our London underground map print could make the basis of a wonderfully unique wedding table plan.
  • This vintage London underground map print measures 28″ x 20″ and is printed on archival quality Italian laid paper stock.
  • Please note this is a vintage London underground map and does not have all the current underground stations.
  • See below the steps to follow to make a table plan from our print.
  • Price: £7.50
  • View in shop

How to make a London Underground map into a wedding table plan

1. Find a frame or stick the London underground map print onto foam board with our decorative tape
2. Choose places in London which mean something special to you as a couple – these will be your table names
3. Stick a pin in the places you have chosen
4. Write your table name followed by guests names on luggage tags and attach to each pin
5. Keep in your home as a reminder of your wedding day
*Read our step by step tutorial showing how to make this London table plan here.



Rustic Brown Alphabet Stickers – For DIY Wedding Projects

If you are crafting anything or working on any DIY projects for your wedding our rustic brown alphabet stickers may come in handy. These stickers can have a number of uses. Use the individual letter stickers to spell out words such as CARDS, TABLE PLAN or HAPPY EVER AFTER. They fit perfectly onto our luggage tags and you can hang them from a vintage suitcase to collect your cards in or display on your table plan.

Use the individual letters on small gift boxes (for wedding favours or gifts) or again use the luggage tags as gift tags and label with the initial of the recipient. We love personal finishing touches like this.

Rustic Brown Alphabet Stickers

rustic brown alphabet letter stickers for wedding decorations View our rustic brown alphabet stickers for sale in our shop

Products Details

  • Each sticker has a brown paper background with a black rustic letter printed onto it.
  • Each sticker is approx. 4cm x 4cm one A4 sheet has 35 letters in total.
  • Please see product listing for letter quantities per A4 sheet.
  • Price: £1.75 per A4 sheet
  • View in shop

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