Top 10 Magical Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – to tie the knot! Today’s post is all about our favourite wedding decorations that are perfect for a magical Winter wonderland wedding theme. A Winter wonderland wedding theme uses lots of enchanting colours including silver, white, icy blue and a sprinkling of glitter! Keep reading and find out how you can pull it off…

Sparklers at Weddings

We love using sparklers at weddings throughout the year, but we think they’re especially magical at a Winter wonderland wedding. They’re ultra-romantic and a fun way to keep your guests entertained in the evening. Plus, they make for stunning wedding photographs. Keep a pot of sparklers at your wedding venue and offer them to your guests as favours. Perhaps choose a specific time to light them in the evening so that your photographer can be sure to capture it all on camera. They’re an easy way to add a dash of sparkle to your special day. 10 magical winter wonderland wedding decorations stylemepretty-com-omalleyphotographers-com Image Source - Photographer

Sparkling Silver Wedding Tables

Your reception tables have a huge impact on your wedding décor, so make sure they fit in with a Winter wonderland wedding theme. Silver lanterns full of tea-lights make for charming table centrepieces. Plus, candles will create a warm and welcoming glow to your reception. As it gets darker much earlier during the Winter, you’ll find that you need to use a lot of candles and effective lighting during your reception. Opt for silver glittery table numbers to show your guests to their seats in style. 10 magical winter wonderland wedding decorations stylemepretty-com-jeffgreenough-com Image Source - Photographer

Stunning Winter Centrepieces

There are so many choices when it comes to Winter wonderland wedding centrepieces. Silver mercury vases full of Winter blooms will definitely have the ‘WOW’ factor. Fill your vases with eucalyptus, sprigs of evergreen, white roses and dusty miller foliage. The combination of colours will create an elegant centrepiece that’s made for a magical Winter wedding. 10 magical winter wonderland wedding decorations stylemepretty-com-fsphotostudio-com Image Source - Photographer

Magical Winter Crystals

A string of crystals is seriously versatile when it comes to wedding decorations and there are so many ways they can can be used at your venue. Drape across silver candelabra for a subtle Winter sparkle at your wedding tables. Alternatively, you could hang them across the back of your chairs as glamorous chair covers. If you’re having a Christmas tree at your wedding, they look stunning wrapped around the branches. We love the thought of creating a crystal ceremony backdrop for when you say ‘I Do’. Simply link the string of crystals together and hang at the back of your ceremony area. They’ll twinkle and sparkle as you marry the love of your life. 10 magical winter wonderland wedding decorations available from @theweddingomd theweddingofmydreams-co-ukstring-of-crystals Image Source - Photographer

Winter Wonderland Wedding Tree

A Christmas tree can easily be a part of your wedding venue décor. But we’re not talking about traditional fir Christmas trees, we’re talking about a guest book Christmas tree! All you need to do is spray paint a small branch that’s free from any leaves. We recommend silver, white or even icy blue. Place it in a pot and weigh it down with pine-cones, baubles or anything else that takes your fancy. Ask your guests to write a lovely message or piece advice on a luggage tag and attach it to the branches of the tree. You’ve got yourself a unique Christmas tree guest book that you can treasure forever. 10 magical winter wonderland wedding decorations stylemepretty-com-erickelley-com Image Source - Photographer

Winter Wonderland Centrepieces

You can also use trees and branches as part of your Winter wonderland wedding centrepiece. Branches placed in vases are a simple yet effective way of adding to your table décor. You could decorate the branches with Christmas decorations or pinecones. 10 magical winter wonderland wedding decorations modwedding-com-tealephotography-net Image Source - Photographer

Sparkly Sequin Table Runners

Sequin table runners have taken the wedding world by storm over the last couple of years and they’re absolutely perfect for a Winter wonderland wedding. Whether you use them on your reception tables or your wedding cake table, they’ll effortlessly add a touch of sparkle to your day. 10 magical winter wonderland wedding decorations whimsicalwonderlandweddings-com-jmcsweeneyphotography-co-uk Image Source - Photographer

Frosty Blue Tables

Style your tables with a frosty blue colour palette to make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into a magical Winter wonderland wedding. Icy blue napkins teamed with cool blue plates and cutlery can instantly transform your tables and even your wedding venue. If you’ve already got silver cutlery, why not tie it with a silk blue ribbon for a dash of elegance? 10 magical winter wonderland wedding decorations hellomay-com-au-benyew-com Image Source - Photographer

Light Up Letters and Fairy Lights

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll need to use a lot of lighting throughout your reception in the Winter. Drape pretty fairy lights across the ceiling and entrance of your venue to make your reception feel truly magical. Light-up letters are also a popular way of creating a warm, Winter glow. If you want to go all out with your festive theme, why not opt for light-up stars and dot them around your wedding dance-floor? 10 magical winter wonderland wedding decorations rockmywedding-co-uk-anne-schwarz-com Image Source - Photographer

Snowflake Lanterns

Frosted snowflake lanterns and hanging vases full of tea-lights will look stunning hanging around your wedding venue. You could adorn your gift table, dessert table or wedding entrance with pretty Winter lanterns. Light up the outside of your wedding venue by hanging lanterns from the trees – perfection! featured image fabmood-com-anastasiabelik-com Image Source - Photographer Discover more of our favourite Winter wonderland wedding ideas here! shop-now  

How To Style A Bonfire Night Wedding

A Bonfire Night Wedding is a wonderful way to celebrate your special day with your guests. Whether you love the Autumnal time of year or bonfire night traditions, keep reading to find out how you can style a bonfire night wedding.

Toffee Apple Wedding Favours

One of the most prevalent traditions on bonfire night is of course, delicious toffee apples! You can easily incorporate these tasty delights into your bonfire night wedding. You could create a DIY Toffee Apple Bar and set up a table with bowls of toffee sauce, apples and some lollipop sticks. Alternatively, why not offer ready-made toffee apples as wedding favours? Put in each place setting with a name tag around the packaging or a cute ribbon. how to style a bonfire night wedding hellomay-com-au-the-loved-ones-com  Image Source - Photographer

Roasting Marshmallows

Marshmallows are a must-have at any bonfire night wedding. Offer as wedding favours to your guests so they can roast them later on in the evening at your very own wedding fire pit. You could also create a tempting Smores station next to the fire pit as an alternative to a dessert table. Delicious! show to style a bonfire night wedding tylemepretty-com-johnpluslouise-com Image Source - Photographer

Fire Pit Area

A fire pit will come in very useful at a bonfire night wedding. Whether you use it for roasting marshmallows or simply to keep your guests warm in the evening, they are a fab addition to an Autumn celebration. Plus, they make for some beautiful wedding photograph opportunities. how to style a bonfire night wedding Image Source - Photographer

Build A Bonfire

If you want to go bigger than a fire pit, have you ever considered having a bonfire? In keeping with the Guy Fawkes tradition, build a bonfire ready to be set alight as the wedding parties on into the night. When it comes to fire-related activities, it’s always best to double-check whether your venue can accommodate it. how to style a bonfire night wedding rockmywedding-co-uk-johnhopephotography-com Image Source - Photographer

Bonfire Night Wedding Games

Your bonfire night wedding needs to keep your guests entertained and it’s often when the couple have gone off to have their photographs taken that guests start to get a little bored. Make sure your friends and family are having fun by creating some indoor or outdoor games. Bobbing For Apples is a great addition, particularly for the kids. You’re guaranteed to have your guests laughing! how to style a bonfire night wedding ruffledblog-com-nessakphotography-com Image Source - Photographer

Wedding Sparklers

You’ll know from our previous post that we adore sparklers at weddings and it wouldn’t be a bonfire night wedding without them! They can be used by your guests at the ceremony, after the speeches or as a send off before you go on your honeymoon. how to style a bonfire night wedding weddingchicks-com-paperheartphotos-com Image Source - Photographer

Finish It With Fireworks

Go one step further with your very own bonfire night fireworks! Some wedding venues provide fireworks in their package, but if not it’s always worth discussing if they will allow a firework display in the evening. It’s the perfect way to end your special day and your guests will be seriously impressed. Plus, imagine the wedding photographs! how to style a bonfire night wedding stylemepretty-com-jessbarfield-com Image Source - Photographer shop-now