Spring Wedding Drink Station Inspiration

If you’re planning on having a wedding drink station at your wedding day, listen up! We’ve got heaps of Spring wedding inspiration heading your way. Wedding drink stations have recently taken the wedding world by storm, and is it any wonder? They’re stylish, modern and a wonderful addition to any wedding day. Take a look at our favourite wedding drink station ideas…

spring wedding drinks station ideas

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Spring Wedding Drink Station Inspiration

We suggest filling a couple of glass drink dispensers with some lovely fruity cocktails, flavoured water or lemonade. This will mean your guests can help themselves to refreshments whenever they fancy. Display mason jars or glasses with striped straws for a fun touch. You could offer the younger guests milkshakes or soft drinks with colourful straws.

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Slates or blackboard signs are a stylish way of letting your guests know what you’re serving. We also love the idea of displaying your glass drink dispensers on wooden crates. This will look fab if you’re having a rustic or country barn wedding theme.

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Are you dreaming of an elegant vintage affair? Then opt for an antique dresser or vintage table to display your wedding drink station. It will immediately set the scene and will tie your theme in with your venue. We suggest serving an array of old-fashioned cocktails to really transport your guests to a bygone era.

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If you want something simple yet stylish, why not just display cocktails on an antique gold tray? This is a great option if you’re having an intimate celebration and it can work both indoors or outdoors.

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Blooms, foliage and greenery can effortlessly transform any bar or drink station. Hang a garland across the front of your bar area and it’ll instantly look beautiful. If you’re a fan of keeping up with the latest wedding trends, you’ll know that greenery is predicted to be big news for 2017, so this is the perfect match for your wedding drink station.

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We’re huge fan of metallic bar carts here at The Wedding Of My Dreams, and we think you will be too! This is a stylish alternative to a traditional drink station and it’s seriously on-trend. You can opt for a modern style or a vintage bar cart with a dash of Gatsby glamour. Consider decorating it with tea-lights, candle sticks or vases brimming with flowers.

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Use a variety of mismatched frames to let your guests know about your drink station and what you’re serving. A bar menu will also save your guests asking lots of questions. Why not choose two signature cocktails that you and your parter enjoy, and write it on a blackboard sign?

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There are so many ways to create and decorate a wedding drink station. It’s easy to style one so that it fits in with your colour scheme or wedding theme. For a nod towards Spring we recommend using an abundance of foliage and flowers. Make sure your drink station ties in with the rest of your wedding decoration!

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Glass Drinks Dispenser With Chalkboard Sign

This week our wedding decoration of the week is our glass drinks dispenser. If you are thinking of having welcome drinks at your wedding or serving guests signature cocktails then setting up and styling a drinks station is a lovely touch. These glass drinks dispensers have a chalkboard sign on the front for you to label your drinks.

If you are thinking of having a drinks station at your wedding you may like our Drinks Station Ideas post and Drinks Station Checklist post.

Glass Drinks Dispenser With Chalkboard Sign

Drinks dispenser with chalkboard sign available from @theweddingomd

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Product Details

  • Place the glass drinks dispenser on your sweetie buffet or dessert table filled with the drinks of your choice, fruit juices, flavoured water or beer and let your wedding guests top up their glasses themselves.
  • The drinks dispenser is made from sturdy clear glass with a separate metal screw on lid and has a chalkboard area on the front and back for labelling your drinks. The dispenser has a silver coloured tap for pouring the drinks.
  • We think this is fab! After your wedding you can use this at home for parties and summer refreshments.
  • The drinks dispenser measures 32cm x 18cm.
  • Capacity: 7 litres
  • Using the drinks dispenser: Make sure that the silver coloured tap is positioned to ‘closed’ before filling the dispenser.
  • Price: £34
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Drinks Stations For Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are all about being warm, cosy and suitably festive. What better way to decorate your wedding venue than with a Winter drinks station?

Drinks Stations For Winter Weddings

This latest (and possibly tastiest) trend has taken the wedding world by storm and it seems that couples are loving these yummy treats. Summer saw the introduction of homemade lemonade dispensers and fruity cocktail bars. However, we’re looking at drink stations that are just perfect for your Winter celebration.

Drinks station ideas for winter weddings

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Hot Cocoa Station

DIY hot cocoa stations are a wonderful addition for Winter weddings. Display mason jars brimming with mini marshmallows and hot chocolate powder on a table. You could use a chest of drawers or a bookcase to serve your hot chocolate drinks. Include shots of caramel, vanilla and white chocolate sauce for a truly tasty experience. Your guests will love this idea, especially when it gets chilly in the cold Winter evenings.

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Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is a must-have at any festive wedding. A drink station dedicated to serving mulled wine will look fabulous decorated with fir wreaths, pine cones and cinnamon sticks wrapped with ribbon. You could fill drink dispensers with hot mulled wine so that guests can serve themselves, but it might be asking a member of staff to check it’s all working okay during the reception.

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Time For A Brew

Sometimes all you need on a cold Winter’s night is a cup of tea or coffee – and your guests will definitely appreciate it! It’s often at the end of the evening that people start craving a cuppa, but it’s easy to incorporate it into your big day while still looking chic. Hang a mixture of vintage cups on a wooden pallet or wooden shelves. Provide jars of teabags and coffee, along with jugs of milk and boiling water. Include a few mason jars full of biscuits and festive delights to go with the drinks.

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Christmas Cocktails

Winter weddings are never complete without a few Christmas-inspired cocktails. Create a cute cocktail station that your guests can help themselves to. It’s best to choose two signature drinks: the bride’s favourite cocktail and the groom’s favourite cocktail. This is a very classy way of making sure your guests stay hydrated while feeling festive. Snowballs, Eggnog and mulled cider are very delicious additions.

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Top Tips For Wedding Venue Decorations

Today we are sharing our top tips for wedding venue decorations. Whether you have been pinning away and have perhaps too many ideas to fit into one wedding or are feeling a bit lost and don’t really know where to start this post is for you. At The Wedding of my Dreams we are here to help when styling your wedding venue, any questions you have leave as a comment at the bottom.

Top tips for decorating your wedding venue put together by @theweddingomd

To get started with your venue decorations have a look at our top tips.

  1. Think about where your guests will spend most of their time at the venue. Decorate key areas but don’t decorate unnecessarily, spend your budget wisely and make sure your decorations will be seen by as many people as possible.
  2. Is there anything that would help your guests out on the day? A schedule of the day perhaps so they know what is happening when, if so this could be incorporated into your decor. For large venues where guests could get lost, directional signage could be incorporated into your venue decor. These decor items will be both useful and pretty.
  3. The last but most important tip to always keep in the forefront of your mind when planning your decorations, is make sure everything you choose fits in with your overall wedding style. This will give a cohesive look to your whole day and your wedding will look beautifully styled.


Decorate The Entrance To Your Venue

wedding ceremony signs ideas welcome (2)

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This will be the first time most of your guests visit your wedding venue, make them feel welcome and as though they have arrived at YOUR wedding. Personal touches to the entrance make the venue feel like yours for the day. You could tie giant balloons with tassel garlands to the sign at the entrance, or have your own personalised signs made saying something along the lines of welcome to the wedding of… If you don’t want to decorate the outside a welcome table just inside the venue is a lovely idea. Flowers, photos and little extras can look lovely at the entrance to your venue.

Drinks Station

Top Tips For Wedding Venue Decorations: Welcome Drinks

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We love the idea of a drinks station for your welcome drinks. If your venue allows or you’re having a marquee wedding why not let your guests serve themselves to their refreshments. These can be set up in drinks dispensers with mason jars and straws for a fun and relaxed wedding.

Wedding Signage

Top Tips For Wedding Venue Decorations: Directional Signs


As we mentioned earlier signage can be a helpful to your wedding guests, point them in the direction of the ceremony, drinks, food, dance floor…. Quirky signs can add an element of fun too, we love signs that say fun things like ‘Skinny people are easier to kidnap, stay safe – eat cake!’ perfect for your wedding cake table.

Table Plan

Top tips for wedding venue decorations: wedding table plans

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Guests will need to know where they are sitting, these days table plans can form a beautiful piece of decor. Depending on your style you could use rustic crates to style a table plan, an old window frame, ladders, or keep it simple and elegant a more traditional style table plan with modern calligraphy.

Hanging Decorations for the Wedding Breakfast

hanging paper lanterns wow factor wedding decorations

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You guests will spend a lot of time sitting down for their meal and listening to speeches. It is important to ensure this room is decorated to perfection and should probably be the focus of your decorations. For a WOW factor as guests enter the room we just love hanging lanterns, or perhaps bunting or string lights.

Backdrop for Top Table

Top Tips For Wedding Venue Decorations Backdrops for the top table

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Your guests will face the top table when listening to speeches and your photographer will get many photos of you sitting here. It is important to not only decorate the table but think about the backdrop. Backdrops can be created in a number of ways, for crafty DIY style weddings how about creating a ribbon backdrop or our personal favourite a flower wall behind the bride and grooms table.

Little Extras

Extra touches such as flowers and pampering baskets in the ladies toilets can be a lovely touch.

Outside for Summer Evenings

Top Tips For Wedding Venue Decorations: Outdoor wedding venue decorations

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If you are hoping to use the outdoor areas at your venue once the sun has gone down, think about lighting and decor for this area. Lanterns, candles and flowers can add a lovely touch.