Lanterns For Wedding Centrepieces

Have you thought about using lanterns for wedding centrepieces? Lanterns in the centre of your tables can look stunning as your centrepieces. Place a pillar candle inside each lantern and add a floral touch to the table. You could add flowers in small vases or bottles around the base of each lantern, or tie a small bunch or posy to a couple of corners of the lanterns. These make lovely centrepieces ane even better, you could gift the lanterns to a nominated guest on each table if you wish. If you have chosen long tables spread out lanterns down the centre of the table, you could alternate them with flowers and candles down the table. Use the same lanterns around the venue, at the entrance, in outdoor spaces, near your guest book to give some continuity to the decor. If you like this idea why not have a look at the lanterns we have available in our shop. See all our lanterns here.

Lanterns For Wedding Centrepieces

lanterns for wedding centrepieces Photo credits: 1 Lantern centrepiece surrounded by flowers // 2 Gold lantern centrepiece with foliage // 3 Lantern centrepiece with bottle vases tied to the corner shop now

Vintage Glass Bottles ~ Ideas for Vintage Rustic Wedding Decorations

vintage glass bottles wedding decorations

Source: Sloan Photographers

Vintage glass bottles in a mismatch of sizes and colours work as beautiful DIY vases for wedding table decorations. Simply add a single stem flower into the bottle and display at your wedding reception.

Vintage bottles can look effective running along your top table, use the colours of flowers and bottles to tie in with your wedding colour scheme. If you have anywhere around your venue or outdoor space which will allow you to hang bottles, they make fab hanging decorations. Simple yet effective!

hanging wedding decorations vintage bottles Source: Ruffled Blog

For your guest tables cluster a group of vintage glass bottles together, either run them along the table if you're opting for long tables or make a group in the centre if you're having round tables.

Use a variety of different sized and coloured glass bottles, or keep them all matching, it's up to you.

vintage glass vases bottles Source: /Bridal Snob /Green Wedding Shoes/Green Wedding Shoes Blog/Flutter Glass Photo/ Mango Studios/

DIY Vintage Escort Cards

If you're looking for a unique way to display your escort cards or want something totally different to a traditional table plan then this might take your fancy. Cluster a number of bottles together on a table, fill with single stem flowers and tie a vintage brown paper luggage tag around the neck of the bottle with the guests name and table number written on it. Guests can collect their bottle and find out where they are sitting, the vases can double up as wedding favours as well.

kitsch escort card ideas Source: Max Wanger

If you are thinking of grouping a number of bottles together for your table centre pieces try tying the bottles with twine, vintage lace or ribbon in the colour of your bridesmaid dresses.

vintgae glass vase bottles tie with string twine Source: Ruffled Blog

Vases/Bottles are a great way to add a little bit of extra decoration to your dessert tables or drinks stations, position them next to your candy jars and fill with bright blooms or subtle coloured roses for a more subdued vintage style candy buffet.

vintage bottles sweet buffet Source: Green Wedding Shoes

If you have any window sills or mantle pieces at your wedding reception venue then line up your bottles in a row or intersperse with candles for a romantic evening glow.

vintage glass vases bottles vintage wedding table decorations

Source: Danielle King Photography / Sergio Mottola Photography

So there you are, there are so many ways to use vintage bottles at your wedding. If you're interested in using glass bottles as part of your wedding decorations then pop along to our shop and see the bottles we have available. shop this look copy

10 Swoon-Worthy Spring Wedding Centrepieces

Now that Spring is well and truly here we thought we'd spoil you with some inspiration for Spring wedding centrepieces. Choosing the perfect centrepiece for your wedding tables can be a difficult decision, as there is so much choice out there and you want it to fit in with your theme while making your tables look fabulous. With a strong focus on beautiful seasonal blooms, we're bringing you 10 of our favourite Spring wedding centrepieces. 10 swoon worthy spring wedding centrepieces Image Source - Photographer

10 Swoon-Worthy Spring Wedding Centrepieces

We think that a Spring wedding is the perfect match for a country garden theme. Style your wedding tables with a variety of mismatched watering cans and fill them with your favourite Spring blooms. Opt for Daffodils, Tulips and handfuls of Sweet Pea for a natural look that looks as if you've hand-picked them from your garden. You could collect different watering cans over the course of your wedding planning, or ask friends and family to help out. The best news is they won't tug on the purse strings! 10 Swoon-Worthy Spring Wedding Centrepieces - Image Source - Photographer A cream jug is a beautiful way to display gorgeous Spring flowers, and it can suit any theme or style of wedding. We suggest placing it on a rustic wooden tree slice and surrounding the jug with lots of little tea lights for a shabby chic style. 10 Swoon-Worthy Spring Wedding Centrepieces - Image Source - Photographer If you've got a wedding venue with high ceilings, such as a rustic tipi or marquee, why not use adorn wooden beams or poles with Spring blooms? This is a lovely alternative to a traditional centrepiece and it's a fab way of decorating your venue. It will also save you heaps of space on your reception tables! 10 Swoon-Worthy Spring Wedding Centrepieces - Image Source - Photographer Dramatic chandeliers entwined with flowers and foliage make for a unique yet beautiful Spring centrepiece. They're a wonderful choice if you're not a huge fan of the chandeliers on their own, and they can look really elegant. 10 Swoon-Worthy Spring Wedding - Image Source - Photographer If you're tying the knot over the Easter weekend, why not incorporate the celebration into your wedding theme? A traditional Easter tree is a lovely option for your Spring wedding centrepieces and they're easy to pull together. Simply fill a jug, vase or pot with some dried twigs and hang little Easter ornaments from the branches. You could write your table number on the front of a jug, or place a small sign between the twigs. 10 Swoon-Worthy Spring Wedding Centrepieces - Image Source - Photographer Birdcages make beautiful table centrepieces throughout the year, but they're a super pretty addition for a Spring wedding. Trail ivy around the outside of the birdcage, or fill it bursting with beautiful blooms. Tea-lights and candles look lovely placed inside the birdcage, particularly in the evening. 10 Swoon-Worthy Spring Wedding Centrepieces © kirsten mavric Image Source - Photographer A pastel colour scheme is simply perfect for a Spring wedding. Painted mason jars in various hues of baby pink, sky blue and mint look gorgeous clustered together. Fill the jars with tea-lights or seasonal posies, and you've got yourself some seriously pretty Spring wedding centrepieces. 10 Swoon-Worthy Spring Wedding Centrepieces - Image Source - Photographer A rustic wedding theme has always been a popular choice for brides and grooms, and it's wonderfully suited to a Spring celebration. A rustic wooden tree slice makes a fab base for your centrepieces, and it'll help to give your wedding venue a woodland vibe. Wrap hessian or burlap ribbon around jam or mason jars and place a handful of pretty yellow blooms in each jar. Opting for yellow flowers will sprinkle your wedding day with sunshine, and it's a subtle nod towards the season. Follow the theme throughout your wedding tables by using a hessian table runner and burlap wedding favour bags. 10 Swoon-Worthy Spring Wedding Centrepieces - Image Source - Photographer If you're planning on using long trestle tables at your wedding reception, you'll need a centrepiece that lines the length of the table. We recommend using an abundance of greenery to cover the centre of your banquet tables. Work in a few tea-lights, candles and colourful Spring flowers for an extra special touch. However, as you'll know from Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2017, greenery alone works just as well. 10 Swoon-Worthy Spring Wedding Centrepieces - Image Source - Photographer If you want to create a relaxed, whimsical wedding theme for your Spring celebration, listen up! We suggest collecting a mixture of jars, bottles and small vases throughout your wedding planning. You'll be able to source them at car boot sales, antique shops or over on The Wedding of My Dreams shop. Using a variety of different styles, colours and shapes will make your wedding tables look absolutely stunning. Place a single posy in each jar and line them along a wooden trestle table. This simple idea looks incredibly effective. 10 Swoon-Worthy Spring Wedding Centrepieces Ruffled - photo by - Image Source - Photographer A Spring wedding is a chance to reflect and celebrate the blossoming new season and the abundance of blooms. Opt for a variety of different flowers for a fresh and floral approach to your table centrepieces. Are you planning a pretty Spring wedding day?  

Our Favourite Wedding Centrepieces Under £15

If you're stuck for ideas when it comes to wedding centrepieces, you've definitely come to the right place. We're showing you our top ten wedding centrepieces that won't break the bank. These wedding centrepieces under £15 mean your tables can look beautiful and they'll stick to your budget! From woodland-inspired details to country barn vases, we've got centrepieces to suit any style of wedding.

Our Favourite Wedding Centrepieces Under £15

1 Tree Slice Rustic Wedding Centrepiece If you're planning a rustic, woodland or outdoor wedding our rustic tree slices make the perfect wedding centrepieces for your tables. Adorn with pretty tea lights and candles for a romantic glow. Alternatively, you could place a few jam jars filled with pretty posies on top of the tree slices. Our wooden tree slices can also be used as unique place settings or as a rustic cake stand for your dessert table. Have you seen our 30+ ideas for using wooden slabs at weddings? Our Favourite Wedding Centrepieces Under £15 available to buy online from @theweddingomd tree_slice_rustic_wedding_centrepiece_8_1024x1024 2 Blackboard Bucket Wedding Centrepiece When it comes to your wedding centrepieces, you want to make sure they reflect your theme, colour scheme and wedding style. Our gorgeous blackboard bucket wedding centrepieces are perfect if you're dreaming of a vintage or country garden wedding. The buckets look beautiful brimming with your favourite blooms and you can write your table numbers on the blackboard. Our Favourite Wedding Centrepieces Under £15 available to buy online from @theweddingomd Blackboard_Bucket_2_1024x1024 3 Dainty Mercury Silver Glass Vase These dainty silver vases look stunning used as your wedding centrepieces, particularly if you're planning a modern metallic wedding theme. Mix with a variety of small silver tea lights and candle sticks for an ultra-elegant wedding table. You could even display them on an antique silver tray for an extra dash of glamour! If you love the thought of creating a mercury silver colour scheme you'll love our silver decor inspiration post! Our Favourite Wedding Centrepieces Under £15 available to buy online from @theweddingomd dainty_mercury_silver_vase_4_1024x1024 4 Shabby Chic Cream Metal Jugs Have you seen our swoon-worthy shabby chic cream jug? The perfect choice for an elegant country garden affair, this metal jug looks absolutely divine filled with flowers and greenery. Plus, they're fabulous to use as part of your home decor after the big day. Our Favourite Wedding Centrepieces Under £15 available to buy online from @theweddingomd cream_metal_jug_2_1024x1024 5 Silver Milk Churn Table Centrepiece For a relaxed rustic wedding celebration, our silver milk churns are the perfect match for your tables. They look beautiful set in a country marquee or farm wedding venue and will definitely give your tables the wow factor. Keep the same theme throughout your venue by using these silver churns to decorate your entrance area and even your ceremony space. Our Favourite Wedding Centrepieces Under £15 available to buy online from @theweddingomd milk_churn_table_centre_4_1024x1024 6 Wooden Crate Box Wedding Centrepiece From table plans to venue decor, wooden crates are super versatile at weddings but they make particularly wonderful centrepieces. Fill the wooden crates with a selection of wild flowers or potted plants. We suggest lining the crate with dried moss for an extra nod towards a rustic wedding theme – plus it looks fab peeping out through the gaps. If you're a DIY savvy bride and groom, discover how to make your own wooden crate centrepiece! Our Favourite Wedding Centrepieces Under £15 available to buy online from @theweddingomd IMG_7399_1024x1024 7 Mercury Silver Footed Vase If you're searching for a wedding table centrepiece that will really take your guests breath away, we think you'll love our mercury silver vases. Featuring elegant diamond etchings and a luxurious golden interior, you can fill them with flowers, tea lights or candles. Our Favourite Wedding Centrepieces Under £15 available to buy online from @theweddingomd Mercury_Silver_footed_vase_large_1_1024x1024 8 Grandma's Pressed Glass Wedding Centrepiece If you're looking for wedding centrepieces under £15, our Grandma's pressed glass vases will look wonderful on your wedding tables. Featuring an antique style, gorgeous detailing and a metal rim, these glass vases would work beautifully for a vintage wedding theme. Surround with smaller glass vases and tea light holders for a striking centrepiece. Our Favourite Wedding Centrepieces Under £15 available to buy online from @theweddingomd Elegant_pressed_glass_vase_wedding_centrepiece_-_round_4_1024x1024 9 Antique Gold Bottle Vase When it comes to wedding centrepieces under £15, we are smitten with these antique gold vases. With an antique gold effect and a bottle shape, these vases look stunning displayed along a sequin or linen table runner. Team with mini metallic vases and candles for extra interest – perfect for a modern industrial wedding. Our Favourite Wedding Centrepieces Under £15 available to buy online from @theweddingomd Antique_gold_bottle_vases_for_wedding_centrepieces_available_from_theweddingomd_1024x1024 10 Grey Rustic Urn with Handles  A heavenly combination of rustic elegance, our grey urns make divine table centrepieces for your wedding. Make a statement and team it with lots of grey table decor, such as chic grey stationery, place settings and table runners. Find out how you can style your wedding tables using our grey urns! Our Favourite Wedding Centrepieces Under £15 available to buy online from @theweddingomd Grey_Rustic_Urns_with_Handles_Wedding_Centrepiece_available_from_theweddingomd_1024x1024 Our wedding centrepieces under £15 show that you can have gorgeous centrepieces without having to break the budget. Browse our full collection of wedding centrepieces here!

Top 10 Wedding Centrepieces For Sale – UK

Are you on the lookout for your wedding centrepieces? There are lots of options out there for your wedding table centres, below we have highlighted our top 10 wedding centrepieces for sale. These are just the containers, you could have a go at doing your own flowers for your tables or ask you florist to use the containers you supply, that way you could keep the flowers and vases after the wedding for your home or give them away as lovely gifts. If you are new to our website, we sell wedding decorations and details to style your weddings. We are based in the UK but can ship worldwide. We offer FREE shipping on UK orders over £75. top 10 wedding centrepieces for sale uk

Top 10 Wedding Centrepieces For Sale (UK)

1. Antique Silver Footed Bowl £21.50 antique_silver_footed_bowl_wedding_centerpiece 2. Wooden Crate Wedding Centrepiece Box £10 wooden crate wedding centrepieces 3. Antique Bronze / Gold Vase For Wedding Tables £15 antique_bronze_gold_vase 4. Bronze Geometric Vase Centrepiece Container £10 bronze_geometric_vase 5. Grey Wedding Urn Centrepiece £42 grey urns wedding table centre vase 6. Reclaimed Wooden Box Centrepiece £12 reclaimed_wooden_box_centrepiece 7. Pressed Glass Bud Vase £6.50 pressed_glass_pineapple_vase 8. Mercury Silver Bus Vases £8 dainty_mercury_silver_vase 9. Milk Churn Wedding Centrepiece £10 milk_churn_table_centre vase 10.  Wooden Tree Slice from £12 tree_slice_rustic_wedding_centrepiece Still looking for inspiration, browse all our wedding centrepieces, vases and vessels for sale here.